What The Hell??? New Mexico Woman Mauled To Death By Pack Of Pitbulls

- By Bossip Staff

This poor woman is dead after being pounced on by four pitbulls while walking alone in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

Laura Russell witnessed the vicious attack on 48-year-old Margaret Salcedo, who was alone when four pit bull mixes escaped their pen and attacked her. Russell heard the commotion and immediately called 911. She said Salcedo tried to use her phone but dropped it after one of the dogs bit her arm. She described how Salcedo looked like a “rag doll” as the dogs mauled her, biting her all over.

Police believe the attack lasted at least three minutes, the length of time it took for Truth or Consequences police to arrive on the scene. The first officer to arrive fired his weapon into the air to scatter the animals, but after one of them charged him, he shot and killed it. The other dogs ran off but were eventually captured and taken to an animal shelter.

Police say Salcedo was conscious at the scene and they hoped she would survive, but she later died.

Nearby resident Elizabeth Stout told reporters,

“I think it’s like living in the middle ages where you hate to go outside because the wolves are going to eat your grandchildren.”

The District Attorney is currently deciding whether or not to charge the dogs owners, John and Maria Hardiman. The surviving three dogs will likely be euthanized.

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  • nursedred

    Aww that poor woman. I have a pack (4) and although I love my puppies dearly if they ever hurt anyone I’d have to put em down.

    • A pit bull wouldn't hurt a fly...

      …because their jaws can’t lock down on them

  • ShortStuff

    R.I.P Margaret. People with these damn pits & rottweilers piss me off. If you are even going to have one of these they need to be chained the f u c k up. The first thing you hear people say is that, “OUR DOG(S) AREN’T VISCIOUS OR VIOLENT” & “THEY NEVER DID THAT BEFORE”…bulls h i t

  • Nikki

    Let’s get rid of all of the damn pitbulls!!!!!! They are straight killers! And ppl think it’s gangsta to have them! they have to have a law stating that all pitbull owner have to have their dogs euthanized! They r too aggressive! they need to get killed before they kill us’

    • MEMEME

      I agree!!!

    • nyc-mrs.718

      thats a horrible and ignorant thing to say..i have a red nose pit who is 9 yrs old, fixed, and has never hurt a soul since he was born..he was also around children and around mine..dogs are domesticated so how u raise them is how they will behave..the owners of these vicious dogs were obviously neglecting them and mostly likely abusing them which led to this tragedy..i came across a dalmation who almost bit me and a chihuaha that bit my cousin..they neglected there animals and frustrated them..should they all be killed and destroyed too?? u sound ignorant and need to read up some more on dogs and behavior..smdh

  • ShortStuff

    If you have one, at least take the next step to keep them in your yard/homes. Saves people from being seriously hurt or killed and the people who own them the heartache of having to put them down or deal with a lawsuit.

  • YokoDMV

    if you have pits or more than 2 dogs the invisible/electric fence should be mandatory..

  • lisa

    A dog like a child is only as good as its owner and the training it receives stop blaming the breed already those dogs werent even full pit bulls. i wonder why that was the only info divulged. i own 4 pitbulls and theyre all certified service dogs it breaks my heart to see such a beautiful breed discriminated against

  • ProudLatina

    I meant I hate dumb irresponsible dog owners

  • 7lady

    To hell with that! I do not agree! I don’t care how much a owner is nice to that animal and raise it gentle them things have the option to attack and kill. I had a little pekingneese he was sweet as pie but let a kid grab his tail wrong or some sh*t…he sho snarled…he didn’t bite thank God…but the possibility was there. See people don’t understand that. If u like those beast fine just keep em away from people.

  • well.......

    Dogs are descendants of wolves animals or animals and they do have rogue nature in them but my dog is tiny and crazy

  • nursedred

    It obviously isn’t the breed that’s the issue since these dogs are all mutts. People need to take the time to train their dog. If you don’t have the time then don’t get a dog.

  • Reesee

    *like this
    Damn autocorrect, lol

  • jay

    I have a friend who has 5 pits and they are angels, and 2 of them she found abandoned on the street! They love attention and she spoiled them rotten, they’re treated like little people. They are good dogs, they have to be treated well and trained. I have nephews that I had no problem taking around her dogs. Not just anybody could or should have a pit. I happen to love the breed and I hate that they have such a bad reputation. I’m sorry that this happened to this woman, the owners should be held responsible. You have to make sure your animals are adequately contained especially if you know they’re not really people friendly.

  • Courtney

    How terrible. I have always had a fear of dogs, and this is the reason why. I’m even scared to walk around my neighborhood for fear of being attacked by someone’s dog.

  • nyc-mrs.718

    maybe this idea u so called have sounds familiar..didnt whites see blacks as the same??? i know where talking about dogs but if ur gonna have this stereotypical argument about pits and how they put fear it ppl just by the sight of it then why not apply this same argument to how folks view ppl in baggy pants, or have dreads, or are black??? wouldnt want my kid around those ppl..”might bite there face off..becuz the potential danger is there right”???..like u said..just keep them away from others..its simple!!!…smfh..these dogs were obviously neglected and abused..the owners probably kept them caged wit no food..this can drive a dog mad and even a human..the owners are responsible..not the dogs..but there’s no turning back for these dogs..they need to be put down..what a tragedy for the woman who couldnt outrun them!!..by the way there are many other dogs that attack children and adults..lets kill them all off right?? smh

  • PitBulls.....

    The Pets of Stupid People

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