Random Ridiculousness: Teenager Charged With Murder After Illegal Turn Causes Accident That Killed His Mom

- By Bossip Staff

Poor kid…

A 16-year-old boy, whose mother died when the car he was driving crashed, has been charged with vehicular homicide.

The boy, from Atlanta, Georgia, who has not been named, and his devastated family had laid Kimberly Michelle Nichols, to rest, days before he received the charge.

Calling it ‘a very tragic case,’ a police spokesman said that authorities were simply following the law.

‘We can’t just pick and choose what we think is appropriate based on the emotion of the incident,’ Cobb County Police spokesman, Dana Pierce, said.

‘We did what we were legally required to do by Georgia law.’

The teenager had been driving to an orthodontist appointment with his mother last week.

He had attempted to turn left at an intersection when a car struck his vehicle’s passenger side, killing the 45-year-old, according to police.

Police charged the teen, who was not named, with second-degree vehicular homicide and failure to yield the right of way. He will be prosecuted in juvenile court.

In Georgia, a juvenile convicted of second-degree vehicular homicide faces up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine, said Lauren Kane, spokeswoman for the Georgia Attorney General’s Office.

What makes it worse is that the kid couldn’t see oncoming traffic, and his mother was actually the one who told him to turn. Now he faces up to a year in jail.

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  • big c

    Sometimes law enforcement is very small minded let that kid go he is in enough pain as it is now.


    Poor kid.

  • bbeautifull

    so sad.
    he should be charged for something…maybe something to do with road rage, not murder! he didn’t go out with the intention of killing her I’m sure. if he getz locked up hell be even more screwed up.

  • chicamami69

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  • MizzW

    what does road rage have to do with this

  • Tm30

    This is a very sad case, however, their hands are tied. They can’t make an exception here when they haven’t in the past. Although there will be emotional scares in the longterm, at least he’s being charged as a juvenile and possibly won’t face too much time if any at all in the juvenile system. This is just sad.

  • ko0kLa

    This is too sad! The kid is already suffering, he lost his mother and it wasn’t intentional. The whole system is just f’d up. They need to review this case and not charge him!

  • annonomous


  • JustSaying

    Did the kid even have a license? If he wasn’t driving on a permit, then isn’t is mother responsible (if they gotta blame someone)?

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