Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV Gets New Release Date

- By Bossip Staff

After being pushed back indefinitely from it’s original May 16th release date, Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV album is now schedule for a June 21st release.

Before anyone gets their hopes up, keep in mind that the last album in the YMCMB rapper’s Tha Carter series was pushed back several times before it was finally released, so don’t get too excited just yet.

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    showing a little black boy dressed up like a tattooed thug. how creative of him.

    • Salina

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      nice experience——-

    • daresay

      I guess you missed the lil black boy was dressed in a graduation gown, which means he takes his education seriously. But you still had to label him a thug because of the tattoos. How bright of you.


    get my hopes up!!!!!!!!!
    W T F do i look like, getting my hopes up over sumthing that aint muney……bosssip dont b taking ur readers for clowns ……dont act like we ur puppets…its either he dops an album or not…..people still gonna be eating……………..good gosh~


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  • Naaa

    @AMBER is an azzhole!

    • AMBER

      And i suppose you find the connection between a child and a thug a good thing. in the context of the black on black crime rate, and black the male image, this is an Epic P.R FAIL*

    • cmp2010


  • Yung Moolah

    …I guess Amber, being the observant, conscious person that she is, missed the fact that the picture is one of a young Lil’ Wayne. He actually DOES have tattoos on his face. Maybe not at that age, but it’s his face nonetheless.

  • Trini Sazon a.k.a # Coons be winning

    Beautiful black man ..i bet he look better RED.

  • wataon387

    Ummm its Wayne’s own graduation picture. You folks are really reaching …

  • veryfunny

    …..and i can c clearly thats wayne’s pic as a boy,don’t need to be told.

  • truth

    another wack album he slapped together. its gonna be garbage like the last one. A bunch of songs about nothing.

  • Nini35

    Awww..Lil Wayne just gotta mess the cute pics up with the rats on the face

  • vickie

    follow@tyghtpop.. iz that really my baby weezy who knew he was such a cute kid..his moms stayed kissing that facce

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983...Loyal Bossip Participant Since: 2008

    He was a cute kid.

  • KB da Bo$$

    And at da end of the day Wayne is paid and u bums r hatin wit nuthin in ya pockets…u cant b a Hater all yo life, ur thoughts dnt matter to dis man…its a grad pic omg get ova urself!!!!

  • Edwin

    Yo Wayne im waitn for this sick album of urs

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