Taraji P. Henson Hits The Hollyweird Scene With Her Oscar Nominated Cakes Stretchin’ The Hell Outta Them Jeans

- By Bossip Staff

Damn, we didn’t know she was holdin’ all that!

The Oscar Award nominated Taraji P Henson hit Hollyweird Monday night to kick it at Playhouse.

She wasn’t alone at the nightspot either — a rack of fellow celebs showed up to get their party on.

Check out the rest of the pictures to see who else was in the house.

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    why is taraji’s face really light, but her backs realy dark. ( and yes i can see her tatoo)

    • ChynaDoll

      It’s called bad make-up

  • real rap

    lighting. its night time so the photog has 2 use a flash or some form of light which taraji is facing and causes her back to be shadowed.

  • Tru Voice

    “Holding”???? really? We’ve seen her butt look better. Looks flat here.

    • Royal Chocolate

      I agree. Very “ironing boardish”.

  • Sick of you people

    @Amber…Shut up!

  • NoLie

    This is what nikki minaj and kim k booty use to look like

  • Naaa

    Fvck all that, I LOVE those boots!

  • jm@gic (Trini americans unite)

    That shyt flat

  • big c

    i hate tramp stamps why oh why do women put this shhh on their bodies.

  • http://undressingher.com undressingHER

    minus that big ugly tattoo on her back…I love that woman.


    Mayne, her azz looks flatter than a muhfuc*ka right here!! What happened to her?? Did the check for the silicone injections bounce or sum’thin’??? WTF? 😈

  • Tia

    The boots! I want!

  • lemme see ya twitter i can make ustream

    her pants looks like they’re going to burst. chunky flat butt is too much for them jeans. the ginuwine song just went off in my head lol

  • http://virgoveryown.blogspot.com/ Virgo's Very Own

    Those boots she had are as fly as hell! me likey!

  • JayJay Growlings

    I WANT JOJO!!!!!


    come on she has a really nice shape. U dont have to have a donk big butt to be fine. come on people we just have to do better. BIG A– DOES NOT EQUAL FINE, GEEEEEESH

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