The Side-Eye: Melo Explodes For 42 Points But The Knicks (Jared Jeffries) Just Can’t “Hang On”

- By Bossip Staff

Jared Jeffries though?? Really?!?!

Everyone at TD Garden knew the ball was going to go to Carmelo Anthony, with the Knicks down one and just seconds on the clock.

Jared Jeffries knew it, too.

But the ball and the game ended up in his hands, and in the biggest spot of his Knick career, he didn’t get it done. And he knew it, too.

“Looking at the tape, I should have shot it,” Jeffries said, recalling the final seconds when he tried to pass, and had the ball taken away by Kevin Garnett.

“I felt like KG was coming down,” Jeffries said. “I tried to dump the ball off to Bill (Walker), and KG had his hand down. So when I tried to pass the ball to Bill cutting to the rim, he got a hand on it.”

Then again, the ball should never have been in Jeffries’ hands in the first place. As Jeffries explained, the play had been designed to go to Anthony, but the Celtics took that away.

For what it’s worth, Melo ended the game with 42 points, 17 rebounds, and 6 assists, doing everything he possibly could to keep the Knicks even remotely close to staying in the game. But, you can’t give JARED JEFFRIES the ball in crunch time to win the game. We’re just sayin’…

Knicks fans: Is this one of the most diappointing Knicks losses ever??? If not, what is?


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  • Superstarss

    UGH completely!! like damn the last game was so close too with just secondsssss left!! 20 seconds and then BAM victory is taken away once again! we gona win at home its okaay! #NYC

    • Saralove

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  • chicamami69

    bossip stays with da exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!! WWW.LOOT6.COM

  • uptowngirl

    That’s how we does it…Rajon werked it…GO CELTICS!!!

  • deesac

    The Knicks do not have good 4th qtr game planning, plain a simple. 2 games down there’s no way the will beat the Celtics.

  • Thurston Howell IV

    ”where’s your fashion experts ?” ???
    I went to public school, but that doesn’t sound right.
    *sigh* nevermind.
    Go Celtics !

  • sportstalk23

    Seriously Amber fashion lol I’m a chick and sports is news too and big time, and folks love hence my name, and they already posted something on spring wear in another thread anyway Rondo did his thing last night and big up KG for the defensive play. Melo could do but so much with no Amare and Chauncey

  • Fridayspecial

    The Knicks cant win for nothing, and they was down 3 in game 1. They’ll get it together hopefully, but if not I don’t cause I’m a lakers fan.

  • YokoDMV

    #TeamCeltics – real winners don’t fall apart at clutch time…Knicks will be lucky to take this to a game six if they can’t do better down the stretch.

  • Opiniated Facts

    Knicks are hopeless. Last time they won a playoff game, the Towers were still up. All they do is shoot three pointers, and to top it off, you have possibly the worst player (Walker) chucking up 2 three pointers (and missing) towards the end of the 4th quarter. The whole team (except Anthony) should be unemployed!

  • Mrs. Rance

    Wooohooo!!! Go Celtics!! BUT I love the Nicks with Melo and they are my second favorite now. I’m looking for big things from them next season.

  • fresh

    Both teams are bumbs new york are young bumbs and boston are old numbs and have to get past the bulls and it ain’t going to happen LET’S GO BULLS!

    • WB

      Correct me if I’m wrong BUT….didn’t those old bums kick the Bulls A.$.$. two years in a row ALREADY?


    Real talk I am so disappointed in Amare… I know he had the back spasms but there are methods to get him through the game soundly. He is the black/hoop Jay Cutler!!! I am no longer a fan of a cat that won’t lay it on the line for his team when it matters most. A team that just signed you to a $110+ million dollar deal. The part that makes it worse is that weak a$$ commercial of Amare talkin bout ‘It’s the NBA playoffs, Baby, Win or go home!’ Chauncey is down and you know Jared Jefferies is trash so why leave Melo and Douglas out there alone? (Alone from an offensive standpoint) the other players were playing hard but with jefferies on the court it’s like 5 on 4… #disappointed!!!

  • Tcity


  • Robby Jeune

    Game 1. Knicks should be up 2-0 by now.

  • Thurston Howell IV

    woulda coulda shoulda does not translate to the WIN column !

  • ProudLatina

    Go Celtics..Make it to the end, both games have been great entertainment…I love Rondo he’s the shittt


    They should have never hired that bubble nosed ap* Melo. Try to trade this choke artist for a great player next time like Gasol.

    • Cj


  • jazzy

    I am still rooting for my Knicks! Go New York, Go!

  • Michael

    I’m seeing a SWEEP. Time to get those brooms out LOL…….SMH @ anyone who really actually thought the knicks REALLY had a chance.

  • Hi HO!

    Why are people saying the knicks don’t have a chance when they had the lead in both games. The reason why the knick loss was because of coaching Doc Rivers is better than that bumm Mike D’toni. Smh@ tha sorry azz celtics they had no Amare or billiups and it came to tha last 2nd shot. How old of them I still think the knicks can beat them if they can make some small changes. It’s tha playoffs ppl. And I am farrrrr from a knick or Celtic fan.

  • Baller "Baby"

    If your best player has 42 points in the game and only about 20 seconds left in regulation. Why were’nt there any plays drawn up for Melo to take the last shot. When the game is on the line give it to your best player and let him do his thing. “Jus Sayin” Go GRIZZ

  • juicyb16

    All you fakers fan, bull Sh** fans, D**KS fan and green Sh** fan can go and eat a fat u know what…. LehGo HEAT!!

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