Cry Me A River: Jamaican Immigration Officials Kick Terrence J Off The Island

- By Bossip Staff

That pretty face may have helped Terrence J get pretty far in life, but it couldn’t do sh*t for him this weekend when he tried to visit Jamaica to celebrate his birthday.

Popular Black Entertainment Television (BET) host Terrence Jenkins, was denied entry into the island on Friday morning after arriving at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston.

According to the immigration authorities, Mr. Jenkins’ travel documents had been reportedly tampered with.

RJR News understands that after 10 o’clock Thursday morning, the BET host arrived on a Jet Blue flight from the US.

Mark Williams, Communications Manager at the Norman Manley International Airport, said while Mr. Jenkins was at the immigration section, his passport was inspected and it was discovered that three pages were missing.

“His travel documents weren’t in order and the explanation that he gave was not satisfactory to the immigration officer and in keeping with standard protocol he was refused entry and was returned to the US,” Mr. Williams said.

Mr. Jenkins goes by the name Terrence J and is host of BET’s 106 and Park.

He was here to celebrate his birthday and host an event in Ocho Rios this Easter weekend.

Poor thang!


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  • big c

    I really don’t see the point of sending him back home. I am sure he does not have criminal background and he is a known TV personality.

    • kalifa

      they probably couldn’t stand his giggly a$$ 😦

  • (_Jasmine_)

    All he had to do was pay them…Problem solved…. Unfortunately, many countries and people only care about money and payment is sufficient to get what you want done….

    • Lea

      Do you think everybody there is hungry? the papers werent in order, simple. Same thing Us govt would do, as a matter of fact they send people back for less. He wasnt deprted, just denied entry bc the papers arent in order. Dont insult the people of JA just bc u think he should have been let in.

    • GRey

      You should be careful how you spout off about Jamaicans. You might take a bribe but don’t buy into things you hear about us we’re not all criminals. How would you like me to put you in the same barrel as some of your ingrates.

  • Naaa

    Sh!t if it was the good ol’ USA they wld send u packing! Good 4 Jamaica. Lol

  • alicekii85

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  • Uhh yeah ok

    Ughhh Terrance.. How annoying.

    • chekmate sun


  • Cuda Love!

    No batti boys allowed and …Big up to JA for keeping them fudge packers from infesting they island …Chi chi fo dead!

    • Vonn

      They just didn’t want any imported booty bandits. They have enough of their own domestic booty bangers. Plenty of native homo’s in Jamaica.

    • bpleasebelieve

      No offense, my uncle who raised me, whom I consider a father is from JA. But broke a#% third world country would want all the help that they can get to bring them a few extra heads with dollars. Batti boy or not! If they didn’t allow him, in because of his paper work that is one thing but I can’t stand when all of you think it’s because somebody is gay. So what if they are? Are you a homosexual? Or maybe you were in JA this weekend… Worry about yourself and your own sins to contend with. Any time you call someone out of their name that is a sin, bout the same as someone being gay. Grow up! You sound gay when you say stuff like this. People are different so what, just like the people in this U.S. from different countries. America needs to start acting the same as all these other places round all these illegals up and send them back packing!

    • Jimmy

      Stop being childish you mug, Terence J is not a fudge packer!

    • super steph!

      uhh thats not funny at all. kingston is notorious for being “the most homophobic city in the world.” sooo many people are tortured and killed for SUSPICION of their sexual orientation. jamaica shouldnt be running out any tourists anyways, thats their main money-maker…

  • Peppa

    Simple case of no matter if you are a celebrity or not, if you do not follow the rules, you will be dealt with accoedingly. I do not think they did anything wrong. And I am sure he understood… After all he is not one of those statistics some of you love to comment about. he is a great black man.

  • Pop goes the weasel

    That’s how America need to be with all these damn immigrants. Send their a$$es back to their native land. Ughhhhhhhh. So sick of foreigners.:(

  • SpellChecker

    **Immigration wouldn’t ACCEPT it.

    • kia619

      Thank you so much for the correction! That goes for the folks who use your for you’re, confuse their, there and they’re all the way up, and don’t seem to think there is a difference between affect and effect!


    He should’ve flew into Montego Bay if he was going to Ocho Rios that’s what I always do.

  • It's Me

    O well, his lil birthday party was ruined…Get yo shyt together bruh!

  • http://hotmail Islandbaby

    Lol @ “spellchecker” typo happens all the time DWL. If I was immigration I would send his a$$ back too. Let an Islander try that mess and see what happpen to them. They wouldn’t even get a chance to explain what happen.

  • Soul Touch

    Such is life…he’s no better than anyone else. Try that mess cross the US border as a non-citizen, those bastards will threaten to put you in jail after they cavity search you.

  • tommykimon

    What’s going on with his hair in that twitpic?

  • GrammarNazi

    What an idiot. He can’t even spell. I love Twitter for that very fact. You get to see just how ignorant people are. Learn to spell T. J. Jamaica might consider allowing you into the country if you do better.

  • uhohitslelani

    LMAOOOO.. I bet he cried when he got in the car

    • the real terrence j

      byiiitch u mean jet. uurrrrgh! i flew on a jet, get it a JETTT TO JAMAICA. stupid byyttchh
      i feel im BIG MEEESSSH! LOLL


    Why is this news? He’s a cornball and I can’t stand him or Rockhead from BET.

  • on behalf of jamaica

    i am from jamaica and we didntg miss him to time…….i am sure of that, if we did gun shots wud be ringing in the air, peeople wud be talking abt it everywhere…it wud have made news……….all i saw was people partyin crazzzzy! i swear
    terence who??? maybe if it was a free r AJ but not no uuum tj person.

  • MissMimi2u

    Jet Blue? Forreal?

  • TriniSazon

    pleasee nobody in JA knows who Terrance J is ,even people here dont know who he is .. JA is trying to screen who they let into the country now ..its a little too late for all that but at least they made a example out of him ..hes the dumb one who didnt fix it before he decided to go..

  • Nini35


  • Janice

    No one cn enter the US with ripped PP good for Jm.

  • Shananigans

    just doing their jobs good for them u are no one special

  • jayluv


  • Sharock1

    Next time Terrence J will follow the rules – it’s that simple.It was a mistake for him to take entry for granted just because he’s a celebrity. Good for Jamaica. In the future, if he downsizes his ego, expectations of entitlement and follows the rules – like everybody else, he should have no problem.

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