VOTE!!! Help Mike Vick Win The Contest For The Cover Of Madden 12

- By Bossip Staff

Let’s get it Bossip Nation! You know we love and support Michael Vick and we want to see him on the cover of Madden 12!

Vick vs Hillis, Vote for your Madden 2012 Cover Boy You all know every fatty loves his or her video games, and EVERYONE and their mother plays the NFL Madden video game, for whatever system you have. What you may or may not know is that Madden 2012 (comes out in August) is allowing YOU to vote for its 2012 Cover Boy. and EA Sports came out with a whole bracket earlier this month, with every team getting one player (or in Seattle’s case, their fan base, know as the 12th man) and that person went up against another player from their own division, and you had the chance to VOTE for them. Well if you didn’t know, your floppy asses missed the boat on the whole rundown, but its not too late. YOU CAN STILL VOTE FOR THE FINALS, the 2012 MADDEN cover-boy is down to two finalist.

Michael Vick has been through a lot of sh*t in the past 4 years and for him to be back on the cover of the best football game ever created would be pretty damn cool.

Go HERE and cast your vote


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    * crickets* *crickets*

    • Saralove

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  • daahling

    There is a Madden curse. Everyone whose been on the cover gets hurt. Mike they’re trying to get you sidelined don’t do it….

  • Urby

    Please vote for someone else. The last time he was on the cover with the Falcons he got hurt. Vince Young, Donovan McNabb, Shaun Alexander, and everyone else on the cover gets hurt during the season. PLEASE DON’T VOTE FOR MICHAEL VICK. There is a Madden Cover Curse.

  • JayJay Growlings

    those PETA f@cketrs are gonna try and protest it. those jerk offs need some REAL jobs.

    • JayJay Growlings


  • Shoni

    Vick has already been on the cover…plus he doesn’t need the madden curse anyway. He got injured the last time he was on the cover.

  • You Stupid

    Please do not vote for Mike Vick. He is playing well, no Madden Cover Curse for him again. Put Madden on the Cover!!!!!!!

  • coldblooded

    How about on the cover we have the dead and abused animals that Vick tortured.

    • diane

      shut up

    • Mrs. Rance

      No doubt they were athletes, but this is a football thing so…

    • snapper

      Please shut up!!!

    • NettiFace

      Okay?!?! THANK YOU!

  • diane

    NO hell no he got enough problems

  • Professional

    I was gonna say what dashling said. That brother has overccome a lot of mess, & still has lots to give yet. Don’t screw it up with that madden cover curse!! SHAME on y’all!!

  • Professional

    I was gonna say what daahling said. That brother has overccome a lot of mess, & still has lots to give yet. Don’t screw it up with that madden cover curse!! SHAME on y’all!!

  • Mrs. Rance

    Thanks for the easy link. I rides for Mike.

  • Mrs. Rance

    LMAO at all this curse madness. Football players get injured because of the nature of the sport. Let that man get his shine.

  • yup!

    Nooooo!! Dont vote him. Virtually every player who graced the cover of madden got injured in the up coming season for the WHOLE season. Don’t vote eagle fans!! We need him lol

  • cotton124

    Vick he was in my pick 3 manning drew brezz

  • Dreece


  • Wendy

    I’m all with Vick he got all my love/support but there is something to that Madden Curse????

  • jt

    ignorant dog killer!

  • chuck norris for president

    im just glad andre johnson wont be on it. hell houston has enuff problems already, personally i wish they would put peyton manning, tom brady, big ben, the whole steelers and ravens and jets team on there so that we can have a chance this year lol

  • getsummm

    The fact that the black community still supports this man is absolutely baffling to me. The man didn’t just kill some dogs. For years he consistently starved, tortured, abused and killed these animals. That is sadistic behavior, common of serial killers or sociopaths.

    He’s a disgusting person with a ugly heart. I don’t care if he’s a dope athlete. He shouldn’t be glorified in any type of way.

  • Nikki

    HELL NO! Yes I am a dog owner and I wouldn’t vote for him if his mothers life depended on it!

  • newbein

    Never, I don’t support people who abuse children, old people or animals.

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