The Good Life: The Ten Most Peaceful States In The Country

- By Bossip Staff

There is a flip side to the ten most violent states we told you about yesterday.

Forty other states are doing way better than Maryland through Louisiana. Check out the ten states that ranked highest on the U.S. Peace Index, based on (1) number of homicides per 100,000 people, (2) number of violent crimes per 100,000 people, (3) number of people in jail per 100,000 people, (4) number of police officers per 100,000 people and (5) general availability of small arms.

This list has a couple surprises too: the majority of the ten most peaceful states are actually less safe then they were in 1991… Including the most peaceful state and another which saw a 47.7% decrease in safety.

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  • Hi HO!

    As lovely as all of those states maybe, please don’t take my words out of context or take it personal. But, ummm who the hell what’s to live there. The only reason why there the safest is because not enuff ppl live there to report anything. If something happens to you there’s no neighbors to hear you. Cause 14 people live in each state. If there are any killers or child molesters ects(God forbid) that goes to blog site this right here is a target sheet for them because it’s consider safe and not enuff people live in those states to know what’s going on.

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  • Nene87

    I left a bad state Chicago, Illinois for a good one Minneapolis, Minnesota I made a good move but I miss my family. Minnesota is not only a safe place its clean and smaller too and they do a lot for their people.

  • Lll

    Sorry but all those states are boring. No one wants to live there.



  • tiffany

    I grew up in Maine. I loved it. I had to move closer down south for fsmily reasons,but I will retire there. Its a great place to raise kids.

  • notahoodrat

    I live near seattle. the smartest thing my mother ever did was move from chicago to wa state. i thank her every day.

  • Nene87

    I noticed that all the States on the list is pretty boring. Minnesota is boring. But very quite and safe.

    • KrysTheGreat

      Exactly! I still wouldn’t live there.. Unless you gave me a the estimate for how long it would take the cops and paramedics to make it to my house. I wouldn’t live in a state/city that is 97% quiet.

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983 (31 weeks pregnant-9 to go!!)

    I might check out M@ss. one of these days.

  • chicamami69

    bossip stays with da exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!! WWW.LOOT6.COM

  • Nana

    Nj is a good city tho…!


    It’s not about a state being boring or no one living there. It’s about longevity. I bet you the people in those states live longer and lead healthier lives, without the overcrowding and pollution of a major city. Don’t sleep on Boston and Providence, cuz at one time they were very big cities for the mob, especially Boston. The quality of life is better in those states. I’m sure they have better quality of food and of course people. Living in a big city you have to deal with a bunch of rude and ingorant a$$holes, not saying everyone is, but everyone is on edge, and always on gaurd. That’s not a good life. I’d rather live in a boring place, but it’s not the place that’s boring it starts with the person. Life is what you make it.

  • Bloodshot Third Eye

    Reading these comments some of you guys need to go back to 1st grade geography to learn the difference in a state and a city. NJ is a good city….the eff!

  • RosaKnowsFashion

    These stats are 10 years old… does this apply to our lives today?!?!

  • Nana

    Good state, who gives A!

  • deeva

    ummmm yea i live in rhode island…just moved here a few years ago. crime here is on the rise. they shoot people in broad daylight, kill witnesses, etc. i don’t know how the hell RI made the cut.

    • ProudLatina

      LOL U must live either in Providence, Central Falls or Pawtucket. Sad to say where all of the minorities live.

  • ohnana

    Do not go to Maine if you’re black lmao just the site of you being black they will look at you like you killed someone.

    • Altamese

      That’s how it is in East Germany.

  • jt

    less minorities = safer state!

  • educatedblkwoman

    I live in MA and I must say, I’d rather be bored than dead! Also, there r a lot of things to do out here. I’m sure every state has things to do. Just bc these states have small hick towns doesn’t mean the entire state is the same.

    • shehiplocki

      …you can say that Wa state there is some nicer places but there is crime in those places also…

    • Hot Chocolate

      I’m from Boston born and raised.Don’t get it twisted people we do see our share of violence here.
      Unforunatlty it tends to happen where the majority of the population are minorities.

  • Reality

    Crime can happen anywhere at anytime…next…

  • JayP

    In those states there are not many minorities.

    It kind of Backs up what they say about us don’t it?

    I’m doing my best to get California on that list. I personally won’t be contributing to any statistic on that list.

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