Seen On The Scene: Evelyn Lozada, Jennifer Williams, And Their Breastessess Hit Up Beach Polo World Cup In MIA

- By Bossip Staff

Here’s everyone’s favorite basketball broads (even though Evelyn probably needs to be switched over to Football Wives) Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada parlaying and chillin on the beach at the AMG Beach Polo World Cup in Miami.

Evelyn’s daughter Shaniece and others were spotted out as well…peep shots below:


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  • big c

    What’s up with Jennifer lips in the first pic dam I never knew they was that long.

    • TriniGlamazon

      LMAO!!! I was thinking the same thing……well that and the fact that she looks like a tranney 🙂

  • alicekii85

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  • Bdot

    Evelyn gettin’ FAT. Look at dem tree trunk legs. Layin on her back too much..

    • Mother-Of-2

      lol I agree…her legs looking all big.

  • QueenLove

    PSSt…I was just going on my merry way this morning then I see her… bullface Evilnn, whhy?

  • 1991 UK Gem of Africa

    Their dresses are cute… I have no idea who they are though.

    • afro british

      same here was looking at the dresses very cute. And do not know who they are!

  • TriniGlamazon

    Eventually, Evil-lyn will show her claws and her and Jennifer will me a wrap! Insecure women like Ev cannot keep friends!!!!

  • Naaa

    Jennifer’s head is soooo far up Evelyn’s azz! PATHETIC

  • Uguess

    What’s Evelyn digging for Ocho give her kooties lol!

    • It's Me

      Yeah, she trying to scratch that pooathang on the sly….

  • Allie

    They look cute, and ev does look bigger

  • PalestLatina

    weaves weaves weaves!

  • kerry (Black women=yummmmmmmmmm)

    I agree Soul Torch, they are both attractive (especially the chocolatey woman of wonderfulness). I am not crazy about Evelynn’s personality though.

  • Palest Latina

    Filthy black Puerto Rican bytch. I better not hear about any rican calling themselves latino or I will whip them and send them BACK to the fields to cut my sugarcane. Bow down to me you dirty dogs. #queen with no crown
    Hahaha real latinas are white.

  • Palest Latina

    Filthy black Puerto Rican bytch. I better not hear about any rican calling themselves latino or I will whip them and send them BACK to the fields to cut my sugarcane. Bow down to me you dirty dogs. #queen with no crown
    Hahaha real latinas are white not black or brown.

  • mrs blackvoices

    Like Ocho says, on both of them. . Child Please! LOL!

  • EZRawlins

    They’re both attractive – especially relative to their age – but once I heard they had breast jobs my attraction towards them diminished. It also doesn’t help that they act (or are portrayed) in a childish manner. What’s the use of living a life of material comfort if you’re going to STILL find ways to have drama? Surely there’s a better use for their time than fighting with knifed-up Miami latinas…

  • Teal_Blade

    Palest Latina mad cuz she can’t stay in the sun for 5mins without her skin crackin the freak up!! No moisturizer can help her ..halaha

  • Teal_Blade

    I dig Evelyn’s got her own business.. What does Jennifer do?





  • me

    Agreed. I’ve been trying to figure that out for a while now. It’s like, they are attractive, but still a few planks shy of the pretty train.

  • sportstalk23

    I still think Eve daughter is older than 17 or 18 which would make Eve older than she claims lol. Frankly I think Jen would be better off ridding herself of both Eric Williams her husband and Eve her so call bff, neither does right by her in my opinion. My gut tells me that Eve and Eric had something on the sly,he was pretty adamant about not wanting her near his wife, and her wanting Jen to cheat on her husband. I hope Jen makeup line does well, from what I saw the line looks good. Is the clock on yet for Eve and Ochodumbo lol

    • SJ

      What sad about Shaniece, Ev’s daughter, is that this is what Ev has to say about Shaniece’s father: All Ev has to say is that he’s handsome. WTF? If that doesn’t let someone know how superficial she is I don’t know what else does. Hoezada must have had a broke, messed up childhood, bc all she’s about now is getting material things, like that’s all that life is about. She need to grow a brain, while she givin all that brain.

  • it is what it is

    The comments on here ore ok, but I’d rather give a MoFo point of view on, where pun is intended.

  • SJ

    I don’t know why in the world anyone woman would befriend Hoezada…you know she is going to spread em for your man if the price or purse is right. Jennifer must be dumb as f*ck. Didn’t even listen to her man tell her about Hoezada. #clueless

  • SJ

    If ppl opt to put their lives on TV, then they open themselves up to criticism. Duh! If Hoezada puts it out there that she does what she does, then ppl are going to ride her for that, just like somebody is probably riding her right now.

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