Another Day Another Tameka Beef: Boutique Manager Airs Out Boss Lady Foster Over Theft Allegations

- By Bossip Staff

Meet Rebecca Bussert… the latest person to point out Tameka Foster’s craziness.

In an email sent to industry tastemakers and later published by (the post has since been removed) makeup artist Rebecca Bussert details the horrors of working for Foster as a manager for her clothing store Estella Boutique.

Her commentary includes:

“I won’t work for a disrespectful, conceited person.”

Remarks she found to be racially insensitive:

I have observed some ridiculous things during my time working for you, Ms. Foster-Raymond, and I am glad to say that I will no longer work for such a farce as you. I have seen you ridicule potential workers such as Mr. Phil Plunkett, who gave you an estimate for shoe cabinets. After you lauded his work and said that this job would be beneath him, yet you called him to come in and do an estimate, you said that his estimate was way too expensive, and that you could probably ask “the Mexicans down the street” to do the job.

Criticism of ‘Meka’s lack of ability to run her own ISHT:

I have worked for you for just over a month, and after the first couple of days, I can see that the research I did before getting hired gave me ample warning about your character. I only wish I had heeded that research. That fact aside, I can also see that you have no idea how to operate a business or take ownership in it.

As a new manager with no definite job description, you kept adding things to the list as Highest Priority even when I was working on plenty of other high priority things. I’m confident that if you assigned me a definite job description (or any other employee, for that matter), it would read: ‘You must do EVERYTHING right now, because I’m simply too busy being Tameka Foster Raymond to do any kind of WORK at my own store.’

Bussert also calls Foster a common thief:

I am offended that you accused me of stealing, as you have done with so many others. I have a text message from Al Capers, who has worked off and on with you for many years, that reads, “She accuses everyone of stealing.” From the research that I did prior to working for you, I learned that you have in fact been arrested for petty theft in the past. Psychologically, you must think that everyone steals because you learned it at a young age. That is not the case. I wasn’t wearing your things around the store and subsequently bringing them home, as you had claimed that others did in the past—and as you did. I know the merchandise is YOURS…

Whoa… Keep reading for Tameka’s responses via Twitter

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    this girl is pathetic and jealous of tameka, thats all.

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  • Nana

    Bwhhahahahahahaaa Damn it took a white girl to shut Tameka’s annoying azz DOWN!

    Although I think u DID steal am STILL rooting 4 ur jobless azz!

    • Fl to Va chick

      Agreed..too funny!

  • jannie

    If the young lady herself didn’t sound so unprofessional, I mogjt entertain the validity of her angry rant, but she just sound like she just had sometjing personal against her.

    • me

      Did u proofread yur comment , because she sounds very professional unlike your comment. Maybe shes right maybe shes wrong, but why is it thats so many people have something bad to say about her?? Your going to tell me that all these people are jealous of her and that they are the crazy ones.

  • Veve

    It probably is difficult to work for her, but this does sound personal.

    • Veve

      Plus I think Tameka gets a bad rap cause of her “interesting” face; we can’t help how we look, it’s just the way God made us. She does the best she can with makeup, clothes, long hair to appear more feminine; but in the end, people are less judgmental to attractive people. *trying to be nice here*

  • JustAshley

    I’m actually on Tameka’s side on this one. She might have been difficult to work with but that’s life.

  • Greeneyedbandit

    I think Tameka is a nice person,she just dont take no sh*t.ole girl sound like a jealous,attention seekin b***h!


    No, that female wasn’t “JEALOUS and “Pathetic”, Tameka was just a bytch!!! I honestly believe her when she says that ol’ girl accused everyone of stealing because “SHE” did it!! Tameka abandoned her own kids to be with “URSHER”, and even when she got “OUTED” as an opportunist, she still tried to act as if she didn’t do shyt wrong!! Sorry, but I can’t give props to a “MAN-FACED BYTCH” that perpetuates “STUPIDITY”…Tameka, if you just so happen to read this, you need to know that NO ONE FEELS SORRY FOR YOU, YOU ALSO NEED TO REALIZE THAT YOU ARE NO LONGER “MRS. USHER RAYMOND”, and no one gives a fu*ck about your boring azz endeavors…You are NOT attractive, you have shoulders like a man, and you repulse any man with functional reproductive equipment….That is all… 😈

    • RosieDD

      OOOOOgly folks need to be sweet and smile all the time. Don’t know the chick, but her vibe is the vibe of a tranny nightmare.

  • Fl to Va chick

    SMH..because you were married to a celeb it doesnt mean you’re 1 too! It’s easy to see why Usher moved on.

  • Jessica

    WHY does this bytch still have “Raymond” at the end of her name?! IT IS OVER!!!

    • Mikail

      I think thats dumb too but most of these thirsty heffas claim they want the same last name as their kids.

  • KKO

    Actually its not over. He’s still has to pay her, and Tameka “Raymond” is the name on them checks soooooo…..

    This chick just needs some attention. Boo you got FIRED. You are officially in the “NON-MUTHA F*CKIN FACTOR B*TCH” club.

    And Indeed. Tameka don’t need to be throwing the “C-word” around like that. Cause’ she know she misses some bolts up-stairs too.

  • wOw

    For some reson I hate this person. Ms. Foster Raymond is so full of herself that is urks the hell out of me. Maybe she should get off twitter and go be a mother to all her damn kids.

  • Lola

    this is childish…kinda of sad really from both of them.

  • Tammi

    You have to be as mean, and hostile as Tameka to quote Evelyn Lozada. Why would you quote that useless dumb ho. It’s not cute….at all.

  • 0_o

    Stop giving this Tranny press.

  • yvonne

    i cant believe Usher married this nutcase and had babies with her.


    ######### O Dayum!!
    I Thouht that was a pic of a manequin! #################


    I’d like to hear both sides of this story before jumping to conclusions. Furthermore, I think its extremely childish of Tameka Foster to Twitter about the firing of an employee.

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