Who Is My Legendary R&B Daddy?

- By Bossip Staff

This young lady’s famous daddy is a living legend who also has a famous, formerly troubled adopted daughter who has already given him two grand babies. Can you guess who it is?

This is Lionel Richie’s baby girl Sofia, spotted balling out at Kitson with her daddy and BFF just days before her birthday. Considering Sofia’s about to turn 13, do you think the outfit is a bit much?


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  • Salina

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  • deedee84

    13??? and dressing like that??? not a good look.


      My thoughts EXACTLY!!! SMH

    • heeey

      oh please…it shouldn’t come as surprise!!! at the end of the day, daddys buying those clothes, and daddy dosent mind her wearing them!!
      p.s-she looks like her dad:))


      I know people think they’re really doing something when they have mixed kids, but all mixed kids ain’t cute kids.. This girl looks like a cocker spaniel. Cute for a dog, not so much for a human girl..
      And yeah I said it! If she’s old enough to wear risque outfits, she’s old enough to be told the truth!

  • 1991 UK Gem of Africa

    wow.. she is showing a lot of skin there. My dad wouldn’t let me go out like that or go out with him dressed like that and I am 20… SMH

    • wow...really???

      I was thinking the same thing. It is inappropriate to be a child and dressed this way. By the time they are 18 they are bored because they have been allowed to do whatever they want , THEN comes the drugs. Example Nicole Ritchie. Its really ashame

  • jenene

    The outfit isn’t much at all. Hopefully he took her shopping for some more appropriate attire.

  • Knowitall

    Have babies with hoes & your daughters are bound to dress like hoes. Po’ Lionel.

    • Oh Lord..


    • Ho3s Be Winning


      She was the MISTRESS b4 she became his wife. She even got arrested for doing Botox parties without a medical license

      Really cute girl with beautiful hair, but they need to tone this down a bit.

      She was 12, TWELVE, in this pic…. getting ready to turn 13.

      She looks 16 to me

  • chris


  • If a rapper had a brain / dumb azz pop stars

    What kind of clothing is that she has on at her age!

  • Real Issh

    Damn , they said “about to turn 13” . Smh .

  • fe

    b4 her sister got her life together nicole dressed like that too !

    • WhatHasThisWorldComeTo?

      I was thinking the same thing. This type of allowance is exactly why her older sister was so out of control. Seems like he would have learned. But I’m sure he blames someone else – or disregards it as Nicole’s genetics that made her act that way, not his parenting.

  • If a rapper had a brain / dumb azz pop stars

    That’s why Nicole turned out the way she did. Loinel is a friend not a dad.

  • crazypants

    Its the West Coast and she’s wearing shorts and a gym short – she’s basically wearing what people any age wear out shopping in the West Coast. Just because she’s a young girl coming of age and filling out she shouldn’t have to dress in a burqa because a lot of you people have to over-sexualize the slightest bit of skin.

  • kch

    yeah, she’s already f**king!

    • The Day Of the Geechi is Over

      Agreed! And with the way these rich people do it, she probably is f%ckin he “legendary” daddy.

  • tommykimon

    She’s really pretty and I agree with everybody else that outfit is too skimpy for a 13 yr old.

    • JoseT

      What?? Are you out of your mind? These ugly neanderthal looking trolls are not cute! eww..remind me of sick pigs..wow are u blind?

  • basilia

    i mean nobody wants to talk about paternity .

  • Brazil

    Lionel has some white ancestry. Sofia has a golden skin color from a combination of Lionel’s light brown skin and her mother’s white skin so naturally she would look this way. She has her mother’s light eyes and blond hair but she has Lionel’s nose and lips.

    • wrong

      sofia’s mother diane alexander, does NOT have blond hair, she has black hair and tanned skinned which is interesting considering sofia is blond. Sofia is whiter than her mother.

    • Brazil

      Sofia’s mother dyes her hair black and she tans like crazy Sofia is light but she isn’t white. Victoria Rowell’s daughter is white, blue-eyed and blond.


    Dang Lionel, you have totally diluted your bloodline. You’ve given your kids a higher susceptibility to skin cancer, disease, vitamin D deficiency, a compromised immune system, a lower chance at birth rate and a host of other things. Wow!!!

    • Tandy

      You think these fools care about that??!!! All these negros want are light skin children with soft long hair that are consider beautiful by society. Duhhhh.


      No different from every mejorar La raza Puerto Rican on earth who wants kids with light skin and soft long hair. Jlo tried it too but lost out when Ben with for the white girl.

    • Guadelupe

      SPICBOY1, you are absolutely correct! All Puerto Ricans want white children and Jennifer Lopez was no different. Her twins are darker skinned with bushy hair and we rarely see her out with them. If it had worked out with ugly Affleck she would have proudly paraded those half white kids through the streets at every opportunity.

    • ProudLatina

      WTF! who says that? Y dont we ask a few ricans that question and see what they have to say. Vete pal carajo!

    • super steph!

      actually…you got that one part wrong…the entire point to light skin is that it absorbs vitamin D from the sun…the entire point to dark skin is to guard against sun damage/cancer, but the evolutionary trade-off is that it absorbs no vitamin D from the sun…

  • L.A.

    That’s how the girls dress out here even as young as 8 I see it all the time.

  • Ho3s Be Winning

    Cute girl, but I thought she looked 16, not 12.

    Wow…. juss wow!

    But, chicks mama is the slore who broke up Lionel’s marriage & got arrested for holding Botox parties without a medical license… so is any1 surprised?!

  • Tandy

    For those talking about Lionel diluting his bloodline THIS IS WHAT HE WANTED ALL ALONG!! Look at his adopted daughter Nicole. You think if Nicole looked like Kelly Rowland he would keep her?? HAAA!!! Plz he would toss her out with the trash. We all know this.

    • HA -HA

      LMAO. Now thats funny.

  • BOY

    Nicole is his biological daughter that he had with his employee. He hid her paternity for years and only told Nicole when she was 12.

    • Venice

      LOL no she’s not. Please show me a link to where you read that bit of misleading information and I’ll show you an unreliable source.

    • beckytwg

      I believe Nicole Richie is the biological child of ____ Escovedo (cant remember his 1st name) brother of Sheila E. and the mother IDK.. I understand Nicole has never spoken about her biological mother.

    • minerva

      exactly WHERE do you get
      your info?!!!
      this is the very heart of the problem: just say anything-doesn’t have to be true-somebody will believe you!!
      “boy”, gtfoh!!!

  • Soul Touch

    um…why is she dressed like that…not even 13 yet. Wow.

  • Tcity

    Hell yes it is too much he but cannot say anything to her because now parents are your friend and they do not want to make their kids mad.

  • what!?!


  • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

    she is not cute .. and they say mixed kids are the cutest… somebody lied to you sista!

  • Wooooowwwwww

    I hope the next stop on their shopping spree was to a clothing store to purchase her some age appropriate clothes.

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