The Cannon-Carey Clan Will Never Be More Than A Party Of Four

- By Bossip Staff

Once Dem Babies – who are probably already three months old by now- finally get here, Nick and Mariah will not be planning another pregnancy before Mimi’s oven shuts down.

Mariah tells the twins’ godparents at Life & Style Magazine that she’s not strong enough to do this again.

In an interview with Life & Style magazine, the pop superstar admits she’s “ready to be done” as a mum.

She admits her pregnancy has been difficult at times and it would take “a much stronger person” than her to go through it all again.

But Carey admits she has cherished the experience of pregnancy after miscarrying a child in 2009.

She tells the publication, “It’s all worth it.”

Little does she know, the real fun starts next month, when the twins are allegedly due.

All jokes aside, Mariah sounds like she is ready to give these kids the world, including bicostal nurseries.

“I wanted to create a beautiful, tranquil, cozy environment for the babies,” Mariah tells Life & Style in an exclusive interview.

Mariah’s favorite part of the twins’ LA nursery? The cloudscape, star-speckled ceiling. “The ceiling has orangey-pink clouds in a blue sky with golden stars twinkling. It’s based on two songs I wrote that are fan favorites: ‘Underneath the Stars’ and ‘Close My Eyes,'” Mariah tells Life & Style. “Sometimes I just sit in the nursery and stare at the ceiling because I love it so much. To me, it symbolizes wanting my children to dream as big as possible and to let their imaginations be unbridled.” Mariah also incorporated her favorite winged insects, butterflies, into the nursery and super-soft stuffed-animal lambs, what the singer endearingly calls her fans.

Mariah has also been busy coordinating a nursery for the twins at her NYC apartment. “I prefer the East Coast schooling over the West Coast,” Nick tells Life & Style. “But there are other things that come into play, like work.”

While Mariah has enjoyed her pregnancy, she and Nick are certainly ready for the arrival of their son and daughter! “Being a mother is probably the hardest job in the world. I feel like, in a lot of ways, children come into the world to teach us,” Mariah says. “It’s going to be a delicate balance between raising them around glitz and glamour and keeping them grounded. One thing I’m sure of is that I’ll be grateful for the twins every day, no matter what.”

No mention of the word Nanny yet. GO Mariah!

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  • QueenLove

    Mariah looks miserable, I can only imagined what she’s thinking.

  • veryfunny

    o mariah mariah!we are still waiting.push already!

  • LB

    I’m sure she is miserable. Have you ever carried one baby? She’s carrying 2!

  • 24yroldsmartblackchick

    shes having major REGRETS!! lol

    babies aren’t for everyone!

  • uhohitslelani

    Oh get over it.

  • tommykimon

    I hated being pregnant and only have one child and she’s eight. So I know the feeling.

  • !!!!!


  • tina

    Im happy for them but…
    jeezzz how long has she been pregnant?! seems like forever when are these kids due to drop, im ready to babysit! lol!

  • gnophan

    mimi is old and outdated. But the worst of it is her childhood experience means bad things for her becomming a mom. wouldnt want to be her husband when things go heywire…tick tick tick.

  • currvalicious

    Come on, she won’t be raising those kids like us non-celebrity moms, (shout out to my baby boy, 3 month old cherub Denham). She’ll have 2-4 nannies, who are they fooling? Besides she’s already signed on to Simon Cowell’s “X Factor” cutting her “maternity leave” short. Mimi you’re having twins you should be taking the year off. I’m just saying….

  • aspen modeling

    if it comes out white that means its mine.

  • pdn

    Hey mimi, just shake…. shake ……..shake …….shake…….shake it off.LOL

  • courtney

    Yes she and Nick wil be raising them give her a break she’s had a difficult pregnancy because of age and complications that come with it. Not all stars hand their kids off to Nannies and some that did later admit feeling guilty about it. has it ever occured to you that twins might run in her or Nick’s family which put her at a higher risk for them as does being of advanced maternal age and besides even stars don’t get long maternity leaves and she’ll have her mother and Nicks to help i’m sure plus she’s back on HSN in July and has admitted to feeling stir crazy because she’s been on bed rest for about 3 months because of the complications she’s had with the pregnancy. and because of those she can’t have a vaginal birth like she wanted and had actually wanted a drug free birth but because of one of the twins being breach she has to have a C-section. all that matters is her and the Twins are Healthy. um it’s supposed to be Carey Cannon not vice Versa a comes before O and both kids probably won’t keep Cannon all their lives anyway for instance Patricia Ann Reagan when she came of age changed her last name to Davis her mothers last name hypnanated

  • Chrissy

    Hope she has the babies soon!

  • so what?

    Love you MC!

  • lizzy

    Im happy for Nick & Mariah even if she reminds me of Joe’s wife on Family Guy. She was pregnant for a few seasons lol

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