You Can’t Be Serious…Kemba Walker Admits To Just Recently Reading His First Full Book Ever!!

- By Bossip Staff

We appreciate your honesty sir, but you certainly are an ignorant mickiefickie…

New York – UConn’s star guard concedes that he’s only read one book cover-to-cover in his entire life… and yet somehow managed to complete college in three years.

Earlier this month, Kemba Walker led the University of Connecticut Huskies to victory in the NCAA men’s basketball championship. The hardworking star guard is now slated to go pro, and is expected to earn a degree after just three years at UConn. Given the number of college stars who turn pro without graduating, Walker’s academic commitment had been widely celebrated… until now. In a Sports Illustrated interview, the 20-year-old made a “ridiculous” admission: He’s just finished his first book, William C. Rhoden’s Forty Million Dollar Slaves: The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of the Black Athlete. “That’s true,” Walker told SI. “You can write that. It is the first book I’ve ever read.” What does Walker’s rather short reading list say about the state of college athletics?

This is unbelievable: “How does anyone graduate from a Division I university — in three years, no less! — without ever finishing a single book in his life?” asks Dashiell Bennett at Business Insider. Simply remarkable. But, hey, at least the one book he has read probably has a chapter on education, or lack thereof, in college athletics.

It shows just how entitled college athletes are: “I’m sick of pundits saying these kids should be paid on top of being given, oh, just a couple hundred thousand dollars in scholarship money,” says Matt Kiebus at Death + Taxes. Not only do college athletes get “an invaluable college education for free,” they also, it seems, have to put in a fraction of the academic effort as their peers. Who else but a celebrated athlete could skate through college without reading a book?

Teachers and coaches are also complicit: “Walker’s teachers and coaches — both in high school and college — had to have been well aware of any academic shortcomings, but all were ignored in order for these schools to have a winning team,” says Hayat Mohamed at The Root. This is “seriously wrong,” and Walker alone is not to blame. “He was clearly robbed of a true education,” and now, “yet another undereducated black man joins the league — way to go, NBA.”

Let it be known that there is nothing cool about this at all. Everyone doesn’t have the same thirst for reading and we understand that, but to be 20 years old and only read one book in your life is just plain sad. Get it together please.


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  • I Am Legend ( Allergic To Darkies)

    Well maybe he read alot of books just never finished em…Doesnt mean anything

    • Salina

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  • Tim

    I never finished any books in college and have my degree. That does not mean anything. Reading is boring. Goof for you but boring….

    • MochaDreams

      Well, tell me what you do for a living, because if you’re in any type of service industry, I wouldn’t dream of giving a dime of my money.

  • Knowitall

    Let’s be real. i have two degrees from two prestigious universities & I never read a full book to achieve either of them so Kemba’s statement is not an indictment on the education system.

    BTW: I have read a number of books in full…..before & after my degrees so please don’t call me an “inrant mickiefickie”.

    • I'd DIE for a White Woman

      Lol you must have graduated from “The School of Hard Knocks” Cause aint no way you graduate a “Prestigous University” without reading a relative book of you major you “inrant mickiefickie”…lol

    • JustSaying

      Forget his college career, by high school graduation he should have finished several books. Anything from Jack & Jill in grade school to various novels in high school English.

      I’m willing to give the guy the benefit of a doubt. Maybe he meant he never read a book cover to cover FOR PLEASURE.

      Sure a dumb admission to make, but not unimaginable.

    • MochaDreams

      If you’re telling me that you never read an entire book in high school, then even your foundational education was lacking. Hell, when I was in high school back in the mid to late 90’s, we had reading lists over the summer, and were given a test the first week of school on what ever we read. I guess some slick people could get a B- or C by skimming through a book, but why? Most of the books we were asked to read were no more than 200 pages, so you’re telling me you couldn’t finish 200 pages over 60-75 days in the summer. What an ignorant generation we are in…

  • Thurston Howell IV

    free education ?
    He’s helped generate millions of dollars plus a national championship that U Conn will benefit from financially and recruiting wise for YEARS after he graduates.
    Athletic scholarships mostly benefit the bench warmers ( lots of white guys) who never play, contribute only in practice and have no concerns about performing on game day. Now THATS a free education.
    During my football days I often wondered, . . ” how did this klutz get a full ride ” ?

  • ReallyNotINterested


    Wow, I can’t believe you said reading is boring. While I understand there are various forms of learning. The most common form is reading which might imply that you don’t like to learn. Which may be a problem for you if you have children.

  • meme

    that’s not even funny, its just sad.

  • Rene

    Wow. That’s sad…how do you only read one whole book in your lifetime? This doesn’t help the stereotype that athletes are dumb.

    And anyone who doesn’t see anyone wrong with this is sad as well.

  • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

    Not sure how this writer uses this sad fact to say that college athletes shouldn’t be paid. If anything, it shows that the school doesn’t care if they learn, as long as they produce on the court.

  • chicamami69

    bossip stays with da exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!! WWW.LOOT6.COM

  • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

    @ Tim and Knowitall

    Didn’t you have to take English or Literature courses? Did you just read the Cliffs notes?

  • KNB1

    For everyone saying I did it too and got my 1+ degree(s): Were you a 17/18 y.o. going to multiple practices, playing a full season schedule on a national level, and traveling constantly all while being a full time college student? Taking it further; did you graduate a year earlier than expected while doing all of the above? This goes to show the unfairness of some student athletes getting favorable grades. I’m sorry, but if it were that easy a lot more students would be doing this…And Kemba Walker doesn’t quite strike me as the genius type…

  • nygger males suck

    Smh @ the dumb nygger male

  • KNB1

    I meant to include this is nearly impossible if you never finished a full book. Not a textbook, but a book in general. Some athletes do graduate early, but I imagine that put forth a lot more effort than Walker did.

  • KGB

    Reading a book cover to cover does not depict how intelligent one is. I saw the title of this article and I honestly wasn’t going to even give it a view let alone a comment but I felt I had to say how ignorant you are to believe that Mr. Walker not reading a book makes him “dumb” or as you state in your article “yet another undereducated black man joining the league” smh. This young man (if you did your research) could have entered the “league” in his sophomore year yet he chose to forgo millions to graduate which we don’t commend enough with these young black athletes for doing because as you should know, it doesn’t happen often. So how could you call this man “undereducated” when he is one of the few black men in the NBA to actually compete his education?

    This is the perfect example of somebody who is just plain IGNORANT!

    • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

      An education is never completed. There is more to education than a diploma. He got a diploma, which is a good thing, but it is likely that the standards were lowered for him due to his basketball skills. The number of books you read does not indicate your intelligence, but if you make it through 20 years without reading a single one, I think that tells a person something.

    • ms.brilly

      What it does show is the willingness of the school system and of Mr. Walker to “skate by” in terms of education. I don’t care what type of books we’re talking about, for him to not have read a book cover to cover until now shows an ineptitude that is shameful and disdainful. He is undereducated. The fact that he has a degree means nothing at this point. I had to read full books in the third grade in the NYC public school system… this guy has been alive for decades… didn’t grow up in a third world country, has attended COLLEGE and couldn’t take the initiative to pick up a book and read it? He didn’t “complete his education”… if he just read his first book he’s just beginning his education.

  • ms.brilly

    This really is sad. It’s even sadder that he thought it was cool to say it… like he’s proud of having read just one book?!

    And, yeah, not every one likes reading but reading is a SKILL and to not have finished an entire book until you are 20+ is a crying shame. I don’t particularly like trigonometry but I still had to do it!

  • Peppa

    Ms.brilly what makes you think reading a book cover to cover makes one more intelligent than someone who never did that. The only thing it does is make the person who read it cover to cover know the story better than the one who didn’t. Period..Point blacnk…The End.

    • ms.brilly

      Let’s be clear, I didn’t say it made one more intelligent… but how do you justify not reading a book cover to cover until your 20 years old given the opportunities that this young man has had? READING A NECESSARY SKILL. I didn’t say he had to read War and Peace but how do you not read ANY book in its entirety? Either he couldn’t read a whole book or he didn’t have the drive to do so. Both are bad.

  • Peppa

    @I’d DIE for a White Woman no disrespect for you, but why would anyone even begin to take anything you say seriously, when your reason for being on this forum is obviously to get a rise from black women with your screen name. You first have to conquer whatever insecurity you have within, before you attack someone. You people with these cry for attention screen names have no clue what it says of you.

  • MightyMad

    @Peppa: if you truly believe reading a book in its entirety doesn’t affect anyone intellectually, well… I seriously doubt you’re smart enough to have a valid opinion on the matter.

  • DaLite

    While it is true that you can be intelligent without reading a book cover in some colleges, I just don’t understand how you can an individual can go an entire school career without reading an entire. I mean he hasn’t read a whole 10 page children’s book. I don’t know perhaps he should counter this with test scores because it can send the wrong message to children.

  • rip Nat Turner

    lmao @ these ”avid ” readers as they butcher the english language.
    Apppears that all that reading didnt teach them to ”proof” read .
    @ms brilly . . . . ineptitude has nothing to do with how many books you’ve read. Since you cant fix my car, does that make YOU inept ?

    • ms.brilly

      I didn’t say he had to read 100 books but let’s be realistic. Where in America is it okay for a college educated person to have only read one book (any book) from cover to cover? Sorry if I hold college educated people to a higher standard than a third grader. You are, of course, entitled to your opinion.

      And depending on what’s wrong with your car, I may be able to fix it. Astrophysics, however.. yes, I may be inept at that.

  • JayJay Growlings

    the ghetto is a terrible place.

  • J

    This is Hilarious.

    First of all, i have a degree.

    Everyone mentioning reading College Textbooks front to back…obviously did not go to college.

    College textbooks are not to be read like frikkin novels, thats 1.

    2nd, the term ‘reading’ is misleading. Everyone of you ‘reads’ when on this site…when you surf the net you read. Reading an article online is just as good for your mental capacity as reading a piece of fiction for personal enjoyment.

    People who read fiction novels for personal enjoyment are no more smart than anybody else. Me reading ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ has shyt to do with my intellect.

    90% of ‘reading’, books that is, is for personal gain.

    Kemba’s statement means absolutely nothing to me.

  • Randy

    Yes it does.

  • if anything be noble

    Snooki said she’s read two books in her life — Twilight and Dear John (those two must-reads) — and she’s chipping away at her third, so according to my calculations, that chile will be 99 and a half when she reaches The End. But anyway, look at Snooki. Snooki’s a great success. A role model. Gets $30,000 a talk, even. #teamdontread

    • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

      I am sure that Kemba will be successful in a monetary sense and I am not taking anything away from him as a person. He is really, really good at basketball. In our society, that is a highly valued skill (probably more highly valued than it should be). He doesn’t have to be an intellectual. But this fact doesn’t jibe with his supposed academic accomplishments.

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