Hate It or Love It??? Lady GaGa Reveals Her New Album Cover For “Born This Way”

- By Bossip Staff

Uh, ok…

GaGa, always one to push the envelop and make you ask “What the fawk?”, has let the world into her mind and given us a look at her new album cover “Born This Way”. Obviously a nod to the gay community which has supported her so vigorously and vice-versa and also a commentary on her creative juices (O_o).

Hate it or love it???

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  • Chrissy

    HATE IT!

  • ShortStuff

    Co-sign with nizzle….i def loved her when she first came out…now she acting a damn fool…plus i saw a pic yesterday of hers that I didn’t like…smh…..

  • ShortStuff

    She sounds & acts like a devil worshipper now….can’t get with that..

  • blah


  • so you sure??

    she looks satanic as usual and co sign with the top comment lady gaga needs help not just saying that because she more edgy i have heard eye witness stories of this girl growling make weird noises in elevators and being a cutter she like a dummy attched to evil strings

  • itsbrittneybitch

    agreed her new song judas sounds like a trashy techno song…NEXT

  • CAN AM

    A motorcyclist can appreciate this artwork.

  • Palest Latina

    Hate it.

  • wack

    shes corny here 15 are gonna be up soon

  • drenk

    she was born to be ridden? at least she’s finally realized what her talent is

  • Juliemango

    Very creative!!!

  • http://mobile jphillips

    she is a melody hack. born this way sounds like madonna – express urself, and alejandro sounds like ace of base – don’t turn around. I’m over her…..sorry. I like ke$ha better now.

  • V


    • CAN AM

      Me too.

  • taniya

    Hate it. I’m am do over her and and all of her pro gay antics.

  • taniya

    Meant to say “so” sorry for the typo

  • AJ

    Like Nicki counting down 5.4. 3.2.1 over. Sorry but never thought I’d see the day. Gaga over. What they do is build their fan base with the gay community and then they don’t care about mainstream. Once that community loves you their long money will support you.

  • http://twitter.com/mrmaiko Maiko

    I’m so tired of her. She keeps using Gimmicks, like Gay people, and Christianity, to boost the controversy around her songs.

    Then the songs turn out to be stale, like both Judas and Born This Way. I’m so over her. Really!

  • niinacni8

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  • what a joke...lady Gaga tranny zesty

    Ringling Bros Tranny side show at it’s lowest – low budget horror flick – look me so scary! She is on some heavy pharmaceuticals…during interviews she is looking all around and slurring her speech flinching and almost never responds to the questions. But she seems like a really nice person opinions and all.

  • Zula

    Hate this!
    I don’t like when artists become desperate for attention!
    Gaga ran out of ideas and now it’s just all gimmicks!
    So over her!

  • imMe

    All I could do is laugh.. LOL

  • CoCoBiscuit


  • collegegirl12

    I dont get what the motorcycle represents? Am I missing something, what does your head on a motorcyle have to do with bein “Born this Way”. Atleast it would have made sense if she had that stupid “egg thing” on the cover.

  • B*tchie

    She is a vehicle being driven by something. By the looks of it that something is evil.

  • B*tchie

    She is a vehicle being driven by something. By the looks of it that something is evil.

    Had to have my lips…. 🙂


    • UAintGot'staLieCraig


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