Epitome Of A Bad Mother: Woman Who Witheld Cancer Meds From Her Son Sentenced To 8-10 Years In Prison!!

- By Bossip Staff

This is definitely a sad story, but it kinda makes you angry at the same time.

A woman who withheld potentially life-saving medications from her autistic, cancer-stricken son was sentenced Friday to eight to 10 years in prison by a judge who said her actions “really do chill one’s soul.”

Kristen LaBrie was convicted of attempted murder Tuesday for withholding at least five months of at-home chemotherapy treatments for her son, Jeremy Fraser. The boy died at age 9 in 2009.

LaBrie, 38, wept and apologized before Judge Richard Welch handed down her punishment in Lawrence Superior Court.

“I am remorseful for my actions and I wish I could have done things differently,” LaBrie told the judge in a courtroom packed with sobbing family members and friends of both LaBrie and the boy’s father, Eric Fraser.
“If I could do it differently, I would, because I certainly miss my son, and I think about him every day and I wish he could be with me and my family,” she said.

Jeremy Fraser was severely autistic, nonverbal and developmentally delayed. He was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma shortly after he turned 7 in 2006.

His oncologist testified that she told LaBrie that her son’s cancer had a cure rate of about 85 percent to 90 percent under an intensive, two-year treatment plan that included doses of chemotherapy to be given during hospital stays and clinic visits as well as at-home medications LaBrie was supposed to administer at home.

LaBrie testified that she largely followed doctor’s orders during the first four phases of his treatment. But she acknowledged that she stopped giving him the at-home medications during the final phase of treatment because she could not bear to see how much pain and suffering the side effects of the medication caused him.

Many of LaBrie’s family attempted to plead with the judge to be lenient on her:

LaBrie’s older son, Matthew, 18, wrote a letter to the judge asking for leniency.

“My mother was nothing but unbelievably kind, caring and completely devoted to Jeremy in every aspect of her life,” he wrote.

He described his mother sitting by Jeremy’s bedside while he was treated for cancer at Massachusetts General Hospital.

“Something like that takes a toll on a person and after all that, could anybody so easily sit by and watch while a cure is making a child feel worse?”

Jeremy’s uncle, Andrew Fraser, spoke to the judge before sentencing, saying he wanted to represent Jeremy and Jeremy’s father, Eric, who was killed in a motorcycle accident seven months after Jeremy died.

Andrew Fraser said his brother would have asked for a “fair and just” punishment for LaBrie, despite the contentious relationship they had.

Do you think that the sentence the judge handed down was fair, too harsh, or not harsh enough???


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    mmmm, This is a tough one. shes gonna feel ” Guilty regardless” so its no win situation for her or anybody else involved. i think time in some kind of open prison/rehab would be more appropriate.

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  • leilani

    I don’t think it was harsh… I think her son could’ve lived longer if she would’ve done her part… her main priority was to try her best to keep him living, even with the pain, I’m sure she didn’t have the right to keep his medication from him… Goodness…. the doctor testified there was almost 90% cure rate!!! She was only thinking of her feelings and probably was tired of taking care of him… well she has a lot of time to herself now… without her son.


  • nursedred

    I don’t think prison is appropriate its not like she’s ever going to do it again. But if she was having such a hard time with giving the meds herself she should have asked the hospital for help

    • G.M.

      so, if i killed the person u love the most and said “ur loved one was my first and last i will ever murder intentionally and i will never commit murder again”…u would agree i shouldn’t get any jail time…do y’all women actually hear the bullsh1t that comes out y’all mouth SMDH

    • trisha

      @ G.M.
      there you are again with your pathetic misogynistic remarks. It took you a while to comment. I guess even misogynists need to sleep. Save your energy and do something productive for a change.

  • Northern Cali Honey

    Thats a situation you’d have to go through to understand yourself to know how she felt as a mother. Still though, not giving a child his medication isn’t going to help any more than not giving it to him/her.

  • reddherring

    Ive worked with patients like that it is NOT easy, i do think it is wrong to make someone suffer like that for a cure who cannot decide for themselves, let alone speak out, kind of like that woman on life support and her husband pulled the plug, im sorry i cant think of her name but RIP to both of them.

  • G.M.

    and here i thought killing ur own kids would be hard, but apparently, its a cake walk to women nowadays…damn, did this murderous b1tch even have the decency to ask her child can u bare with the feeling of pain for a couple years to feel better the rest of ur life…talk about selfish, “i cant stand seeing u in pain, so, i’ll just kill u instead so i dont have to suffer anymore, even tho ur treatment is almost done” smdh…y’all women judgement is fucced up and justify/sympathize anything a woman does if she sheds a few crocodile tears #pathetic



  • jigglinjazzi

    the boy couldnt talk, he was suffering in pain and the meds made it even worse..as tough as it is to say there realy was no future for him, he couldn’t do anything.. Jeremy Fraser was severely autistic, nonverbal and developmentally delayed and then he got cancer..isnt that enough suffering for a child? all she wanted to do was stop the suffering and bring him to a better place..she was his mother and knew he would be better of not living in pain..so I dont think its right but I understand it. The boy would’ve been dependent on her for the rest of his life, he would’ve suffered severely, he would’ve never been able to live like a normal human being with responsibilities..that is why I completely understand, she was the one looking after him so she could decide what to do..10 years is an insane amount of time behind bars for saving your son from pain! I would’ve given her 2 years probation.thats just crazy!

  • Fridayspecial

    G.M. U so dang stupid. This woman didn’t hold the meds up to his face on a string pulling every time he reached for it. Wdf, it ain’t easy for no woman to “kill” her see unless she pure out f’in crazy. Spare me that b.s. Ur fonting right about now.

    I’m sorry, but if I found out I had cancer I would take nothing. Yea it could be the cure, but more times than often it’s not. A cure is here take this until (insert date) and you’ll be good. Having to contantly take meds that make u feel even more like ish for the rest of ur life ain’t a cure! That’s slow death. My moms took pills for her back, guess what them joints made her stomach hurt and a whole lot of extra ish. Gave her pills for her stomach joints gave her depression. Until these mugs find a full cure I say f’it let a parent donwhat they feel is best for their seed. Y’all call it murder, I call it parenting.

  • Fridayspecial

    I wouldn’t give her anything but a shrink. This woman must sit in her house daily in pain for having to do that thinking…. Now they put this woman in prison only to make it go even more crazy. W.d.f. Kind of thinking is that? Are they doing this for justice of the son? I promise that lil dude nonverbal and all wouldn’t want his moms in jail off this.

  • Kitt

    I don’t know if I believe that she withheld med’s out of kindness. I took care of a bed-ridden family member for about 3-years and I cannot begin to tell you how overwhelming it is.

    I think she was simply tired and wanted to have a life that didn’t revolve around her child. Even if he was cured of the cancer, he would still be severely autistic, with a LOT of needs for the rest of his life.

    I do believe that she was overwhelmed and serverely DEPRESSED when she chose what she did. I also believe that she needs mental treatment, not just prison time. This story is sad for everyone involved.

  • Gimmeabreak78

    This is a tough call. I’m sure even the judge wonders if he/she did the right thing with this sentence.


    You’ve gotta be kidding me,this woman not only deserves prison but she should also be starved to death in there.Babies do not ask to come here.When you are blessed with the privilege of being a mother,it is your obligation to take care of him/her whether they’re sick or well,thats the role of a parent.Besides,non-Hodgkins Lymphoma has a very high success rate when treated aggressively in the beginning stages.

  • JaZzIe91

    Dumb b*tches make my skin crawl. She was probably tired of taking care of him because he had all those disabilities and then on top of that he had cancer. If the medicine had a 85%-90% CHANCE OF HELPING HIM, than why would you stop giving him the medicine? I know its hard to see your child in pain and suffering, but it was gonna help him in the long run. He had a great chance of beating the cancer. They should have threw the book at her a*s.

  • ok

    It’s funny you guys want to condemn this woman for trying to do what she thought was right at the time to keep her child from suffering. You call her a bad mother and think she deserves a 10 year prison sentence. But you don’t have a problem with Wall Street, the bankers robbing you fools blind and causing a financial crises that will ruin this country. These guys are walking right now and have never served a day in prison for the crimes they caused but yet this woman has to?? This world is sick.

    • JaZzIe91

      umm how do you compare money being stolen to a mother who basically killed her own son? #HoSitDown

    • sunni


      quite frankly? I would too. because this entire Wall Street robbery killed existences, destroyed human lives, and caused grief beyond belief! Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it didn’t exist or never happened.
      Now, on the other hand there is the picture of this “mean” woman holding her son in her arms. Of course it’s easier to judge her, the known individual face.
      While I also think this was a sick thing to do for her, I understand where she comes from.


    I’m sorry but I can’t agree.If she felt she did the right thing,she wouldn’t have said to the judge”if i could do it differently I would,because I miss him and wish he was here”.She’s only remorseful now because she didn’t get away with it.I have eight children and I can tell you,my husband and I have spent countless times as zombies in emergency rooms and doctor’s offices making sure they were well.There is absolutely no excuse to withhold treatment that can save a child’s life just because he’s not well.The success of remission of that particular cancer is well above 85%.That poor child did not ask for the diagnosis he got.It was the mother’s responsibility to get that child ANY treatment that could have saved his life.I will never,ever condone anyone playing God with a child’s life.I hope he haunts her for the rest of her miserable life.

  • jb


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