Elswewhere In The World: ‘Charity’ Put On Blast For Promoting Fake Haiti Benefit Weekend Featuring Eminem & Fabolous

- By Bossip Staff

SMH at these fraudulent wanksters.

The “Celebrities for Haiti Legends Weekend” says in online promos and PowerPoint presentations that it will be held at the Punta Cana Hard Rock Hotel in the Dominican Republic on April 29 and has “invited performers” scheduled to play a beachfront concert, including Justin Timberlake, Eminem, Marc Anthony and Jon Bon Jovi. But reps for the talent had never heard of the event and were up in arms to learn the charity was using their clients’ names to lure donations.

They weren’t the only ones surprised. A rep for Jacob & Co., listed as providing diamond bracelets for the event, told us, “We got a call from a p.r. agency about donating pieces. We have no involvement, we don’t even know how this started.”

“We know nothing about [the event],” said Eminem’s agent, Cara Lewis, who also reps Fabolous, another name on the Legends Weekend bill. A rep for Timberlake said he was never asked to play the event and had never heard of it.

Some of the stars’ reps said they’d send “cease and desist” orders to organizers for using their clients’ names.

Jill Zarin actually offered her name to support the charity and filmed a promotional video for it. But she then released a statement: “A friend of mine asked me to support a charity to raise money for Haiti, and that the Hard Rock Casino in Punta Cana was sponsoring the event. When we found out that was not the case, I withdrew my name and support.”

The charities included the Haiti Project and Global Syndicate, neither of which got back to us about their involvement.

When we told event organizers that none of the stars they’d included in promos even knew about it, they quickly changed the materials and sent us a revised presentation.

Maybe they thought no one would notice since Haiti isn’t at the center of the world’s sympathy anymore.


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