Who Looked More Bangin??? 40-Year-Old Banger Edition

- By Bossip Staff

Halle Berry and Salli Richardson hit up the Silver Rose Gala and Auction in Beverly Hills last night, and you know we gotta ask out of these two 40+ year-old ladies….Who Looked More Bangin????

Flip thru to see more images from the event including Taraji P. Henson, Robin Thicke, Christina Milian, Baby Violet, and more….

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  • Ohio Chick

    C Mili and Tatyana Ali aren’t 40!

    • alicekii85

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  • ssquared

    They both look fabulous!

    • AMBER

      in other words you are a halle fan, and are afraid to let the world know that sallie looks better.

    • FaReelDoe

      I think they both look fabulous. Halle’s a little sweaty though….Happy now Amber?

  • http://2centtab.blogspot.com Judah

    It’s all about staying active and fit. If a person takes care of the body as it gets older its possible to look good later in life. Granted they prolly have a ton of make up on but the body doesnt lie.

    • Chaka1

      40 year olds HOLDING IT DOWN!

      I’m going to be looking this good too (post baby)…

  • IndyStyle

    Everyone looked lovely.

  • ReallyNotINterested


    You’re correct, but please remember that certain groups of women don’t believe in staying fit. This idea that black men want BIG women is a myth that needs to die. I don’t date anything over a size 6.

    • celebstylist

      Ur gonna pull what you can pull. If you look good and have you stuff together you will get attarctive women, and umm, talkin like that you better.

    • ReallyNotINterested

      I don’t have a problem attracting women. I get more women approaching me than I do them. One of the many benefits of being handsome and childless.

    • ..

      Nope, thats the benefits of loose and desperate women. Women do all the hunting/work nowadays. It may be about your looks a little but it’s mostly about the aggressive wolves.

    • tyrone

      @ really not interested , I agree black women need to realize that most men are not attracted to “thick” overweight women. I was at a happy hour the other day and 90 % of the black women there were fat and out of shape. However , because of their flawed self perception they were walking around like they were ” all that”. It was disgusting.

    • ReallyNotINterested


      I understand what you are saying because I had to pick up my sister from the hair salon and her fat hair stylists tried to rap a taste with me. All the women in the salon were attempting to gas her up! I simply stated that I was not interested and kept it moving. Most big women know not to approach me.

    • Really?!!

      Chances are you don’t have much to be concerned with anyway – most women who happen to be black, with full and curvacious bodies know what type of men can handle what they’re bringing to the table…I’d bet all that I have, that you’re dissmissed from that pool as far as a hundred yards away.

  • YokoDMV

    taraji was my fav 🙂

  • JustAshley

    Wow! Never seen anybody give Ms. Berry competition! Salli looks fabulous. Its a tie in my opinion.

  • She

    There are a couple of people who are not 40 years old! Get the facts together before posting!

  • http://Hotmail Islandbaby

    Halle for sure. Can Christina, get a nanny already? She need to know what function to take that cubby face baby to.

  • Jay

    You know whats funny, the mixed black woman is considered the prettiest black woman in the world. Even by dark skin women and light colored women. So in fact the idea of race and beauty does come in question. Are light skin women prettier, since that is the standard of beauty even in the black culture.

    • I Am Allergic to Space-Wasting, Self-Hating, Self-Loathing Racist Little Girls Like "Legend"

      Its sad but fairly true. The images we’re most bombarded with suggest merely by way of their frequency into our lives, be it television, theaters, the internet, that these are the most favored and adored physicalities.
      Some african-americans have not been able to embrace or appreciate their blackness in its full beauty because its being constantly compared to white america’s idea of how they define beauty.

    • tyrone

      Yes , light skinned women are the standard of beauty in black america because they most closely resemble a white woman :the ultimate standard of female beauty in this country.

      Jay , I know you already knew the answer to this question. It had to be rhetorical.

  • Shani

    Salli looks great but I have to give Halle the win. She looks amazing.

  • Diondon

    Salli looks better. Halle aint the end all and be all of beauty.

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  • Felecia

    Salli looks great. I’m 32 and my body is no where near close to hers. I’m not overweight by any means but I could stand a good toning. Although I feel that Salli looks great, it’s hard to deny Ms.Berry. Her body is perfectly proportioned. Halle wins this body competition in my opinion. Regarding beauty, both win!!

    • tyrone

      Why are you lusting after another womans body?


    I liked Christina’s look the best.

  • Mrs. Rance

    Pretty as Salli is Halle’s still killing her. I wish you all had a better pic of Salli. She seems to be mid pose in this one.

    • tyrone

      Why are you lusting after women?

  • ProudLatina

    Now these are beautiful women they are all beautiful.

  • Amber B.

    They both look beautiful!

  • Whateva

    They both look nice. Halle looks more graceful.

  • tyrone

    WHY are all these women on here commenting about another womans body?

  • tyrone

    They look great and are proof that there are black women who are not fat , out of shape and dark. All black women are not simian looking.Halle and Salli are fine. BLACK WOMEN GO TO THE GYM AND MATE WITH WHITE OR LIGHT SKINNED MEN. Do you see how pretty and light Phaedras( rhoa) baby is. She knew what she was doing.

    • Shanda

      WOW! Please don’t reproduce. Self hatred and ignorance like yours needs to be stopped!

  • Mrs. Rance

    Tyrone get your money up so you can afford to take care of your wife so that she can work out for hours a day, hire a cook and nutritionist, and a nanny for when she is doing all that sh*t to stay in a size 2 at 40. You sound crazy. Come on back to the real world baby.

    • tyrone

      Thats where you are wrong. I know alot of women , most of them white and latina that are in the forties and are size 2, 4 and 6. They dont have nannys , cooks nutritionists or even trainers. Some do rely on me for advise. Most simply despise fat , work out consistently and eat high protein and low fat.Its that simple.Stop making excuses , like most black women do.

    • ReallyNotINterested

      I totally agree with Tyrone! I work out everyday at the local World Gym and the best looking women in the gym based on physical fitness are usually white or Hispanic. Occasionally, I will see a black women in the gym working out who looks good, but the majority of the sisters in the gym are overweight. I give them credit for trying to drop the weight but they should not have gotten that BIG in the first place.

    • Mrs. Rance

      While you are at the gym where are your kids? While you are preparing a high protein/low fat diet who is cooking for your kids who need a well balanced diet that is not geared toward keeping them Hollywood thin, but healthy?

      I’m being serious with yall even though I know you’re not. We all know that there are just as many overweight white and latina women as there are black. To say nothing of men. How do you dedicate your life to fitness when you have a family and you are not rich?

  • tyrone

    ” Im not gone say if you wear a 9 or a 12 u fat in the south thats what black….like”.See this is part of the problem: cultural acceptance of obesity. If you wear a 12 you are overweight and out of shape–plain and simple.

    And dont think a curvateous coca cola shaped body has to be overweight. There are plenty of women who are fit and in shape with hips and behinds significantly bigger than their waist. For example Kim Kardashian. BLACK WOMEN IT IS NOT ATTRACTIVE TO HAVE A BIG BEHIND, HIPS ETC IF YOU ALSO HAVE A BIG STOMACH——LOSE THE GUT.It is disgusting.

  • Mrs. Rance

    Now while weight and height you describe is Tyrone and everyone is Hollywood’s idea of thick my hubby would call you poor. Rather po. lol. He prefers the 10 – 14 size woman and the bigger the butt the more he likes it. Tyrone is trying to pretend all men like what he likes. People have differant preferences.

    But you are good enough for Tyrone. Gone and take em girl!

  • Intrinsic Beauty

    No, you didn’t specifically say anything bad. But the tone of your comments are extremely negative and degrading. And since we are all overweight and out of shape wouldnt it be a good thing to see a black woman at the gym trying to work out? Or should she just stay out of the gym until she’s up to your standards visually?

    • tyrone

      @ intrinsic beauty , I agree with you. We have a rule at my gym. No matter how fat and out of shape a man or woman is you DO NOT under any circumstance criticize or ridicule a person IN THE GYM because they are trying to do something about their weight or appearance.We encourage and lift up any and everybody IN THE GYM. Outside of the gym we talk about fat out of shape men and women.

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