Even The President Thinks These Rising Gas Prices Are Suspect

- By Bossip Staff

We are almost paying a full dollar more for gas now than we were a year ago.

And that’s enough to get the White House involved.

President Barack Obama says the Justice Department is assembling a team to investigate fraud or manipulation in the oil markets.

Obama discussed gas prices and mentioned Attorney General Eric Holder’s the new task force during a town hall in Reno, Nev., on Thursday. He said he wants to make sure that consumers aren’t being taken advantage of in the short term.

Pump prices are averaging $3.84 per gallon for regular gas. That’s about 30 cents higher than a month ago and almost a dollar higher than a year ago.

But there’s not much Obama can do to affect the price in short term.

In other words, not only will we all see $4 pump prices, we might make it to $5 before anyone does something about it.


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  • big c

    rich people are greedy what else is new .

    • Salina

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    • white male

      Government spending has caused inflation. Also war with Libya. Investigation over.

  • Reality

    OBamination….He is a very good actor…He should be in Hollywood…in fact DC is the political Hollywood. Good try sir…Start drilling in Alaska and the Gulf and stop relying on foreign oil fool…next….NWO

  • alicekii85

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  • http://lukescorner.net/ LukesCorner

    Obama is the biggest snake oil salesmen we’ve seen possibly ever. Im sure that his ‘concern’ has nothing to do with his re-election campaign being fully underway. Just keep on finding diversions from answering the public on actual plans of Libya involvement and things that we’ve all left in the dark about while tryna find a way to seem ‘concerned’ in order to keep the support u recieve from the uninformed.

  • balls d**p

    Sideye.. They arn’t going to fin any fraud…he’s just making that statement to cool the public down a bit..till the next issue pops up and we forget about gas prices.. This is going to be a scary summer..

  • http://lukescorner.net/ LukesCorner

    Obama says the rich should pay a lot more in taxes and shouldnt be able to claim any deductions and then turns around and claims deductions that made his tax bill almost $100k lighter…..just today’s example of the Hypocrit-n-Chief

    • AJ

      So that we are clear. The republicans wanted taxes to stay the same. Remember that deadlock that occurred. Ummm, yeah. So he could not change the tax system. He was very transparent about what he made and what he got back. But he stated clearly that he could afford to pay taxes not get a break as he made over $1 mil. Warren Buffet has said the same-he gets money back but his secretary pays taxes. Please know Obama is not a crook but he can’t just give the $100k back just cuz. That is not how the system works. When you speak on this site you should state facts not just half-baked opinions to feed your side of the story.

  • Dilla

    @all of these white trolls, go to TMZ for christs sake. As for Obama, I’ll believe that he’s doing something when these gas prices are lowered but at the end of the day, it is re-election time so he just may help these prices go down.

  • viki

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  • TheRider

    I live in the Bay Area, I filled up my car yesterday, $70! We have refineries right here, but our prices keep going up, wtf?

  • Keira

    I am definitely not traveling this summer!Why is filling up your tank becoming an extra bill?I swear I put atleast $70 a wk in my car and that’s just traveling from work and back!I slack on going to see my mom just to save gas!


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  • herudagod

    Obama, is a puppet and him and his puppet masters know why gas is going up, because they are going at every angle to bring on the NWO.

  • ThatGirl

    At least he’s trying to investigate. Our past crackah presidents did’nt have the nuts to do… Or just too dumb to come up with SOMETHING…

  • dana green

    Gas or food? Gas or food? Gas or food? Which one should I buy? Parents can I eat your house this week? Oh snap that dang student loan payment is due this week!

  • ignoranceisbliss

    The president is playing politics as usual no matter the skin color its politics…The reason for high gas prices in this country has to do with the “worth” of the American dollar.

    Our money isn’t worth anything near what OPEC nations could make if it was traded in Pounds or Euros so thank our 14 trillion in debt for high gas prices…Speculators aren’t to blame they are only doing what all good investors do for themselves or clients it is to put the money where the getting is good.

    • Bloodshot Third Eye

      And by them doing his it is causing an ARTIFICIAL inflation in the cost of oil. The costs aren’t changing at the same rate of our weak dollar so that’s a figment and they aren’t changing to reflect the amount of oil in stock and oil being pumped.
      In fact to date the dollar is only 8% weaker compared to the euro than it was last year.
      They are doing what’s good for them awesome but screwing everyone else in the progress so to say they are not heavily to blame is false.

  • Tony Redds

    Investigate my azz!! He is apart of the problem too. He is allowing the fed to print more money to icrease inflations which continues to devalue the dollar which in turn causes a rise in commodities. And its only going to get worse..

  • Tony Redds

    American $ is only good enough to wipe ur azz with. By prescious metals. pure silver to be exact my people while its still affordable. Gold is already over $1500.00 per oz.

  • SmH!

    why do I have to choose between gas or food?And guess who won’t be eating this weekend so they can afford to make it back and forth to work all wknd;;aint this some bullshxt!


    Then he should force Congress to do something about it.

    • Tony Redds

      Congress lost control of this country a long time ago.

  • dropped the world on my head

    first the fed is its OWN INDEPENDENTLY OPERATED AND OWNED ENTITY. It was created in 1913 by an act of congress and given sole responsibilty to print US money on interest and to be paid by us. So no president, not lincoln, kennedy, and not even carter could stop the fed from printing money.

  • bk4real


  • Northern Cali Honey

    To be seeing gas prices this high is insane. I bet you bike sales have gone through the roof since the prices have raised. We aren’t being paid the same, jobs are scarce, food prices are going up and gas too. How do they expect regular folk to survive?? #Let’s get it together AMERICA.

  • Keisha W

    Ya’ll defending Obama are completely clueless. Shut your uneducated mouths and you will sound more intelligent #im just sayin

  • rip Nat Turner

    @ Keisha W
    gas was over $5gal during the summer of ”08” (Bush administration) What was your no fact giving azz saying then.
    Can you see Russia from your studio apt. ?

    • Keisha W

      rip Nat – Ur wrong – please provide a date when gas was ovr $5 in summer 2008. Or u just got diarrhead of the mouth?

  • Keisha W

    Like I said Nat rip – ya’ll will sound much more intelligent by keepin ya mouths shut ! LOL !

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