Jesus Take The Wheel: Brooklyn Banger And Mother Found Stabbed To Death In Their Apartment!

- By Bossip Staff

This is a damned shame.

A mother and daughter have been found brutally stabbed to death in a Brooklyn apartment, cops said Monday.

Cops found Larisa Prikhodko, 27, and her mom Tatyana Prikhodko, 56, late Sunday after going to the Sheepshead Bay apartment to investigate a missing person report.

The report had come from someone who was supposed to meet the younger woman earlier – and grew concerned when she didn’t show up, sources said.

Cops broke down the front door to the sixth floor apartment in the Neck Road Arms building on E. 13th Street and found one of the victims just inside.

The other was discovered in a bedroom.

Both had been stabbed repeatedly on their faces and bodies, police said.

There was no sign of forced entry and no arrests have been made, cops said.

Sources said investigators were looking to question Tatyana’s husband – Larisa’s step-father – and had alerted local airports to be on the lookout.

Neighbors said Larisa had a 2-year-old son and worked as a nurse or nurse’s assistant. Sources said the boy was at a relatives house at the time of the killings.

“She was living with her mom and they weren’t sending the son to day care because they took turns caring for him,” said the neighbor, who gave only her first name, Valentina. “They always went to the playground. The baby was well taken care of.”

She said she thought the boy’s father had split with Larisa about a year earlier.

A striking blond, Larisa turned heads around the neighborhood.

“Me and a group of friends would play football across from her building and we would stop and see her coming out and get into nice cars all the time,” said 17-year-old neighbor Patrick Romanowski.

“We all asked ourselves, ‘Jesus Christ, who is this girl? What is she doing here?’ You don’t see girls like her around here like that very often… She was bangin’, that’s what we’d always say,” said Romanowski. “It’s sad. It’s crazy to hear about all these murders around here lately.”

Damn, that’s sad. That poor little boy lost his Mommy and Grandma.



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  • big c

    To stab a person to death is very personal so someone really hated those two. Its a sad world we live in with so many murders going on and people just not careing anymore.

  • ItsWhatever

    The title said that one was a banger…….so it sounds as though someone has jealous of their beauty.

    But for the records, alot of times woman who are extremely good looking, have a tendency to be a tad disrespectfu with their mouths and therefore others feel as though they can take something away from them.

    It’s a evil, ugly, and extremely sad world that we’re living in.

    But my thought is this… this last hour, we should remember that even a fool knows when to be quiet at times. I’d rather sit on something and know that my life is more important than proving that I’m right.

  • #uainttalkin2me

    wonder where the son is/was?

    • Pretty Nerd

      Reading is fundamental.Had you taken the time to view the whole story,it clearly says ‘the boy was at a relatives house at the time of the killings’…Whew,you lazy bytches need picture books!!And so there’s no confusion yes,#Iamtalkin2u..

    • ProudLatina

      LOL !

  • truth be told

    That’s sad. More than likely, it was some jealous BS that went down. Whoever it was is heartless to kill a mother and grandmother. My heart goes out to the son.

  • Soul Touch

    To stab someone in the face is seriously personal.

    So sad.

  • PalestLatina

    Well, what do you expect when you live around the Ricans? They are always slicing innocent white people to pieces because they are envious of our white skin.

    • Nia

      Dumbest comment of the day.Congratulations…you must be very proud of yourself.

  • Glok ... She Simply Delicious!


  • The Ugly Truth


    She was gorgeous!

  • chrissy

    so sad, r.i.p

  • spongetta citronella

    “…and see her coming out and get into nice cars all the time,” said 17-year-old neighbor Patrick Romanowski.

    Well, maybe it was a suitor of hers tht did this. I mean…. its very apparent Larisa was GETTING IT IN!

  • Sanriobaby =^.^=

    What a horrible way to die and I can’t begin to imagine what it must of been like for them in thier final moments… At least the boy wasn’t home at the time to witness his mom and grandmother being slaughtered. I hope they catch the animal who did this. RIP…

  • BilderburgKing

    Sounds like a trick gone wrong…

  • JustAshley

    “…we would stop and see her coming out and get into nice cars all the time,” said 17-year-old neighbor Patrick Romanowski.

  • hopi

    russian mafia don’t play

    • Evil, muthafukkin' evil Kim Kardashian

      I think it was Russian mafia too, they had that bytch in a location where whites with money couldnt complain about her clients, she probably kept more than she was supposed to keep and they killed her.

  • Tyler

    Sounds like a trick, just found out that he wasn’t the only trick she was doing..smh!

  • Trini Sazon a.k.a # Coons sit Down

    she is beautifull ..naturally beautiful such a shame but im sure this was mob/street worker related ,not a random act, not a robbery

  • ProudLatina

    YUp this sounds fishy….something is wrong with this. RIP señorita bonita.

  • honesty is policy

    No post from the truth??? I guess this just shows how ridiculous some people are.racist rants about violence in the black community would have people saying the most outlandish things but this girl is in brighton beach where it’s mostly whites and there’s violent attacks there daily.Any words of she deserves this???I would hope not and I would hope that these idiots who only feel tough over the internet realize we are all victims of our time.Violence is eveywhere.everyone nees to do better.

  • Northern Cali Honey

    Family probably owed somebody money…:(

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