The Most Kissable Lips In Hollywood

- By Bossip Staff

Who doesn’t love a pair of luscious smackers on a Hollywood hunk? You know, the kind that make us lose track of what brotha’ man is actually saying and makes us think about stealing a snog. Here is our list of dudes whose lips having us feining for a smooch.

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  • msgossip

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    • alicekii85

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  • Joyce.Alexia.M

    This black dude look fug,his eyes look so unnatural on him.


    LL & wills lips are gorgeous. went worth miller has no lips.


    The man Beyonce should have married instead of an old camel.

    • Mikayela

      He would never have Beyonce, he doesn’t strike me as a man who likes dragon breath, Beyonce has her camel, bet he’s breath smells just as bad as hers.

  • chrissy

    mmmmmmmmmmm, i love this guy

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    This list here is kinda limited lol..

  • Panther

    Tyrese lips are kissable,Morris lips yes kissable and Adam rodriguez lips are kissable.

    @Bunny yes the list should be longer

  • Honut Sinti

    Nice lips. They could be just a little more plump.

  • Shilee

    sorry but the ONLY one that has the best KISSABLE lips is Adam Rodriguez, I can such on them bad boys ALL night long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • (_Jasmine_)

    Tyson Beckford, Will Smith, and ones not on the list Gary Durdan Tom Welling and Lamman Rucker….

  • Butter Pecan

    My votes go to Derek Fisher of The Lakers and actor Derek Luke. Nice full lips. Both Yummy!!!

  • Redbonelicious

    Elays lips always look to dry

    • tommykimon

      LMAO! Co-sign

  • luvbug

    I still think this man is Nahla’s biological father and that is Halle’s big secret. Look at the way his eyebrows arch like hers, now imagine them waxed. Halle don’t want that paternity test for some reason, lol. Anyway this man is fioneee and I don’t even go for light men.

  • Naaa

    Gucci Mane has the most kissable lips!


      Gucci Mane has “issues” that he needs to work on….too many reports of him being violent towards women.

    • tommykimon

      Ewww I hope you are joking. He looks like his breath could kill you alone.

  • ATL chick

    LAWD YES…I would moisten those lips right on up! Oh yes I would! LOL

  • Sunnee

    I freakin’ love Michael Ealy and Adam Rodriguez.

    • Shilee

      sorry but I’d take Adam Rodriguez over Michael ANY day!!!!!!!!! that man is FIONE!!!!!!!!!

    • tommykimon

      OMG they are both fine and add Laz Alanzo

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