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Gay Man Files Complaint Against Rev. Jesse Jackson, Claims He Cleaned Up Jackson’s ‘Bodily Fluids’ (GO)

‘Idol’ Finalist — Saved By REAL Judge After Arrest (GO)

Topless Pics to Cure Cancer (GO)

3 Ways To Snag More Blog Opportunities (GO)

Is Your Kid THAT Kid? (GO)

Christina Aguilera Officially Single Again (GO)

Ludacris Promotes Reading Initiative With ‘Epic Book Drive’ (GO)

Donald Glover Hits The Road (GO)

Christine Teigen Gives Kate Upton A Run For Her Twitter Money (GO)

Marijuana Case Against Montell Williams Dismissed (GO)

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  • Sandra

    It wont be 200 people at Jessie Jacksons funeral!

  • veryfunny

    effing disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • ???

    Freaking A** Jessie Jacson,lmao.

  • http://my2secondshelflife.tumblr.com radmila

    Shame. Jessie can’t even apply ointment by himself…I don’t believe a word this guy says. Don’t hotel’s have maids? Wouldn’t Jessie know how to apply his own cream? This guy smells like a parasite.

  • teetee

    i believe the gay guy 100% – messy jessy been and always will be a thug and ..

  • Honut Sinti

    Lets kneel in prayer.

  • confidently_ugly

    i will never be surprised by anything Jesse does… smh at this dude with a “pencil” beard, brow and hairline

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