What The Hell??? Prince’s Minnesota Property Is In Foreclosure??

- By Bossip Staff

We’re gonna go ahead and guess this is one of those “I hired someone to pay that bill” situations.

Because we can’t imagine Prince not being able to cut this check easily.

A twenty acre parcel of land where pint-sized superstar Prince’s former home used to sit is due to go under the auction hammer next month.

The large plot in Chanhassen, Minnesota, has gone into foreclosure because the famous performer (real name Prince Roger Nelson) has fallen some $368,000 behind in mortgage payments.

Prince – who is from The Land Of Ten Thousand Lakes – is currently doing a marathon 21 consecutive show tour at The Forum in Los Angeles.

But despite claims from his management that the debt has now been settled, when RadarOnline contacted Carver County Sheriff’s Department a spokesperson from the Civil Processor’s Department revealed that the land was still set for auction on May 13.

“We have not heard anything from the lawyer or mortgage company to date and the land is still due to be auctioned next month,” revealed the Sheriff Department’s official.

See! Someone must have their paperwork fugged up.

Prince is no stranger to tax woes – about 11 months ago the reclusive star paid $1.3 million in current and delinquent property taxes that he owed for 2009 and 2010 on 14 parcels of land in the area including Paisley Park his famous Chanhassen recording studio.

The 52-year-old pop legend was also late paying his tax bills in the county in 2006 and 2008.



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  • The Bear

    Why does he even have a mortgage??? Thats what I’m asking.

    • se

      LOL, i second that…why does he even have a mortgage?!

  • bracken45

    He never meant to cause them any problems, He never meant to cause them any pain….lol


    Prince can handle this …no doubt! As much money as I done gave him in ONE MONTH for tickets to his concerts…he got no problem payin the tax and mortgages!!

    • Allie


  • Sasha Flop

    so THAT’S why he rose from the dead and went on tour! LMAO




  • Leo Lover

    Celebrities have mortgages and property taxes to be paid just like the rest of us. And they get behind on their taxes too. But the difference is most weren’t aware of the debt because they travel a lot and have hired people to take care of this. Im sure the purple one will handle this. Don’t you worry…he got money to blow.

  • cleva

    its not his property….

  • TI

    Prince has just payed that bill…Quickly and quietly!

  • Andre

    Hope he gets it together!

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