Jabrai Copney Sentenced To Life For 2009 Murder On Harvard Campus

- By Bossip Staff

Jabrai Jordan Copney was found guilty in the murder of Justin Cosby, which took place in a Harvard University dormitory.

In a case previously reported in 2009, Copney shot and killed the 21-year-old Cosby, during the tragic crime that is believed to be a robbery gone wrong.

In 2009, Copney, a New York City songwriter, pretended to be a Harvard student who wanted to buy drugs from Cosby. Copney and two other New York City men—Blayn Jiggetts and Jason Aquino—lured Cosby to the dorm basement with the help of Copney’s girlfriend, a senior student at the Ivey League institution.

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  • big c

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  • LongIslandGuy

    That’s some bad news. Lured in to a basement by a girl who u think likes u but is really in love with the guy who’s about to kill you.

    Atleast there’s some good news. Just before he died, he saved a bunch of money on his car insurance by switching to Geico.

    That’s All State’s stand, are you in good hands?

    Lil mixed race fugga lmao 😛

    • Happy

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  • jdmann

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  • Blackskin

    Wow!!!! And what the hell did the chick get out of it ?attention.
    she needs to go down right with the rest Money is the root of all evil people let’s wake up !!!

    • derek.d

      Brittany Smith (the chick in question) is fighting off several charges of her own (including being an accomplice) for hiding the murder gun and lying to police.

      Also, her friend wasn’t allowed to graduate from Harvard though she wasn’t charged.

      Three lives destroyed needlessly over one woman’s love of thug dyck. The kid who was murdered and the two black women who were seniors at Harvard and threw it all away for nothing.


    i just checked google. This was a horrible crime, and i truly feel sorry for the vitim and his family. Black on black b.s, the victim WENT TO HARVARD, and still he was caught up in some ghetto b.s.

    proposed uncle-tom Vs Thug. 0-0

    • ladybug

      AMBER…It’s spelled victim! Dumb + ignorant= AMBER! Learn how to spell before leaving negative comments!

  • realtalk

    sorry to hear of the loss and i feel for their familes…@ happy did u hear of the 2 white thugs that killed all of those kid in colanbine high white on white crime or have u seen date line all those white men tryin to take young kids innocense its white on white crime. have u heard of the nurse student that was taken by a white man damn white on white crime i’ll stop there for now

    • LongIslandGuy

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    He should be executed.

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