Psycho Women Or Lying Dudes? Who Is Responsible For All That Drama?

- By Bossip Staff

Due to some of the recent stories in the news I feel compelled to discuss the “crazy woman syndrome.” I’m sure you’ve heard your share of stories with women throwing hot grits on a man’s back, ladies pulling a Jazz Sullivan and busting the windows out of his car or worse someone or someone close to you actually gets murdered because of psycho women (Steve McNair). One has to ask, where are all these psycho women coming from, and how do I avoid them?

The truth is, any woman can be a psycho if you make her that way. I remember listening to the Intruders ‘thin line between love and hate’, they paint the picture vividly for you “you keep hurting her, she keep being quiet, she might be holding something inside, that could really hurt you one day”.

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  • kidrebelny

    The lying worthless piece of crap of a man!!!!

    • Greeneyez0712

      Me being female been there done that….Anywhooo…… Women think with their hearts…. Men their dycks…. Some men are str8 up….but that makes them more attractive (hee hee hee) …Some lie to kick it…Damn…Double edge sword….

    • alicekii85

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  • http://smh OMG

    APPARENTLY if men would stop lying & cheating women won’t trip out…playing with a woman’s emotions is a dangerous thing…why not be honest & say u don’t want commitment instead of lying & saying “you the only one”? this happens because men don’t tell the truth…not because a woman is psycho…I’m sure there are some unstable women making innocent men pay for things that happened 2 them but 9 out of 10 the woman is fine until the man f*cks up…

    • fabchick

      Cosign. Stay single if you want to freak multiple chicks.

    • G.M.

      “stay single if u want to freak multiple chicks”…y’all complain about that sh1t too, y’all talk bad/down about men like that, y’all say: “he must be gay”, “he’s just a lil boy who doesn’t want to grow up”, “he’s scared of commitment or to have his heart broken” “a REAL MAN, would take care of his family”(even if the man doesnt have kids lol) us men stayin single is why ABC had the “why blk women cant find a man” or “42% of blk women arent married” tv specials, the answer is simple: BACHELORHOOD IS BETTER THAN RELATIONSHIPS, for both men & women

  • yaya

    Lying add men they are the cause of all drama they start it we finish it

  • G.M.

    i tell y’all women str8 up about most us men & the only thing we want on these threads and then y’all women dont want to believe it, what do u believe? only the dumbest recycled lies known to man or what ur girlfriends tell u and that b1tch usually just as clueless as the rest of the female population…what would y’all women do if majority of us men was like: “i just want to fucc, either ur gonna let me smash or im out…i want a s1ut, a fucc buddy, a main b1tch not a girlfriend or a wife”…y’all say u want the truth, but most y’all cant handle it

    • G.M.

      duh, i know that…i have no problem lettin a woman know what it is from the jump, plenty of s1uts out here for us men to smash, thats why i go for women who look like s1uts/wh0res…all i was sayin is that a lot of men are honest either in words or actions, women just choose to ignore them or go along with the fucc buddy arrangement but later want more cuz ur female ego tells u: “he wont be that way with me, im special, im such a good woman he’ll see it and change FOR ME” but the truth is ur not special, one vagina is just as good as the next and men lie about love/commitment cuz so many women dont want to give up the pu$$y without hearing it, so if thats what u want to hear, some men will tell u just to fucc, it may not be right but IT REALITY

    • (_Jasmine_)

      Basically, you tell all the fantasy lies to the ones who say no to you regarding giving it up,because you really want that piece of candy, caramel, lusciousness or whatever… In-addition, the one’s who did say yes, catch a feeling and instead of just leaving to find another one you lie to keep smashing her? Did I leave anything out G.M.?

    • G.M.

      yeah, thats pretty much how it goes, except i dont do that, other men do…i dont have to lie at all and set the boundaries from the start…if im told no, onto the next one…if she says yes, i smash, she ask for more, im gone and onto the next one

    • DollBaby1o1



      ni-ggas like you make me curlup and be all upset at night!

      Then ya’ll wonder why us who are the realest turn into b1tches and start snappin on ya a55 when you say hi.


      im a cancer so my emotions are plentiful.

      Yall need to do a better job of protecting us. Stead o’ feeding us to the lions for all of these centuries [fkin idiots.]

      [you a55holes.]

    • G.M.

      @dollbaby: well, i’ll just curl up right next to u to ease ur pain…just stroke my d1ck and play with my balls so i know u appreciate it lol XD (im such an a$$hole 😉 )

  • dana green

    Get well soon! Leave him to his own demise.

  • Daisy Jay

    I believe that sometimes a man can be at fault, but I also think it’s stupid for a woman to EVER let a man have a huge effect on her emotions and mental state to such an extreme extent. No man is worth that, sorry. No excuses for crazy women.

    • huhsaywhat?

      I agree.

      We’ve all had some negative experiences with men, but none of them are worth your freedom (not going to jail for nobody), his/your life, or your mind.

      As much as it’s better to the situation go, than to screw up your own life.

      You’ll be in jail or dead, while he doing him..LOL Not a good look.

  • 223

    Exactly these crazy broads say men are liars when in reality women hear what they wanna hear when you keep it real they can’t accept it

  • mary

    @ Daisy Jay; I agree with you. To add to that, whoever drives you to do those crazy things, that person holds all of your power. Ladies have some self control, do not let any man take you there. Do not entertain anyone’s lies. Lastly, people DO what YOU allow.

  • Whatever

    Any woman over the age of 24 who hasn’t realized that 85% of men r just trying to smash deserves to get played. Women get ur heads out of ur azz & teach ur daughters that the Disney fairy-tale romances are extinct.

    • DollBaby1o1

      alrigh G.M.

      Have it!!!

      Take the pu55y NOW so I can

      NEVER hear from you again!!!



  • keebler mf elf

    Don’t make excuses for insane behavior! People control their own actions!

    • WithAllHonesty


  • Ryda4life

    This is a crazy statement . to imply that men make women do anything say that they can’t take responsibility for thier own actions .This women clearly knew this man was stepping out .

    To put yourself in a situation where you share an intimate relationship of more than one partner says a lot about the self esteem of the woman .

    People HIV is no joke , still alive , kicking azz & taking names ………
    Your choice!!!

  • Ryda4life

    When you go to court & the judge ask you why you cut that womans throat . My husband made me do it defense aint gonna help you much at all. You are just going to get 15 to 25 yrs or life & it will be on to the next one for the guy that just had so much control over you!!!! Ha Ha,

  • Janay

    GM I understand what you’re saying but many guys like yourself do not ALLOW A woman to make a choice on if she wants to be your cut buddy or main chick as opposed to a wife. When you say a woman can’t “handle”the truth then I’m interpreting that the woman would then ditch you once aware of your intentions. Do you blame her? No. But many men still do not care because they are selfish so they lie to keep the woman instead of finding a woman who doesn’t mind being a cut buddy which isn’t hard to find these days. This is where men are 110% wrong. But its in a man’s dna to want their cake and eat it to. So many choose to lie, fabricate and withhold info to get what they want. It’s up to women to use discernment and wisdom with guys because they will be just as trifling as you allow them to be. They sense naivete and take advantage of it.

    • Proud

      You took the words right out of my mouth, especially the “you can’t handle the truth part.” As a human being you are in control of your actions but not your heart and emotions. Men have to take the time and think about what if the shoe was on the other foot. What if a woman you are in love with, who says she loves you gets pregnant. The baby comes and in a heated argument confesses the baby is not yours. All the time you thought she was true to you, she was with someone else. Now you cannot tell me that would drive a man crazy. In this example if the woman had been honest about her feeling and what she was doing, a brother can avoid a situation like that. That is all we as women is trying to do, but men want to be selfish.

    • DollBaby1o1

      I cant take this sh1t.

      yall mfkas makin me tense up in here.



  • Janay

    Bottom line is if many type men are interested in a certain woman, instead of finding a woman on his same trifling page, he does not want to let a woman know how trifling and disgusting his intentions are because he knows she would run to the border. He is a hunter by nature and also self serving. So he lies and then turns it around to say “you can’t handle the truth”

  • Jadonnie Ava Marie

    It hurts like hell when a man lies and cheats but a man is not worth you going bat sh*t crazy over when my sister’s ex cheated on her she slit his throat My mom was so angry she told my sister why the hell did you do that I never understood why either i told her damn if he cheated you should just move on to the next one.

  • clarkthink

    and my reply would be,…..I hope you got some life insurance,….’cause I’m kill yo’ monkey @ss when I catch you!!

  • Illuminate Truth "I'd rather die as a lion than live as a lamb"

    Since when is it okay to NOT be in control of your emotions? That question can pertain to men as well as women…people acting a fool when they feel betrayed is not gender specific.

    • Illuminate Truth "I'd rather die as a lion than live as a lamb"

      advice to brothas – If you are on a path to leaving a woman scorned you better have a good handle on her mental stability…or top of the line auto insurance. You know, when you play with fire….


    Fellas this is why you have full coverage on all your cars, then leave the country!!

  • Bloodshot Third Eye

    Ok let’s break this down.

    Lying man reasonable woman. Woman leaves with a few choice words no property damage.

    Lying man psycho woman.
    Woman tries to get payback of ANY type.

    Honest man reasonable woman. Amicable breakup

    Honest man psycho woman she tries to burn his house down.

    Now which do you think is to blame for the drama?

    This goes reverse for a psycho man.

  • Janay

    Gm I’m glad you said that 9 out of 10 times a man says some mushy ish its bs and to get some booty. Lol I BEEN knew this and this is why men don’t succeed at running game on me because I make sure to exercise alot of discernment with men in my life. It’s a successful filter method to separate the quality from non quality. I just hope women on here are listening cause this guy is giving yall the game plan on here! Recognize game women.

  • Kinishra

    Lyin men cuz if there weren’t any of those us women might be a little more tolerant

  • KeptWoman

    DAMN!!!! GM is giving it to us females RAW/STRAIGHT TRUTH.

  • anna

    @ G.M. (In my angie stone voice) one of these days when your dreams come true, that’s the one that’s gonna do it to you….

    • G.M.

      do what exactly???

  • http://google yeah

    HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE A WOMAN SCORNED. And its universal meaning a woman of any color can do strange or painful thangs to ya, so be nice to us.

  • inessa

    If a man dare do anything to a woman who lied to him or cheated on him ,,you would have females here saying :”I don’t care what she has done!he didn’t have the right to lay hands on her” ,you would say :”he must be gay to bust the window of her car” or “he#s controlling”……But when a woman does it ,then “why did he lie to her??” or “he deserved it”!Some women are such hypocrites and shallow about things like that!!..And you wonder why you are single!Crazy broads!!!

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