Joe Camel Performing At the Palladium

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

This is Joe Camel throwing up the Roc at the Palladium Reopening in L.A last night. Sanaa Lathan, and Tyrese were there to witness the surprise performer. Jay has been in L.A. this week for Kanye’s release party and has been chopping it down at local venues.

Pictures below of the event.

Images via Wireimage

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  • 2cute4u♥♥♥

    The Roc!

  • Graceful

    HEY KIM…

    Join today!!

  • "AND HE CALL ME PROFFESOR, SAY MOMMY COME AND TEST HIM"(sxyQblondie says its one day closer)


  • MiMi

    I guess I can call 3rd!!

  • 2cute4u♥♥♥

    Sanna is pretty, but the orange frock is killing me!

  • swoosh

    he’s on his way to V.A

  • sour grapes

    is that not the sign for Delta Sigma Theta?

  • MiMi

    Or 5th!!!

  • He's Presidential

    So his throat is better huh??

  • Graceful

    Faith and Kim.. dont laugh..

    The Carter Group

  • He's Presidential

    The sign is not trademarked and I don’t think the Delta’s own the rights to the sign either..

  • "AND HE CALL ME PROFESOR, SAY MOMMY COME AND TEST HIM"(sxyQblondie says its one day closer)


  • 2cute4u♥♥♥

    Tyrese!!! OOOOOHHH the things I would do to that man! If I wasn’t married of course… 😉

  • 2cute4u♥♥♥

    is that not the sign for Delta Sigma Theta?


    Who cares! Jay Z could buy it!LOL! 😆

  • KErry

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    If you are in need of a little cash of up to $1500, I can help you out.

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  • 2cute4u♥♥♥

    Goodmorning Sxy Q!!!

  • Tracey

    Cannot anybody see the FREE MANSON sign Jay Z is putting on to display?

    It is demonic and explains why droopy the dog is the most powerful rapper out there today. B, the only change she will make on the world, is converting MILLIONS of teenage girls to the FREEMASON cult.

    The free masons are ANTI CHRISTS, their CULT, is about money, power and developing the world, which means 3rd world countries suffer as we wage war on their lands and stealing their resources. Also the FREEMASON, triangle sign, is the equivalent of a Christian putting their hands together and praying to Jesus Christ….but the Freemason sign is worshipping and showing commitment to their cult and the world leading power of their cult.

    I KNOW B and Jay Z know what they are into, and be very careful on how you view the demonic FREEMASON hip hop leading couple.

    World leaders, royal families, leading businesses, leading public figures are all apart of the Freemason cult (Obama most probably is too) McCain certainly is, The mafia are….notice the Rocafella label, that has links to the Mafia and the Freemasons.

  • He's Presidential

    Tracy are the Delta’s Free Mason’s and is that the same thing as a Manson or Eastern Star??

  • He's Presidential

    *mason not manson

  • Tealeaf

    Jay-Z has some large nostrils

  • CC

    Im so over Jay-Z already daym. Sonaa is on point.

  • Re (Cormega on repeat)

    Tyrese has sausage ears…

  • Oshie - lay down on the floor, I want the Gs and the money or everybody gotta Go

    The Roc? I thought that was the “Toss It Here”.

  • 2cute4u♥♥♥

    Tyrese has sausage ears…


    LMAO @ RE!

    I think its the goofy lookin’ hat that makes his ears look like that! Thats ok Ty, you still fine baby!

  • Re (Cormega on repeat)


    Lol, I figured it was that hat…but it looks so fleshy…like, I wanna pour maple syrup on ’em and get my Tyson on….

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