True Or False: The Prowl Is Over… Rih Rih Sets Her Sights On Usher!

- By Bossip Staff

Isn’t he taken?! Could Usher be the man to tame Rih Rih’s ho-ish ways?!

“Did the desert heat at Coachella spark a connection between Rihanna & Usher? The folks at OK! magazine seem to think so. Both Usher & Rihanna attended the Armani Exchange A|X and 944 magazine party — called the “Neon Carnival,” and here’s what went down:

“Usher requested a table next to Rihanna,” an insider tells OK!. “She arrived before Usher, with her bodyguards. Then a bit later Usher and his entourage arrived.”

The duo mingled for the whole night, and their connection turned into a fun competition!

“Usher and Rihanna were having a dance off,” the source adds. “The crowd was going crazy, circling around them and cheering them on, with members of each celeb’s crew jumping in to take a turn.”

Another source close to the duo tells OK! exclusively, “They’re romantically interested in each other.”

We wonder what Usher’s main squeeze Grace Miguel thinks about all this?!


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  • reeee


    • niinacni8

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    • kalifa

      I’d actually bless this union….if it was true

      usher is a quality guy…respectable, humble, hot….and rihanna needs to see that there are good guys out there….he’s balance out her crazy

      plus both of them are highly sexual so they’d hump like bunnies in heat 🙂

      good match… if there was any truth to it 🙂

  • JustSaying

    Taking a picture with someone does not mean they are dating.

    Besides, didn’t RihRih say she wants a strong man who can put her in her place or some such nonsense?

    We all know that ain’t Usher.


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  • ?

    LOL @ Rhianna & Usher having a dance off! You know DAM WELL Usher won hands down. It was not even close. LOL

  • so what?

    She’s not Usher’s type! He prefers them middle aged and motherly.

  • ?

    Usher is not Rihanna’s type she likes light skinned dudes or white dudes.


    They seem more like cousins/friends type to me

  • sholla21

    Rihanna is way too young for our man Usher. There’s nothing going on there, lol.

    • deesac

      huh older men like younger women you must be a little slow.

    • Tiffany

      What she means, Usher usually dates/marries older women. Clearly, you’re slow for not reading the comment correctly.

  • truth

    Some of y’all r really stupid if u believe everything y’all here or see about someone SMH just because u take a pic or make sexually suggestion songs doesn’t mean they sleep around so immature.

  • Trina

    You guys got it wrong. Usher “wifes” older, motherly women. He gets it in with whoever. Rihanna gets with everybody, so who knows. Then again maybe they’re just cool.

  • SMH

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they were dating…they look like they’d have chemistry. But usher seems to be the no drama type, and Rih, Rih just screams drama.

  • deesac

    Rihanna is more like community property so everyone gets to ride.

  • monique

    well if this is true he straight dissed is girl…if they want to be together he should dump her first….love later right now s&

  • bossipaintsh8t

    What u neede to post was that she just garnered her 10th #1 instead of this salacious gossipy, dish rag journalism. U people are shameless and disgusting.

  • Juliemango

    They are an attractive pair!!!

  • KKO


  • KKO

    But Usher and Grace are NOT official. And Rih and Usher do look a LITTLE cute together. I’m sure they “Traded places”, the he took it “nice & slow”, then they started “Making Love( into the night)”


    He’s gay.

  • Lexy

    Trey Songz is Gay. Kanye is Gay. Ne-Yo is Gay. But Usher, woooo I meant ursher is not Gay. Point. Blank. Period. Him and rihanna would make some precious babies.

    • Trina

      Trey is not gay! Kanye and Usher are bi. Now Neyo might be gay.

  • Azania

    They’re gonna come out with a song 2gether,..that’s all!! Same thing happend with Drake before “What’s my name” it was claimed they rekindled their “non-existant romance” it’s PR.

  • GAME

    Responding to first comment CRUNCH!!$! i thought it would have been somthin damn, that was a straight BOOOOM!!$!

  • Chase The Jock

    I could believe that the two of them have interest in one another.. Usher’s a cool cat who’s about 32/33 and has kids.. I figure he’s smashed enough chicks and is ready to chill with one lady.. I don’t believe Rihanna’s the hoe she’s made out to be.. I’d put money on these two, folks.. 😉

  • Tenille

    eh, might not be a “bad” thing but… I don’t believe it :/

  • 24yroldsmartblackchick


  • Fashion Yaa

    as much as I want them together, the last thing Riri needs is a womanizer like Usher

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