Cry Me A River: F’d Up Deadbeat Father Who May Have Caused Hudson River Drowning Has The Kids Buried Separately

- By Bossip Staff

Even though evidence has come out showing that Jean Pierre may have pushed Lashanda Armstrong to drown herself and her kids, he still has rights as a parent.

And he’s using them to be spiteful and to make himself seem like the victim.

The deadbeat dad whose girlfriend drowned herself and their three kids in the Hudson River demanded that the mother’s funeral be separate from the service for the children.

Lashanda Armstrong — whose funeral is today — won’t even be buried with her children. Instead, she will be laid to rest in a separate cemetery, the lawyer for the father said.

Jean Pierre “felt it was important to have just one service because of the circumstances, that the mother killed herself and three children,” said lawyer Michael O’Connor.

Pierre, 26, is having the kids buried together on Monday at Gethsemane Cemetery, Congers, NY, where the owner donated plots for the three siblings.

The lawyer said Pierre was happy to have Armstrong buried with the kids, but her family decided to go ahead with their initial plans to bury her in Spring Valley, NY.

Pierre released a brief statement insisting that he has “been inaccurately portrayed as being directly responsible for the tragedy.”

SMH. Our hearts go out to Lashanda’s oldest son Lashaun. We hope the family will focus on him and not on fighting the deadbeat.


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  • ReallyNotINterested

    Can this website ever be serious? There is no way we can blame the father for the death of his children. The person responsible for the death of those children is gone. She made a choice to kill. I don’t care if this man was causing her emotional stress or not. People face emotional stress everyday and they are not killing their children. I caused my parents severe stress everyday I lived under their roof and they didn’t kill me. I know it’s convenient for women to scream it’s the fathers fault but you females understand where the truth responsibility belongs. He made the right choice to have separate funerals. It doesn’t seem morally right to bury children with their killer.

    • ProudLatina

      I agree with you completly. How can this be his fault if she is the one that chose to end their life. Life is what you make it if he didnt treat her right she should have tried to move on. very sad

    • Bob the Builder


    • PZoesBz916

      I could not agree with you more. You can’t blame the Father because the Mother was weak!

    • Salina

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    • thirdborn333

      I feel that the at father is not at fault at all, nothing that he did or said made her kill herself and those innocent children the way that she did. Now, people are saying that he was a deadbeat father, well he was coming around at some point for her to take out a restraining order, he wasn’t completely absent. I think, she murdered those children to keep him away from his children, I have no sympathy for this woman, because there is no excuse for what she did. I wouldn’t bury my children with her either, if she murdered them, mother or not. At that point that she made that stupid, very selfish, heartless decision—SHE STOPPED BEING A MOTHER, AND BECAME A MONSTER, but she will suffer, I promise you that, and my condolences go out to the Father that has lost his children, may he find peace in spite of the situation, or what has been said about him!!!

    • HypatheticallySpeaking

      I SO AGREE WITH YOU!!!!! It would be like poring salt in the wound. I am a single mother and my child’s father and I don’t agree on most issues but I would never take my son’s life over some foolery let alone my own life. Women have no pride anymore… We just end up doing dumb ish over some nothing a s s dude!!!

    • Tay

      Amen. There is not a mutha this bad in the whole world that would make me do this to my children.I don’t blame him one bit.

    • Veve

      Yes, her actions were very selfish. This is what happens when women put their feelings for a no-good bum ahead of their own children. May they all rest in piece, and I hope the surviving son gets all the help he needs.

  • http://linniepoo Linda

    I agree with reallynotinterested. The mother’s place was to protect the children at the expense of her life not theirs. Nobody should be buried witrh their murderer

  • 1991 UK Gem of Africa

    Ok POSSIBLY the father may have contributed to this woman state of mind. However he didn’t drive the car with her and the children in it she did.
    As far as i am concerned people who commit suicide are selfish and this woman is worse for dragging her innocent children into her stupidity. I do not feel for her at all… Why the children SMH

  • Naaa

    Every time I scroll up 2 look @ the picture ma heart skips a beat!

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  • Enforcer

    Yes it’s the mother fault that she is the caused of the kids and her death, but the father is at fault too. My thing is now he wants to be involved in something when he should have been there for his kids in the beginning. Then maybe just maybe none of this would have happen. People go through emotional stress everyday but some is worst than others. But that went way beyond what she did. There is no way in the world some man will drive me to that point of mind where I will kill myself and my offspring.

    • ReallyNotINterested

      Do you understand that your contradicting yourself? You said the father is at fault because of the stress he caused. Then you turn around and say no man can drive a woman (yourself) to do such a thing. Which is it? And how do you know what type of involvement the father had with his children? All you know have to go off of are gender biased news articles posted on this website

    • Ambitious1

      How did u know that he was not on his kids life? Did u know them personally? If she wants to take her life then fine, but why take away her babies…

    • Enforcer

      First of all I am not contradicting myself. I am stating my own opinion on what I would not do. What part didnt you get? It was her fault for letting a man push her that far. And as far as him being a deadbeat it was reported on the news that he was not there for his kids.

    • Trisha

      The father was there for the kids. The daycare provider even said that he would often come in w/ the mom to pick up the kids. But when they started having problems, she told the daycare provider not to let him take the kids & wouldn’t let him see the kids at all. & when she was driving in the river, her son said she said something like if he won’t be there for me, he won’t be there for you. So this suicide/murder was done out of spit & was very selfish. She could have easily left those kids w/ her aunt, who has the son now, & did her own thing. Or she could have went to court to get a custody thing set up so she won’t have to deal w/ the man. So its not his fault. He lost three kids. She should not be around those kids in the after life

  • msbliss

    In no way was this that mans fault. She clearly suffered from low self esteem & mental problems. We need to stop defending every black woman who acts crazy cause she claims a man mistreated her. She not only took her life but her innocent kids who should have been left out of the issue & the car if she wanted 2 end her life. It was a selfish & stupid act by a woman who deserves all the blame 4 it. let’s hold these babymamas to the same standards we do the babydaddys because they are just as bad. Ladies get ur self esteem in order, learn how to luv you enough 2 do what u need 2 create peace in your life & if ur in a relationship that’s creating this kind of mental stress get help & get out of it. Its time 4 some accountable black sistas!

  • msbliss


  • It's Me

    damn sad all around!

  • Sumwhere In Florida

    I agree with what everyone was saying. At first I blamed the father, but now I feel differently. No matter how u feel about urself, there is no excuse for murdering kids u gave birth to. And if this man was such a deadbeat, why did she have THREE kids with him? My heart goes out to the surviving son, cuz he has to go through life knowing his mom tried to kill him..

  • Ashleyyyy

    I agree with him. There is no way that it can be his fault. You have to have some crazy in you to take your life and the lives of three of your children. Those were his kids and he still has rights. She is the one that took their lives so why should they be burried anywhere near her. She drove the car into the river not him… My prayers go out to her oldest son :/

  • Soul Touch

    How the hell are you going to blame him for her actions? SHE put her children in that van. SHE drove it into the river. SHE knew what she was doing was wrong. SHE tried to grab her only surviving son and pull him back. SHE SHE SHE.

    I wouldn’t bury my children with that murderer either. How the hell can you expect the man to bury his children with the woman that so selfishly took their lives.

    Screw that. Yeah, he was a loser man but many women deal with loser men and would not go to such lengths. Give me a break.

  • DaHonestTruth ~ Always Keepin it Real

    I absolutely agree with the decision to bury them separate.. Why would anyone bury those sweet little victims with their killer whether she’s their mother or not.. I honestly believe she took those babies with her just to get back at him.. She probably figured he would hurt too much or too long on just her death alone so she selfishly made sure he’d have to think of her death for the rest of his life.. I seriously hope she burns in Hell..

    That being said while he definitely cannot be blamed for the selfish hellish act this sick bytch – who is hoefully burning in Hell as I type this – he definitely cannot be absolved of being a part of the problem.. My mother always told me “if you’re not part of the solution then you’re part of the problem”. For some reason when these situations afflict the black woman there is always some black man around who was willing to be part of the problem… Perhaps if the black man loved his woman insetad of driving her mad with his own selfishness they could see the cries for help in situations like this..

    This “female” was clearly having post partum depression issues and you would think her “man” would want to help her though something that painful.. By comparison when the white woman Andrea Yates killed her kids atleast her white husband knew what she was going though with the Post Partum depression adn did everything he could do to help her through it.. It you remember she was able to kill those kids in a small window between when he left for work and his mother got off work adn came over.. He was so educated about her dperession that he knew not to even leave her alone.. He was there for her.. Not the black man!! Instead he’s out being part of the problem and adding to everything she is going through as a young mother.. I just don’t get why the black man is so content with being the most stressful part of his womans life.. I bet she felt like he was her child too! SMH!!

    No he can’t be blamed for the deaths, thats all on that sick bytch that called herself their mother, be he can be given the side eye for once again, in true black man form, being part of the problem…

    • ReallyNotINterested

      Why are you talking about black men? You are so called married to a white man so I expect you to blame a brother. Your entire rant is a contradiction. Your hatred of black men is transparent in your comments.

    • DaHonestTruth ~ Always Keepin it Real

      Not me!! I NEVER married to a white man.. I said I DATE an Iranian man.. Get it right!!

      And there is nothing contradictory about my statement.. I believe I laid the blame where the blame was due but I will not absolve the black man of the role he played in being a part of her madness.. The least he could have done was be there for the mother of his children who he was clearly in a relationship with.. He didn’t have to add to her madness..

    • Snuss

      You sound like yet another confused liberal feminist. It’s her fault because she’s the one who decided to continue to bear the children of a dude she wasn’t married to. Isn’t that part of the pro-choice philosophy?

  • angieb

    I am reading all the comments and wow….. people are vicious! The reality is, u are not in the right state of mind when u commit suicide. I do feel for those children, but that mom was obviously not thinking clearly as most people that commit suicide. Cut her some slack! #godblessthedead

    • Soul Touch


      Yes, but she wasn’t unstable enough to leave a message on Facebook, to leaver a voicemail for the father, to tell her children that she was about to do something bad, to grab her son’s pants leg and beg him for forgiveness.

      Don’t get me wrong, i recognize the weight of depres.sion, but what she did was premeditated and just as she planned her death and the death of her children she could have taken a different path. We all have choices in this world, she made hers.

      Personally, I think she wanted vengence.

    • deedee84

      if she would have just drowned herself, then she would deserve some slack.

    • Ambitious1

      I totally agree with Deedee!

  • deedee84

    you cant blame the dad on her being weak minded and selfish.

  • confidently_ugly

    they should be buried together. The deed is already done. They are still family and im sure the kid that survived would want that. its a little too late for the dad to try to even scores….Its very hard to look at that picture of them

    • confidently_ugly

      the surviving kid wont grieve them separately. he will feel a loss for all of them. When people die their faults go with them, they are “even” with the universe. I think dad is still being selfish

    • Soul Touch

      I understand where you are coming from, but it’s not like the child heard of the incident second hand, he was there. He pulled himself from the wreckage. He had to listen to his siblings cry for their lives. He had to disobey his mother and flee for his lives. IMO though he will grieve for his mother, there will be a distinction between the two.

      Regardles.s right or wrong families are left grieving based on this woman actions, I don’t begrudge him for not thinking about her because she did not think of anyone but herself.

    • confidently_ugly

      @ soultouch
      you’d be surprised how forgiving young kids are.

    • Soul Touch


      And I’m sure he will, no doubt…that’s his mother. For anyone to move foward sometimes we must forgive. But if my husband murdered my children, I think the world would understand if I didn’t bury them with him because he took their innocent lives.

    • confidently_ugly

      if you buried your husband separately is it out of anger, an attempt to punish him ? a lot of people think of it as giving the kids back to that person that took there lives …the thing is there is nothing else to have . they are all gone.. and no matter how selfish she was they were still a family a separate burial wont change that, hating her wont change that, anger wont change that , I just think its going to be in the best interest of the kid. Despite the families pain he will have the biggest burden. He will forgive her..Its just going to be a long journey

    • CAT EYES

      Do you understand that suicide is an abomination and that many cultures would not be able to bury her at all?
      The last time I was in Nigeria,an old man committed suicide.His particular tribe could not have any type of service for him,it goes against their god of worship to bless a person that took their own life.They could only dispose of the body in the forest..Haitian also have their cultural beliefs and this could be one of them,I will definitely get there one day to learn about that.

    • confidently_ugly

      what about the baby left behind? this is a special case ..

    • CAT EYES

      and what does the child being left behind have to do with the issue of the mother’s burial?They are two separate matters altogether.

    • confidently_ugly

      he is going to grieve the loss of all of them . some of his moms last words stated she made a mistake. He will have to forgive her to heal and he will cause its his mother. im by no means downplaying what she did but “punishing” her in that manner will delay that healing… as he deals with it he has the added pressure of “societies law” holding his mother as an abomination as he tries to make amends. I dont see him grieving his siblings and then cutting his eyes to curse his already mother.. he will only wonder WHY? and in a sense burying them separately almost forces him to separate mentally from his mom even after he has healed ..hope that makes sense

    • CAT EYES

      As a social worker for over 20 years,I can understand what you’re trying to say,however I do not agree.The burial location of the mother has no bearing on the child’s feelings,its the act itself.Most children that experience his type of trauma blame themselves before they even express grief.That is why you probably read that he said”I wish I would have taught my sister and brothers how to swim”.The therapists that deal with him will first before anything have to help him release his own guilt.He will then experience anger,the kind that will make him angry at the woman responsible for him not having siblings.Hopefully,with the right help,he can release that anger positively and then grieve for his mother.For people I have worked with that had a parent commit suicide,there is always that feeling they could have done something to stop it.You need to know grief like everything alse comes in stages.

    • Soul Touch


      Thanks for that perspective.

    • CAT EYES

      You are welcome Soul Touch.I am hoping that this story sheds light on the importance of mental health treatment,especially in the black community.

  • Mz Goody

    I wish the media would just shut up. How is it his fault? This man did nothing she’s was a selfish woman, you might be going through your man problem but that is on you. Those kids did not ask to be here. She should have killed herself and not those kids. I for one 100% agree with the father do not bury your children with her. She killed them and that makes her a MURDERER.

  • norma

    that is her family that is planning her services… i can see that her and kids have a different service due to the circumstances, but her family can still bury her next to or near her kids or he can put the kids near her…

  • ProudLatina

    Post Partum depression is a BIAACH she needed medical attention but people are often affraid to admit that they have any type of abnormal disorder which is very sad.

  • Shanice

    Sorry, but no matter how trifling he is, unless he strapped them down in the car, drove it to the dock, got out, put the car in drive, and slammed the door, then I don’t see how he can be blamed. She did what she did on her own. No one blamed dat girl that smothered her kids mom. No one blamed the crazy preacher for the lady who drowned her kids.

  • Andre

    This was a shame,shame,shame!

  • Wendy

    I’m with the majority, you can’t make him accountable for the horrific choice she made to kill her prcious kids and herself,the judging now is in the hands of “GOD,” I do hope and pray that he embraces his son and realize that this child will need him more than ever and is truly the victim in this tradgedy..


    Send this heartless Haitian back to earthquake country.

  • G.M.

    more men are gonna stop fuccin wit y’all women longterm relationship-wise if these modern day women cant take accountability or accept the responsibility of ur actions and constantly pointing blame at everyone else…tired of hearing “no man can control me or make me do something i dont want to” then y’all wanna say in that same breath “its my mans fault, he made me do it, i did it becuz of him” GTFOH, thats what weak ppl say, if others have CONTROL over ur own actions, UR WEAK & PATHETIC…i cant stand childish women who claim to be so strong until being a victim is convenient for them smh

  • #dontjudgeme

    It’s those haitians!!! This was a haitian she was dealing with!!!!! LADIES DO NOT MESS WITH HAITIAN MEN!!!! They are devil worshippers and they think they are above GOD!!! He probably put a HEX on her!! Thats what possessed her to do what she did. Not excusing it but still….Ladies lesson learned!!! KEEP THOSE HAITIAN MEN OUT OF YOUR LIVES!!!! NO MATTER HOW CHARMING!!!Leave them to the haitian women that put up with all that crap!!!!

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