Stephon Marbury Says He Was Never Crazy

- By Bossip Staff

Now that Stephon Marbury has gotten his life together in China, he’s opening up about losing his damn mind.

Sadly, he’s still in denial.

On YouTube-inspired reports of his insanity: “I was just having a good time, playing, yelling, screaming, enjoying my- self, and people took from that, ‘Marbury’s crazy. He’s losing his mind.'”

On the Vaseline-eating thing, specifically: “I had a sore throat. My friend’s grandmother said to take Vaseline. I did, and it went away.”

We still think he’s a little coo coo… but this is probably why.

Marbury’s three older brothers were all gifted basketball players who narrowly missed NBA careers. Shortly after Stephon’s birth, the elder Marbury brothers set about molding him into a pro athlete. “I was like a lab rat. I was a science project,” he said. “They put a ball in the crib with me. They said, ‘Okay, we’re gonna breed a point guard with Stephon, and we’re gonna kick the door down with him.'”

Poor thang: it must be incredibly straining on the mind to have the failure of an entire family on your back.


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  • wtfever

    Love Steph! He has a good heart and mind. God Bless

    • Salina

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    still crazy, china just doesnt know it yet.

  • nettie

    Good guy no matter what people say! He is the only one I see who gives back without looking for something back! All that he did so what!!

  • Keepnit100

    The only thing crazy about Marbury is handle! Bad brutha on the court!


    You’re still gay.

  • Naaa

    He’s not crazy just a crack head!

  • uhohitslelani

    I never knew he was crazy!
    I knew he had a big head though.

  • white male

    I met him earlier this year, he seemed like a nice guy.

  • teetee

    i fell in love with dude during the 24 hour chats ..

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