Bottoms Up! Yet Another Tot Gets Slizzed Thanks To Dummies At A Chicago Chili’s

- By Bossip Staff

This time these fools swapped a milkshake for a mudslide. SMH.

First Applebee’s, then Olive Garden and now it’s Chili’s!

The mother of a four-year-old girl claims that a South Side Chicago Chili’s served her daughter an alcoholic drink by accident, at least the third such incident in recent weeks.

Tyree Davis took her daughter Brooklynn Morris to the Chili’s on the 1700 block of West 119th Street, where she ordered the girl a chocolate milkshake, she told ABC-7.

Instead, Davis says, her daughter received a mudslide, an alcoholic drink containing vodka, Kahlua and Bailey’s Irish Cream.

Davis recounts the incident in more detail to CBS:

“Brooklynn said, ‘I don’t like it,’ and she said, ‘You don’t like it? Why? Let me taste it,’” Davis said, “and when I tasted it – alcohol. I knew immediately it was alcohol.”

The server said perhaps the drinks had been swapped.

“That’s when I saw the waitress approaching me with the chocolate shake,” Davis said. “How can you make that mistake? And then the manager said they were sitting on the bar side-by-side, the chocolate shake and the mudslide.”

The girl was taken to the hospital, according to NBC Chicago, where she was diagnosed with alcohol ingestion overdose. Her blood-alcohol content was .10, the Daily Mail reports; the legal limit for adult drivers in Illinois is .08.

Earlier this month, 15-month-old Dominic Dill-Reese was served alcoholic margarita mix at an Applebee’s in Detroit. Just days later, Nikolai VanHeest got a sangria at an Olive Garden in Florida. Nikolai is two years old.

Parents, from now on, just taste your kids drink before letting them sample it because clearly these restaurants don’t give a fawk!


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  • I Am Legend ( Allergic To Darkies)

    hmmmmm im beginnin to think these people do it on purpose..tryin to come up

    • Saralove

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      nice experience——-

    • jm@gic

      You took the words right out of my mouth,now the shyt is an epidemic,i mean i know people are retarded,but not that retarded

    • Marsonis

      This actually happens all the time its just the news is reporting it now thats why I always adv parents dont take your kids to resturants during happy hr times and order things like shakes and stuff that are made around the bar area because its real easy for the orders to get mixed up as everyone is busy and alot of the drinks look the same


    its just an unfortunate discrepancy thats all.

  • Toni

    It’s not the resturants fault!!! no one is responsible for my damn child except me!!! You make sure you got the right plate right??? so make sure you have the correct bevrages before anyone takes a drink!!!!!!

  • Ar-kkk-ansas NI77A


  • Naaa

    All I know is someone is getting PAID n the other FIRED!

  • Toni

    Parent’s are their children’s eyes you are supposed to look out for them. They can’t do it themselves. Does that stop at a reasturant and the waitress takes over? That’s a major problem in America shiffitng responsiblity on to other’s.

  • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

    wtf???that crap was done on purpose … too many times at different restaurants… i even saw a waitress eating off the plate right before she served it.. wtf? you eating off my plate and i should give you a big tip.. no you give yourself a tip.. no wonder the chicken salad only had 3 pieces of chicken on it when it got to me… thats why i quit and i love my Jamaican retaurants in my area because its one cook and one waitress.. not all kinds of damn people! and the food is the bomb!!

  • rain

    Its also werid that all the kids were black

  • if anything be noble

    Cracking up at this thread. That’s why you just cut out the middle man and drug up your kids your doggone self. That eliminates the need to go out.

  • MzFitt

    Don’t they usually serve the child’s drink in a child’s cup?

  • nyc-mrs.718

    hmmmm…this sounds pretty fishy..all of a sudden now this is happening to everyone?? i dont normally check my childs drink when i buy a childs drink at a restaurant..i guess i’ll start doin it now..but i would never think this would happen more then just once…some folks are tryna come up they soundin real suspect to i notice that all the kids this happen to are black..nothin wrong wit that but are sayin this just a blatant attack on young black kids?? just sayin!!

  • free

    you should always inspect adn taste your child’s food and, especially, drink.

    • deedee84

      i always taste my daughters food……but that usually because her food gets to the table first an1

    • deedee84

      excuse the “an1” i have a 11 month old trying to type.

  • Nini35

    Ok now I think they doing this on purpose now, how dumb could u be?

  • wisdom

    What kills me is why do restuarants have drinks like “mudslide, daiquiri etc” on a kid’s menu anyway? Let a kid be a kid and you wouldn’t have these mishaps. I’m sure the restuarants are understaffed and maybe that’s why it keeps happening. But it’s getting crazy. Parents, to be safe, just order regular drinks(soda, ice tea etc).

  • deedee84

    i was wondering the same thing. if she only sipped it you would think she would have a .01 and not a .10

  • ghostwriter

    bring your own drinks for your kids, or just order water. (if that is safe).

  • Illuminate Truth "I'd rather die as a lion than live as a lamb"

    Wow…that explains a lot. Like my waiter at Joe’s Crab Shack forgetting to bring me my check (I asked for it 3x before I left)…well, actually that was a good experience for me….but that does explain some things.

  • Illuminate Truth "I'd rather die as a lion than live as a lamb"

    Hey rose!!

    We live in a nation of litigation….a GPS company got sued because a couple drove off a bridge that was clearly marked “road closed”…but the GPS said turn right so they did and then went straight down. Your example is the reason why your to go coffee cup now says “contents may be hot” (well d@mn, it better be) and when you turn on ANY GPS system it now contains a disclaimer telling you that you should still look at where you are driving….smh. Ever look at a box of frozen food that tells you to take the contents out of the box before inserting in the oven? Undoubtedly some idiot burnt his house down cooking a cardboard box…and then sued.

  • wisdom

    Wow, I can see that happening. But that’ still not an excuse. You’re not a bartender in a local bar/lounge. These are FAMILY restuarants. So that shouldn’t be tolerated at all. I ain’t trying to hear that.

  • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

    @illiminate truth…. Hi there sweetie.. how are you?? long time no hear from you!

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