Congratulations: BET Orders 22 New Episodes Of “The Game”

- By Bossip Staff

No matter how disappointed you may have been with season four of “The Game,” you watched it religiously.

And BET is rewarding your loyalty with a brand new – longer – season.

BET, not surprisingly, has given its two recent scripted hits “The Game” and “Let’s Stay Together” new seasons, 22 episodes apiece. Both shows are shot in Atlanta and will begin production soon.

“The Game,” a relationships comedy which was on the CW for three seasons but was canceled in 2009, found a new home last year on BET. There, the show debuted at a robust 7.7 million viewers and continued to draw 3 to 4 million viewers per new episode by season’s end.

The original “Let’s Stay Together,” another relationship-based comedy, opened at 4.4 million but drifted down to around 2 million viewers per episode by season’s end. Relatively speaking, its retention of “The Game” audience was not that great but obviously good enough to keep around.

Let’s just hope the writers get their sh*t together next season.


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  • ecfromdc

    Well isn’t that special ???

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  • JaZzIe91

    I didn’t like this season of The Game. BET would have been better off bringing Girlfriends back.

  • Li

    LOVED this season of the game. I really don’t see why some people are complaining so much about a show that they rallied to get back on. Each character is in a different place now. The storyline is 2 YEARS LATER than the last season. I enjoyed the comedy & the drama & I am grateful to see a BLACK comedy/drama on tv again. Keep up the good work BET.


    The CW was smart enough to get rid of this trash and so the garbage programming collector that is BET decided to renew it. #fail

  • Fl to Va chick

    I’m glad about season 5 and season 4 was pretty good. I thought it picked up speed after the second episode.

    “Let’s Stay Together” needs a lil help. They should’ve kept Melinda(from Soul Food)the ladies are a lil annoying and whine alot.Charles was not credible..the last episode was the best 1.

  • b'more

    i think both shows were fine. “Let’s Stay together” has potential to get better each year. but “The Game” realistically has only 1 or 2 more seasons left in it. it’s already been on for 4 seasons. they’re eventually gonna run out of storylines.

  • ReallyNotINterested

    Hope they improve with the writing and format of the show.

  • $k8orDIE

    I was DISAPPOINTED with season 4! If it was TWO YEARS after season 3, How did brit brat go from 7 to 15? How did Melanie become a doctor in 2 years? The writers pushed the story TOO far ahead! In those two years a lot went on that they cant show now. IDK, They got 22 more episodes but I think this will be the last 22! I hope they at least try to fix it because I like the game!

  • Common Cent$

    I’m so happy that its coming back I have to agree with some of the above statements not sure what everyone is complaining about they kept all of their original writers also realistically this how many of these pro athletes live its not all peaches and cream and according to football wives there right on target lol and I can’t wait for next season

  • 0_o

    BS show! It’s like they write the script in crayons.

  • Cush33

    The Game is a good show and it’s nice to see a black show on the air. Let stay together is very boring they should give those 30 min to the game. And for the person who said how melanie became a doctor in 2 years. Melanie has been in school to be a doctor from season 1. She was always studying that why derwin cheated. Plus Melanie and Derwin meant in college so she gave up john hopkins to be with Derwin hint great college for doctors. U have to be a true fan to know the story.

  • Hi HO!

    Good! I hope they film it back in Cali. Cuz that Atlanta filming was soooo low budget. It look fake. You can tell BET was cutting back.

  • Judy

    Still happy! Game on

  • JustAshley

    I got through the first 3 episodes and finally just gave up. The show s.u.c.ks.

  • mary

    It looks very dark, even the daytime scenes. That’s my only complaint. Whatever camera or lightning affect the cw had, BET needs to go grab it quick or spend the money and film it in sunny california. I know the taxes are way lower in georgia, however, you really can’t put a pricetag on quality.

    • LBC

      Part of that is moving the show from Los Angeles to Atlanta. I’m big on scenery and the outside scenes look NOTHING like San Diego. The overcast skies have a dreariness to them that was never there when the show was filmed in LA. But costs are going to keep the show in Atlanta. So I doubt if anything changes.

  • Bmoore

    I’m glad there’s going to be more eps and hopefully the budget is bigger. I don’t get why ppl are complaining, ppl change! The only thing for season5 that I wanna see is the show brighter. It looks too dark and I hope they shoot the episodes in sequence bc it showed during s4 that they didn’t

  • lively09

    I like the show. Hopefully the writing will be better, and more drama!

  • amiko

    alot of hate for the game I like it though

  • Erica

    i love the game though! hopefully it goes hard next season.

  • Charlotte

    Loved The Game. Hate Lets Stay Together. Send that show to TBS with all the other stupid black comedies.

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