Justin Combs Is Trying To Send Grown Women To Jail

- By Bossip Staff

Look at Puffy’s baby boy getting grown!

17-year-old Justin Combs made his cougar-bait status official yesterday, tweeting these football practice pics.

We know grown men who haven’t achieved that physique yet. Don’t hurt ’em, J. Dior!

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  • alicekii85

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    oh my

    These young boys are really maturing at a faster rate.
    ( loosens coller)

    • elleone

      lol,,,i know that’s right

  • kerry (Black women=yummmmmmmmmm)

    Something tells me this boy is going to allow poles in that booty.

  • 7lady

    Not my type but definitely a nice looking young man. Is he puffys son or al b. sure son?

    • amreican

      al b unsure

  • brutha barack

    he short as hell

  • so what?

    Bit too small for my liking!

  • Dilla

    This is diddys son by Misa

  • What?

    Al B Sure’s son Quincy is the cutest one.

  • Itsbrittneybitch

    I can’t be attracted to a guy that’s the same height as me.

  • E$

    Diddy, I see Al B sure son

  • Panamanian Miguel

    funny how you black chicks are complaining like you have a chance

    • Queen

      I”M BLACK AND I 100% CO-SIGN

    • so what?

      Funny, the headline is “Justin Combs Is Trying To Send Grown Women To Jail”- thus inviting us black women to comment on his looks. Grow up!

    • steph

      The bigger question is why a “man” named Miguel is all up in a female post flapping his “Panamanian” lips. SMH

  • CallitLikeitIs

    Is it me or are both of Diddy’s kids outside of his relationship with Kim Porter cuter than the ones with her, same goes for her, her son with Al. B Sure is cutter than the twins and Christian. IJS #random

    • heck yea

      co-sign lol!!!

    • CAN AM

      All of his children are beautiful gifts.

  • Queen

    IKR…Chicks now days rather have thugs lol! knowing darn well if they had a chance they would flock. HE PROB LOOK BETTER THEN ALL YAW BABY DADDY’S LMBO

  • Jay

    Grown black women talking about little kids and how they look.

    Negro women, you gotta laugh at them.

  • Naaa

    Pedo Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wtfever

    Handsome young man

  • Toya

    Yes I’m a GROWN BLACK woman and it’s my right to give this young man a compliment. He is very handsome, and I hope all his dreams come true. TEAM Justin!!!!!!!!

  • JaZzIe91

    He’s cute but he looks like he’s my height, which is 5’2. so umm yea…

  • kg

    yummo ill risk a prison stint for him

    • Toya

      LMAOfffff.. I hear that!!

  • MIMI

    Well we know his looks didn’t come from his gay-azz daddy.

  • 7lady

    Damn it’s an innocent post. It asked us to comment. I swear the couple niccas on this site buy more tampons then me.

  • Jay

    Some of these birds are missing the point of my post. I wasn’t really talking about Justin but about some of these birds calling diddy’s other kids ugly. Some ole sideways comments about diddies little otha littke boys.

    Bird azz females.

  • sisredredbone

    I’m going to jail–SMH

  • Shanice

    I’m glad I’m his age 🙂 I can look without feeling guilty

  • Kamiiram_

    For everyone talking about double standards, how do you think we women feel when men sleep around and get called a “hero” but if a woman did the same thing she’s a “hoe”? What justifies your actions? Anyway Jus is cute and he said he was 5’9′, so pretty everage. BTW I’m his age so I can say that he’s handsome

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