Where Are Your Friends: Gucci Mane Still Being Held On $5,000 Bond??

- By Bossip Staff

As of 2pm EST today, Radric Delantic Davis, or “Gucci Mane” as he’s known in “the hood” is still a guest of the Dekalb County Jail right outside of Atlanta.

So, are we to believe that none of Gucci’s “all we rap about is selling drugs and having money” underlings could pony up his $5,000 bail? Not even Flocka?

Auntie Deb? No?

These guys didn’t have it either, huh?

Wait a minute: shouldn’t Gucci be able to pawn one of those chains and be right back?

Times are hard in Hip-Hop, huh?

We said it before: Hoodratery at it’s best. NOTHING about this situation makes sense.

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  • Greeneyez0712

    Maybe he should call Dog The Bounty Hunter….. He put up Nicolas Cages bond…..lol

    • Saralove

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  • Blu_Phi

    He probably sitting on a probation violation so even if you put up the 5 stacks he going to have to sit until he goes to court on that. So that is probably why he is not out.

    • Badchicatl

      Thats exactly why he’s still in jail.PROBATION VIOLATION… These people are crazy to really think that but thats their “JOB” to start lies & rumors

    • Mrs. Rance

      T.I. didn’t have to sit in the pokey until the probation violation hearing. Money talks I guess.

  • @j_eleby

    dummiews when ur on probation u cant bail out of jail its a federal law smfh ppl need to read books nowadays

    • Greeneyez0712

      If bond wasnt a option it would say NO BOND!!!!

    • Be Nice!


    • Honeydew

      He does have a probation violation in Fulton county, therefore if he bails out of Dekalb he still would be held in Dekalb until Fulton comes to get him.

  • Emoney

    He’s a woman pusher, no one wants to get involved in that

    • Be Nice!

      LOL…I like that term!He broke and hit on the Lady’s not a good combo!!!

  • SW

    The money is not the issue. Its the redtape between Fulton and DeKalb county. Everybody knws Gucci keep @ least 10 stacks in his pocket

    • Mrs. Rance

      {side eye}

  • chicamami69

    bossip stays with da exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!! WWW.LOOT6.COM

  • Rachel Label

    It’s a known fact Gucci is on Parole/Probation therefor he got to do at least 3mos for a violation, bail/bond is not an option.

  • sisredredbone

    DEAD @ this entire post! hahaha I can’t stop laughing!

  • Be Nice!

    When i went to jail my bond was 5,000 but you only supposed pay 10% of that and that is $500. IDK maybe different city have different bond policy’s, but $500 should be nothing to the GUCCI MANE!!!

  • Simplybeautiful

    Sometimes when you don’t pay your bond, they lower it. Or maybe he doesn’t want to pay it because he’s goijng to do some time. So why pay a bond when you could use the mone for a lawyer!

    • Evil, evil, evil, muthafukkin' evil Kim Kardashian

      Thats a funny lame azz excuse.

  • Be Nice!

    I thought he was selling lemonaide, where that money@.

  • Evil, evil, evil, muthafukkin' evil Kim Kardashian

    High everyone!

  • Evil, evil, evil, muthafukkin' evil Kim Kardashian

    You could sell Gucci’s jewelry, waka’s, soluja boy’s, scrappy’s, boosie’s and webbie’s and it still wouldnt total up to $5,000!


    • bebop84

      Well tell them why you mad baby!!

  • well let re instate this shall we

    Hes broke and stupid because he so damn ugly

  • cmoneywrkin

    Gucci is on probation in Fulton County. If you read the AJC article he was picked up when he reported to his P.O. Eventhough DeKalb County set him a bail, he won’t get out. That’s when the P.O. hold will kick in. Trust me, everyone in Atlanta knows DeKalb’s jail is a whole lot better than Fulton County Jail. Some of yall don’t know Atl covers three Counties; Fulton, Clayton, and DeKalb. Gucci is from the East-Side. He prefers DeKalb County Jail.

    • bebop84

      Thanks for the explanation sweetie.

  • Philly's Finest

    Radric(Gucci Mane), yeah that name fits him, is the dumbest rapper ever!!….lol. By the time he makes some real money, he’ll lose it on lawyers and bail. His career is gonna be over soon.

  • Nana

    Am NOT from down south but I actually enjoy his music whn it comes on! *shrugs*

    I dnt think he’s a “BAD” dude, jus a dude that can’t get away from his past n HIMSeLF!!!!!!

    Burrrrrr! Lol smh @ “fame”

  • Bru Man 5th Floor

    He violated parole, he’s not going anywhere read a book

  • Christie

    But seriously, if he can’t post a $5,000 bond with all that jewelry, etc. He needs to quit rapping and go get a 9 – 9 job.

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