Does Swizz Beatz Have A Subliminal Message For Someone?

- By Bossip Staff

Swizz says he’s taking the high road…

Hmmmm wonder who he could possibly be referring to…

Speaking of “HIGH” roads, Swizz celebrated 4/20 with a studio session w/ M.I.A. He tweeted a couple pictures of the pair in the stu puffin’ on a funny lookin’ cigarette.

The famous philanderer has been doing his best to dodge (verbal) bullets… by focusing on his upcoming album Haute Living and promoting his website

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  • Ti

    Stay on the high road good brutha! It’s a best road! But it’a a lonely road!


    • alicekii85

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    • Salina

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  • yaya

    He should have stayed on the high road by not doing moshanda the way he did having a child while married to her then end it to marry Alicia I’m proud of moshanda I would be sitting in county jail for murking that clown

    • saldunn

      So you would murk ur man over a woman. Sad – beside you don’t know what was going on in their marriage. However, it’s over. Remember you will be on lock down while they are living their lives happy or not. It’s not worth it. Stop stressing over someone else’s marriage.

    • Tracey

      so basically you just told us that you are a ghetto hoodrat, no man is worth going to jail over. NONE, get away from that hoodrat mentality.

    • resurrected

      So true because getting over your problems in a way of life. If he did not want to be with her then so be it but nothing about what he did was the high road and to me he did not handle this sitaution with any kind of care on the real.

  • so what?

    He needs to just shut his mouth and accept he did wrong. If he was related to me I’d be so ashamed!

    • yvonne

      Oh please, give the man a break. Prince Charles cheated on Di and left her for the ugly woman, i dont recall him saying he was wrong, he wasnt happy in the marriage therefore he left.

    • Sweet Baby Jesus

      @Yvonne – White people don’t like to put their dirty business in the news…unless they are considered pwt. IJS.

  • neko

    ^^^u would stupid blk chicks like u all would^^^

  • nikki_wa

    Well obviously it’s a subliminal tweet just like his ex wife is doing. its a common thing. People need to talk about things and they are expressing their feelings only through twitter

  • Houston reppa

    She doing a better job than me if I had a child and married and other CHICK(S) screwin my hubby I wud b in jail for fightin dem b¡Tches real talk

    • Ti

      You’re like the black women on the other post,that we are talking about!
      Dan! Youre one of those fighting chickheads!


    • The Way It Is

      why fight and ruin your life over someone who don’t want u.
      just a thought.


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  • bxluckiiladi

    No man or chick is worth my freedom. It will hurt like hell but if he was happy at home he wouldn’t had walked away. Lets keep it real.

    • Parisianlady


    • veryfunny

      @parisianlady,u talk like he is the first man on earth to be breaking a vow.Swizz is not the only man on earth,Mashonda should try finding another.Most people marry wrongly and they discover this later into thier marraige,and they decide to get out,should they be killed for it?

    • uhohitslelani

      That’s NOT the point. The point the person above you is trying to make is that,if YOU are married and unhappy, you need to remove yourself from the situation before commiting adultry!
      There is ABSOLUTLEY NO reason for anyone to cheat EVER.
      The only reason why SWIZZ is taking the heat right now, is because he’s the latest situation.

  • Tm30

    If this is a subliminal message, that ship sailed once he had a baby outside of his marriage and married is alleged mistress. It would be interesting to see how they’re doing in 10 years. Maybe he and Alicia are soul mates but his past really clouds peoples’ judgement on this union. But then again, that’s why you keep outside influences, outside your marriage.

    • girl x

      I still don’t get what this dude has over these women. To be married and have a child with Mashonda, then cheat on her with the UK chick and popping a kid, all the while he plugging a gut full of human into A. Keyes in the meantime.. How does one not catch SOMETHING out of all that?? lol

      I don’t give it 10 years, more like 4-5ish tops..

  • Ti

    @ Houston reppa!

    You’re like one of the black women on the other posts….
    You’re one of those fighting chickheads…WOW! You’re famous!….>_<

  • Ti

    AS long as you guys have an opionion on other ppls lives,you will never have your OWN LIFE!


    • Sweet Baby Jesus

      Aww, look at this. They’re giving you computer time. Umm, sir, please protect your a$$ and don’t be hummin’ bottoms up.

  • EbonyPearl

    Moshonda is the victim…She thought that her husband was faithful to her…he had a baby on her(that he tried his best to deny)and he had an affair with Alecia Keys…Why not talk about this creep…

    • Nikki

      BULLSH*T she knew her husband was unfaithful from the get go, he was unfaithftul before they even got married, she is no victim, she is a fool, just like her girl Emily on that ghetto show, she knows that she is being used, she knows that she is being cheated on but they continue to hold on for fame, if that was your girl, you would have been told her that she is stupid. Come on now people, stop pretending.

  • SUN

    if i was mashonda i would be bitter too.

    • Jenny

      That is exactly what she is, annoyingly bitter. That’s why the only place you will hear her sob stories is on these black gossip sites that cater to bitter women who will be on that “Oh no he DIDN’T” crap (the same one’s who can barely pay their own car notes but keep Tyler Perry’s garage stocked with new cars). White news sites could care less about this nonsense because they know that MOST of these celebrity men (black and white) are unfaithful so it’s like who cares, you knew how he was and you chose to stay so enjoy your monthly checks and STFU. And if her behavior AFTER the breakup is any indication of the type of person she is, I can see why he left. No man wants a woman who doesn’t know how to let sh*t go. As in, “I forgive you, but everytime we argue I’m going to throw it up in your face.” Some of my friends are like that and they are all scratching their heads trying to figure out why they can’t keep a man.

  • so what?

    Yvonne, don’t forget Di was cheating on Prince Charles to with Muhammad. Completely different scenario! They were both being unfaithful, pretty sure Mashonda wasn’t sneaking.

    • veryfunny

      and u kno this how?cos u are mashonda?well stop acting like u the first woman ever cheated on and got a divorce.MOVE ON!!!!

  • ceewalk

    You reap what you sow. Whoever disagrees with that disagrees with God. It is what it is but, I know it will be some (so called) enlightened person that has an excuse for it all…so carry on…

    • Ti

      Actually,i AM enlightened!I AM because i don’t believe in GOD.I can live life happily and productivly,and not under a cloud of guilt,brought on by some fairytale book that someone else wrote!


    • Tracey

      ok, so Mashonda reaped what she sowed. I agree. Now what?

    • ceewalk

      Whatever or whomever you believe in is a personal choice. I guess Alicia did too when he got the jump off in the UK knocked up. Anyone that took Algebra should see a common denominator factor. What all of these Woman have in common is falling in love Swizzy. will be more after Alicia….

  • lili

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  • thesystem'sbitch

    Whether he was happy in his marriage or not, he was still married. The situation was handled badly on all sides.

  • Evenif

    @Nikki I agree! Swizz had Prince Nasir while he was with Mashonda and she still decided to stay and accept a marriage proposal. Why act surprised when the other babies turn up! And I’m sure he had countless affairs on her that didn’t produce a baby. She is just as much at fault for the failure of her marriage because she continued to ignore alll warnings and “hoped for the best”. Lesson learned

    • Red Girl

      Very very true! The truth hurts sometimes. But the fact is, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. I have a feeling she’s been “fooled” a lot of times and only decided to put her business out there because it was a famous Alicia Keys. That doesn’t make her a victim, it just makes her foolish. And furthermore, people act like folks don’t get divorced all the time, even couples who have been together for decades. Sometimes people stay in bad relationships becaue they think they will somehow beat the statistics. They eventually divorce or stay miserable. It’s their choice, not mine.

  • wtfever

    Fu@k Swizz

  • Trini Sazon a.k.a # Coons be winning

    bottom line what he did is wrong .. its amazing how some of you broads are defending a man who cheated on his wife with a newborn this is the reason why men cheat because donkeys like you will always defend a man regardless ..How you get a man is how you lose him Alicia is gonna find it out years down the road he married her for $$$ hes the problem not Mashonda or Alica.. i heard he owed the IRS alot of money i bet alicia paid that off too! what she tweeted out was her views and her feelings she never mentioned anything about swiss beats but he was so quilty he tweeted that out –it never fails!

    • ceewalk


    • Nikki

      So Mashonda got him from someone else? becasue that is the only way that your statement makes sense. Now what?

    • Trini Sazon a.k.a # Coons be winning

      @Nikki… well learn how to read .. because i was clearly stating Swiss Beats was with Alicia while he was still married to Mashonda and they just had their child.. heifer!

  • jag

    High road!? Ha! too late for that… Cheat on you family, then talking about taking the high road? Only a man could get away with that and still have people defend him. SMH

  • bre

    They’ve been divorce for how long…. yet their both been sending subliminals over twitter????? smh u ever hate someone so much you love them?

  • Parisianlady


  • ChynaDoll

    I agree with you 100% Non-Factors don’t any get response back from me.

  • Hypocrites

    You people kill me with this “he wasn’t happy in his marriage bulls**t”. Open your bible it doesn’t say till death do you part or until you decide your not happy anymore.that’s the problem with this world you all can always find an excuse for someones shameful behavior thats why it has become exceptable to be a liar, cheat, abuser, killer. If he wasn’t happy (which is not grounds for divorce in the bible) then he should have gone about it the right way and ended his marriage and then got together with Alicia. If they really were “SOULMATES” Alicia should have waited until he had signed paper before she moved in on him. Everybody has played the fool in a relationship one time or another Mashonda is no differrent thinking if she loved this man enough that maybe he would honor the vows that he took with her before GOD. Thats what you do in a marriage. What makes anybody think that if you don’t honor someone elses marriage that GOD would bless yours. People these days have no honor, no loyality, no respect for themselves or other no morals and no values its sad.

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