Epitome Of A Bad Father: Deadbeat Dad Won’t Face Charges Even Though His Restraining Order Violation Drove Ex To Drown Herself And Their Kids

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A clear picture has emerged of the man who fathered the three children who were killed along with their 25-year-old mother Lashanda Armstrong when she drove her minivan into the Hudson River.

And it’s not a pretty picture at all. According to NY DailyNews reports:

The serial cheater who berated his longtime girlfriend just before she drowned herself and their three kids in the Hudson River won’t face any charges in the tragic deaths.

Although Jean Pierre apparently violated an order of protection issued hours before the Tuesday tragedy, prosecutors said the case is closed.

“Unless something I am unaware of comes up, there is not a need for a grand jury investigation,” said Orange County District Attorney Frank Phillips. “There are no other targets of the investigation.”

A neighbor of Pierre’s longtime love, Lashanda Armstrong, told the Daily News that her death ride in the family van followed an ugly 30-minute confrontation with Pierre at her Newburgh apartment.

“The dad was banging on the door real loud,” Latoya James, 30, said Friday. “He called to her, ‘Open the f—— door!’ He was there about a half an hour – he was on the phone as well.”

Earlier in the day, Pierre was served with an order of protection barring him from “harassment, menacing, reckless endangerment” or other crimes against his family.

The order was linked to a Feb. 7 incident where Pierre, 26, left his 2-year-old son alone at home – and the toddler wandered barefoot and half-naked into the snow at 1:15 a.m.

Another neighbor told The News that Pierre abandoned the boy to see another woman, and police confirmed that 20-year-old Shannel Baez was arrested after posing as the boy’s mother.

Pierre and Armstrong were fighting over his infidelities just before she took the six-block route into the river.

James said that Pierre arrived around 6:30 p.m., causing a ruckus until he left around 7 p.m. Armstrong, 25, posted a Facebook message apologizing in advance for the murder-suicide at 7:13 p.m.

More details:

Lashanda Armstrong, 25, kept a steady job and took college classes but was abandoned by Jean Pierre — the fly-by-night father of the three dead children — and had nowhere to turn for help.

“He was terrible to her. He was very domineering and controlling over her. He was just so cruel. She just wanted a normal family,” said one friend, Christine Santos, 29, who lives nearby.

The dad also threatened to claim custody of the kids.

“That’s what pushed her over the edge,” said Santos. “He must have broken her spirit and taken away her will to live.”

Pierre, 26, consistently ignored the needs of his children — and was oblivious to Armstrong’s postpartum depression after the birth of their third child, Lainaina last year, the friend said.

“She kicked him out a few times, but I don’t think he cared,” Santos said. “He considered himself the only pretty boy in Newburgh and could get any girl he wanted.”

Pierre reached an all-time low on Super Bowl Sunday, according to court papers, when Armstrong left him with their sleeping 2-year-old son, Lance, and took the others to her aunt’s house to watch the game.

He promptly ditched the boy and went off to a nearby store.

“Lance found his way out of the apartment and down to the street” barefoot and shirtless on a bone-chilling, 19-degree night, according to court papers.

He was found shivering in his soaking sweatpants on a dirty, downtown street and taken to a police station.

Pierre’s girlfriend, Shannel Baez, showed up to claim the boy, pretending to be his mother.

Armstrong told cops that Pierre shamelessly denied knowing Baez — and downplayed the incident when she frantically called him.

“He was calm and I was freaking out. I almost crashed the car and I had to pull over,” Armstrong said in an affidavit to police.

When she got to the house, cops were already there and “I was yelling that I wanted to see my son,” she said in the affidavit.

Baez and Pierre were both arrested, and he was charged with endangering the welfare of a child, authorities said.

A restraining order that barred Pierre from seeing Lance was issued on April 12 — just hours before Armstrong, in a final fit of frustration, drove the boy and his siblings down a boat ramp and into the fast-moving river.

That’s crazy he left his 2-year-old alone to wander out in the middle of the night in dead winter like that, but do you think he should be facing some kind of involuntary manslaughter, or at least a violation of the restraining order for how he provoked Lashanda Armstrong????

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