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“A mother of two came on camera to talk about a brutal beating by her husband that unfolded in front of a judge. The incident occurred at the Broward County Courthouse, last Friday. Caty Scott-Gonzalez was at the final court hearing for her divorce from her husband, Paul Gonzalez. Scott-Gonzalez said her husband blind-sided her inside the private chambers of Judge Ronald Rothschild. As Gonzalez began beating his wife, a dozen bailiffs rushed in to subdue him. The victim said, “They had to Tase him twice in order to remove him from me.” Scott-Gonzalez was beaten so badly, she fell unconscious. “The first blow to my face knocked me out, so I don’t really remember anything,” she said. “I just had a bad feeling, but I thought that the place that I was in, that there was nothing that could happen to me, and I was wrong.””


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