Poor Thang: Kim Zolciak’s NFL Baller Boo Calls Off The Wedding Because She’s A Crazy Beeitch!

- By Bossip Staff

Looks like Kim Zolciak won’t be sinking her cougar teeth into that young and tender NFL man meat:

The Atlanta Falcons football player, 25, called off the nuptials after getting a taste of his 32-year-old baby mama’s wild mood swings, according to insiders.

“He’s seeing a different side of Kim and realizes he’s in no rush to walk down the aisle,” a source divulged. The big problem is Kim’s volatile temperament.

“One minute Kim is as sweet as pie, and the next she turns into a control freak,” the source revealed.

SMH. At least he figured this sh*t out before he put a ring on that gold diggin’ broad! Wonder what good ole Kim is gonna do now??? Especially since they’re renting that $3.2 million dollar crib..

Ah welp, so much for her dreams of actually becoming a “real housewife” for real.


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  • cmp2010

    ts f**ked up, shes pregnant DUH hormones make you have mood swings smh

    • chaka1

      That thing on her head looks ridiculous. She is ridiculous.

    • free

      yeah, she is late into her pregnancy too. not the best time to make a decision like that but this is a fly by nite relationship anyway.

    • tommykimon

      @ Chakka her hair is thinning so what else is she supposed to do? I suppose the wig makes her feel better about herself.

    • alicekii85

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      Ho tBl ackwh ite ℃○M with other single black, white girls and men in your city.. It is my favorite club for mixed love….
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  • Nikki P

    rrruuunnnnn Kroy rrrruuunnnnn!!! (in my Forrest Gump Voice)….

    • kevin o

      He dropped his seed, now he’s ready to bounce. True NFL Baller. No matter how you look at it, he’s locked in for life. Kim wins! SMH.

  • love child

    Well obviously he ain’t playing with a full deck either he got her pregnant and I know he had to know she was looking to continue her life style or was he looking for a little fame . Oh well you play with fire you’ll surely get burned

    • angel

      Amen Sister!

  • if anything be noble

    Translation: my mom won’t let me marry you.

  • Naaa

    Who didn’t see this coming?

    • ItsWhatever


  • ShortStuff

    Hold up…she’s 32?!? Damn, she look old as shiiiiiiit. My mom will be 50 & she looks like she’s in her 30s…now wth is going on with Kim..her a s s looks like she’s in her 50s….

    • WV

      Its the hair & makeup

  • anon

    I can’t get over how that psychic said she was gone get preggo with a boy within 2-3yrs and she did. I need that psychic #


      kim allen is even better than that psychic. I spoke to her about my writing career. She said it would take off, and she was right!

      There are some psychics on the web that are SERIOUS. Try keen dot com and look for Misty, Green tea & bridges–they’re pretty good.

      I went to a card reader in Brooklyn back in 1998 and she said I would be rich..I laughed at her, but she was right too. I always wanted to be rich, and always had money, but after she said this, I went into business at the right time and cleaned UP!

      One thing that ANNOYS me is that the readers always want to talk to me about MEN, I DON’T give a DARN about a MAN, but of course, they predicted that I would marry a rich man…I’m like shoot, I got my own stacks..LOL

  • Incandescent

    Isnt she preggers still??? Shes entitled to be a crazy bioytch until three to six months after birth while her hormones get back right…

    • tommykimon

      I was a bytch on wheels when I was pregnant so I feel her lol

  • confidently_ugly

    not again…LOL

  • confidently_ugly

    A man committing to you by his own will is much different than a man being forced to make a choice because of a pregnancy. money doesnt make a good father or husband.

  • 00000001

    You really made this about a black woman? WOW

  • Lynn

    He should have gotten to know her better BEFORE they got pregnant… Another child growing up in a single parent and possibly drama-filled home…smh.

  • From Fl to Va Chick

    I’m glad he woke up..she’s a selfish,greedy chick. The next step should be a blood test.

  • ~ChynaPeach~

    That cant be right? A white woman with an attitude? Impossible! All white women are sweet and do everything right. This story must have the wrong picture. *end scene*

    • cee

      Absolutely LOVE LOVE your comment…I thought “only Black females acted like that”

  • Dread

    LOL guess he’ll be making it rain for her every month on schedule..should have looked at some old RHOA seasons 1 and 2 shows before getting with her and getting her preggers..She’s a hustler non the less..Child support from her ex hubby for those girls and now her goldmine C/S from her new football babydaddy.

  • brown suga

    I REALLY don’t understand how or why these NFL & NBA marry these type of woman(gold diggers,strippers & groupies)???? But good women such as myself have NO chance w/them…..smdh

    • MR.MAKE.YA.FEELGOOD.(always read the fine print)

      you’re better off without them baby girl. find yourself and keep a regular dude.

  • shut the f*ck up!!


  • sportstalk23

    I guess after meeting with his financial advisors, who calculated that considering the NFL is in a lockout despite what that judge said yesterday, and how much child support will be added with Kim’s wig budget was the final straw and dude snapped as like damn, I’m out lol. Just pay her that lottery payout which is for the kid and be lucky you don’t have to pay this broad alimony.

  • 80's girl

    Kroy better make sure he gets a paternity test when the baby is born! Too bad his brain cells weren’t functioning when he was boning her without protection! As far as Kim is concerned, no man will ever respect her, her own kids don’t even respect her! She is trash indeed! (Sidenote: With all that money she has, she need to get a good hair weave and leave that tacky wig off, especially in that spring & summer heat in Atlanta)!

  • Missy Poo

    oh lawd…nee-nee is gonna eat this schnit up!

  • Veve

    Wait, Kim is supposedly 32 years old??? BLAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ROFLMAO *wipes away tear* Girl stop!!

  • Veve

    Seriously, he probably saw her real birth date on her driver’s license.

    • Michele


  • so what?

    So has anyone seen her hair under the wig?

    So funny how its just black women who have lots of different baby daddies, wear weave, have attitude, are ignorant, loud and crazy yes? Where’s all the trolls now huh?

  • kg


  • MIMI

    She’s only 32? That’s an old looking dame!

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