Random Ridiculousness: Snoop Dogg To Skip The Royal Wedding For A BBQ!

- By Bossip Staff

What could be more important than the joining of Prince William and Kate Middleton you ask?!

This is pure comedy! Snoop Dogg who received a highly coveted invite to the ‘Royal Wedding,’ next week has declined!

“Hip Hop star Snoop Dogg has wished Prince William “the best of luck” ahead of his wedding to Kate Middleton next week.

The rapper wrote new song “Wet” to mark the royal’s engagement when the heir-to-the-throne announced the impending nuptials last year.

Snoop Dogg’s pals David and Victoria Beckham, have been invited to the special day on April 29th, and the rapper who jokes he is too busy to attend the wedding, has sent his best wishes to the couple.

He tells The Sun, “I got the invite but unfortunately, I’m barbecuing that day, so I won’t be able to make it. I got a lot of love for my nephew William, and I wish him and his beautiful wife the best of luck.”

“Sorry I can’t be there, but my homey David Beckham gonna bring my present for the newlyweds.”

Ha! Random… ridiculousness… could there be other reasons Snoop has declined to attend the royal festivities?


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  • http://jimjim jimjim

    i wouldn’t miss it

    • Salina

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      nice experience——-
      Good luck to your search.

    • Greeneyez0712

      No Kush…No Snoop!! He couldnt said something alittle more tasteful….Dang…

    • Ayoka

      Go head Snoop, Everything doesn’t revolve around these people, Glad he is putting his family and friends first, ahead of being see at a stuffy wedding with a bunch of people who would nevr know his name or care anything about him or where he is from unless he added some kind of cool factor to their party with his celebrity, They can kiss his a$$.LOL

    • ManchesterUKer

      @just so you know
      He’s still not allowed in the UK? That’s strange seeing as I went to his show in the UK last summer

  • tommykimon

    Wow that is funny, I know a ton of celebrities that would kill for his invite.

  • Tea99999

    So what?! Were in America I don’t care about that wedding and I’m glad to see snoop has sense not to either!

  • http://stewartsynopsis.com/Site%20Index.htm We"Blacks"AreTheREALHebrewIsraelites

    Who cares about those pompous royal welfare recipients? I’d rather BBQ with my family too!

  • Northern Cali Honey

    This is why I keep on loving Snoop. That’s real! Spend ya days with your loved ones 🙂

    • Holy Waters Run Deep

      Right. I guess he figured since the Pres and 1st Lady didn’t get an invite, why should he go? We don’t love them hoes!

    • FaReelDoe

      hahah @ Holy Waters’ response. We don’t love dem hoes (in Snoops high voice).


    For real am getting sick and tired of this royal wedding bullsh*t….who gives a f*ck!!!! whats the point of all when at the end history is gona repeat its self…end up divorced……just for y’all infor…London has the highest divorce rate in the world, thats why they had them sign a royal pre-nap….

  • realtalk

    Lololo Snoop is funny. black ppl stand up!!! the intrest in blacks scare a lot of other cultures. whats sad is when you see blacks trying to down grade blacks as well. their lost in what they c on tv and subliminal messages put out there by the media. example: i was looking at photos of celberities ppl was like oohh reese witherspoon soo pretty. her hair soo pretty ohhh… ok ok she ok then they had Beyounce everybody going ham ohh why she got that on, her hair nappy she is not cute…pause… reese witherspoon or no other white entretainer can stand beside of Bey, her body build the way her body moves the way ur eyes attract to her and im a woman not attracted sexually but by black beauty!! name one white girl, woman that did it like she do it…cheer… what lol modonna what give me ur best white girl lolol we got them shock panician!!!!

  • The Bear

    Poor little William must be crushed to hear this. Much respect to Snoop though.

  • big c

    Yea how are going to invite snoop but not the president of this country. Like everyone else I am sick of the royal wedding crap it has nothing to do with this country not hateing just telling the truth.

  • Nee

    I agree with Larita, well said!

  • It's Me

    Snoopy always keep it 100! F*k um! I hope his gift is a box of the good good!!

  • CAN AM

    Proud of you, Snoop.


    bossip stays with da exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!! WWW.LOOT6.COM

  • goldie

    good for you s-n-oo-p! fuc them!

  • ebbi

    Obama and The First Lady wasn’t invited, but Snoop was? lol.




  • Jae Burbs

    Snoop is not allowed in England… last time hacienda to perform in that country he was deported. He didn’t decline a damn thing because he can’t even cross the pond.

  • stinky

    Snoop Digg 21st.who cares about william and kate they’ll be Divorce in 5years LoL

  • Honut Sinti

    I am baking biscuits that day too!

  • Mary J

    he heard the cake would be ganja free…

  • leilani

    Wow… they didn’t invite the President Obama and wife, First Lady Michelle, but invited Snoop… not saying they shouldn’t invite him….. but a hip-hop artist before the 1st Black President of the United States?? That’s weird…. but I love Snoop… he is too real..lol.. I seriously doubt if any other rapper would’ve declined.. It would be nice if Snoop was there… he could add some soul seasoning to those bland stale folks.. lol..

  • Allie

    LOL i’m totally with snoop on this one, and i agree with most of the comments saying how can you invite snoop but not the president and first lady, i could care less about this royal wedding bs anyway

  • Christie_love

    Last year, I heard that the reason why Prince William declined to send an invite to President and First Lady Obama is because he was angry about feeling Michelle snubbed his mother’s memory,he claimed that she made an off color remark about her.Plus Queen Elizabeth was so jealous of the media attention that Michelle Obama received in England,The Obamas are a breath of fresh air in England! Maybe thats the reson why Snoop declined to attend,Good for you Snoop!

  • Tiphanie

    @just so you know

    “Financial and logistical burden” PLZ!! Do you know how much money these people are spending on this wedding?? Trust, they got the dough to beef up security if need be. They just didn’t want to invite them. It’s as simple as that. And why are you making excuses for these people? Hmph, it’s always going to be a typical house n*gga taking up for the pale faces.

  • LMAO

    Are you kidding???

    This is a black man holding a BBQ! Probably had this sh!t planned for months, ordered the all the meat and drink back in January, and probably has 200+ people coming – those royals didn’t stand a chance!

    No-one stands between a black man and his BBQ. NO-ONE.

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