Family Matters: Will These Siblings Ever Outshine Their More Famous Sisters?

- By Bossip Staff

Some families are blessed to have multiple members with talent — but there’s often only one superstar. Many sisters with famous siblings are vying for the spotlight. Do they have what it takes?

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  • Palest Latina

    The Kardashians hate ricans more than I do. JLo and her sister are hideous. Where are her bushy-haired twins? Is she ashamed of them?

    • Salina

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      nice experience——-

  • eygotitall

    This is one of the dumbest list I have ever seen. Ray J, Solange & Latoya will NEVER EVER be as big as their sisters, so why ask?

  • drizzy

    Y’all should have put taj mowery vs tia and tamara.

    • Mrs. Rance


    • Daniel

      That’s who I expected to see…

  • Kelly

    I think Willow will end up outshining Jaden. Oh and from the looks of these old picture, Latoya has always been light skinned. Maybe she didnt bleach her skin? Maybe….. just wear makeup too light.

    • Janhova

      @kelly. yea, it’s ashame people don’t know their history or have amnesia. LaToya has always been light skin. glad you noticed.

    • tommykimon

      She looks transparent now. She has most def done something to her skin.

  • Jenny

    You ever thought about rehab?

  • Frederica Bimble

    Jenny – LOL!

  • Christie_love

    Awwww,that song We are Family by Sister Sledge comes to mind as I look at these pics .I love all these pics,especially the one of Michael,LaToya and Janet in that loving embrace. That tugs at my heart. You can see how jealous Tamar is of her sister,Toni,her smile is fake and she wants to be the bigger star.

  • Mrs. Rance

    Since reality shows have not translated into long term success for anyone, I doubt the show will help Tamar’s singing career. Ray J has yet to reach Brandy’s level of success so he has to catch up to her before she has to worry about catching up with him. Tia has a series now, but thre was a point when Tamara had a series when Tia didn’t. Their careers are equally successful. Willow will probably be as successful Jaden especially if she grows up to be drop dead gorgeous like her mama, but I don’t know that she will ever outshine him. The rest are non factors in terms of their celebrity.

  • BANK!

    When the bond is strong you and your siblings support each other and “we” make sure “we all” get paid! Now that’s the real hookup!

  • Hi HO!

    Khole actually looks better looking then her sisters in that picture. The main sibilings always win.

  • lively10

    They are all stars, and they work together, so each one teach one, which they all will go far.

  • lemme see ya twitter i can make ustream

    Solange looks exactly like beyonce except for the ethiopian forehead she has.

  • lemme see ya twitter i can make ustream

    J Lo overrated and her sister is downright ugly. Mr. Ed

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