SMH… And Now Relatives Are Fighting Over Who Gets Custody Of Surviving Hudson River Kid

- By Bossip Staff

We really feel for this poor kid… Just two weeks after his narrow escape from the Hudson River tragedy that claimed the lives of his suicidal mother and two younger brothers and sister, 10-year-old Lashaun Armstrong is now waiting to find out where his new home will be as relatives fight it out over who should have custody of him.

According to The Times Herald Record, Lashaun’s father Todd Johnson, who is currently serving time in prison says he’d like his family to raise him, with either his sister Shaquana Johnson or his mother Valerie Johnson taking custody.

Since his mother’s death, Lashaun has been living with her side of the family and his maternal grandmother Datrice Armstrong has expressed her plans to take custody of him.

Lashaun made headlines when he managed to climb out of a van his mom deliberately drove into the Hudson River in Newburgh two weeks ago.

At least it sounds like he is loved and wanted by all sides!

This has to be rough on the kid but we have faith he will be good — he’s already proven he’s a survivor. Our prayers are definitely with him and we wish him the best.

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  • I Am Legend ( Allergic To Darkies)

    All BS aside they all looking for the money that will come along with the kid…These people could give 2 shyts about ole boy

    • free

      no money comes with him unless he (or a parent) is on social security or she had life insurance.

      he should decide which family he’d like to live with; he’s old enough.

    • Ca Love

      @ Free- You’re wrong! He will get death benefits for his mother if she ever worked. AND SHE DID.. From news reports, they say she always kept a job in addition to going to school. He will get a monthly check until 18 or 19 if he is still in highschool

    • I Am Legend ( Allergic To Darkies)

      He is going to get paid for a talk show or 2….Interviews trust me people will milk this lil boy for it all

    • free

      @ca love: oh, i didn’t know that! that’s good to hear.

    • free

      @legend: i hope nobody tries to make this lil boy relive that day over and over through interviews. he should be in therapy and getting on with his life.

  • ReallynotInterested

    There is no question who has legal authority to that child. The law dictates that unless his father forfeited parental rights that he has exclusive right to his son. I suspect the mother’s family wishes to exploit that child for money. If these people cared so much for the welfare of the boy perhaps they should have monitored the mother much more closely. The father might not be a better option but he has a right to the boy.

    • AMBER

      This is all so messy. But i agree.

    • Mycalah

      So what do you want, the father to have him in prison? I think you missed the fact that the dad is in prison.

  • Ca Love

    His daddy was in jail and I DOUBT his dad’s family was doing anything to help. Also, they are full of shyte. If his father’s family was about something, he wouldn’t be in jail.

    I hope his mother’s people get him.

    • eliteliberal

      Mental illness is hereditary. Obviously his mother’s family did not do a good job with her. How does a 25 yr old young woman end up with a 10 yr old and 4 children? She was obviously not supervised at a young age. I would let him go with the daddy’s family.

    • CAT EYES

      He can be many things,but he is the father and his rights trump the others.

  • Ayo

    The sad thing is that I know for a fact that most of them are looking to keep custody of him for money reasons. Sad day in a 10 years old boy.

  • Dilla

    I knew that this was gonna happen. I don’t think that the father should gain custody though.

    • eliteliberal

      Well, the mother tried to kill him. His father is his surviving parent.

  • duck

    I’m so mad at the mama for bein so selfish. This boy is gonna b so damaged. I hope whoever gets him makes sure he gt sum kinda counseling

    • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!

      Them folks will NOT be interested in getting that poor young man some counseling! What they WILL be interested in is making sure they hit Fordham Rd. to get him that gaudy azz U.S. Polo gear and some bootleg “Ones!”

      Yep–he’ll be “flea market” fresh going to school but his mind’ll be warped beyond repair.


  • geemoenettie

    Chaching is all they hear. I guarantee the dadk’s family was NOT instrumental in this child’s like. The maternal grandma is probably the one who did the most. She usually is.

  • geemoenettie

    Cha ching is all they hear. I guarantee the dadk’s family was NOT instrumental in this child’s like. The maternal grandma is probably the one who did the most. She usually is.

  • 7lady

    I think the child should be able to choose. Whomever he feels most comfortable and loved with.

  • 7lady

    And thank God he could swim cuz a lot of black kids can’t swim. Especially if from inner city. I know I can’t.

    • free

      girl, you ain’t lying. me either. but i’m gonna learn. i can see my husband trying to drive my *ss into the river.




  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!

    At the expense of death, the MOTHER has made the father a PAID young man!

    I’ll bet she didn’t think it would turn out this way!

  • DaHonestTruth ~ Always Keepin it Real

    He won’t get the boy. He’s already been proven to be a bad father.. He left one child alone to go meet a woman – and thats just one story that we know of..

    Her family will get the boy.. If the father was able to get him he’d have him now yet the boy is with her family…

    Not to mention his black @ss doesn’t deserve to have the child..

    • eliteliberal

      Wrong man. His father is different from the father of her 3 younger children.

    • Moe

      Wrong black @ss, Keeping it real.

  • MIzzSWtyFAce

    It’s funny how folks are coming out the woodworks now…where were they to lessen the burden of this troubled woman?

    IF his mother worked..he is entitled to a social security check and or IF she had insurance. Most places of employment offer insurance for the entire family.

    Whomever gains custody better make certain to get this child the therapy that he’ll need.

    SMH @ the father trying to delegate behind bars.

  • Guest

    I thought the mother had some kind of restraining order against the father. I’m not sure what type of abuse he has shown the mother or the son, but the judge should consider it. I really think it needs to be a third party. I think both sides will keep disparaging the other and the boy won’t ever be comfortable. Just my opinion.

    • MIzzSWtyFAce

      The mother had a restraining order against the father of the three children that died. The older son’s father is in jail.

    • DaHonestTruth ~ Always Keepin it Real

      I didn’t see that the older ones father was different. In that case I still maintain that her family has him now and thats where he’ll likely stay!! If his family wanted the boy I’m sure they would have stepped in by now..

      It’s a sad situation all around.. SMH!!

  • pbsflawless1

    That is sasd. They are looking at doller signs when they see this boy. Forget what he went through, they see that he is going to be famous by selling the story of what really happend and how he managed to survive. They could care less if he has a warm meal. And with them fighting like that should let him know to go to his fathers side of the fam. ‘Cause Lord forbid if somethin’ happens to me and my kids are young, my husband will have them hands down. Don’t give a rats but what my oldest 2 daddy has to say.

  • Cuda Love!

    WHAT THE FUK YOU PPL talking about the boy daddy in jail and i hope he gets out soon and gets the boy,… not the other punk fuk him he lost his babies in the car along with the momma!

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!

    I’m just trying to figure out where were all these people when the mother was struggling?

    On another note–I know there are some “baby daddies” sitting around taking notes and thinking—

    “So, now I REALLY don’t have to KILL Shaytanomreeka and my three kids? You mean to tell me all I havta do is to make the bytch go crazy and kill ’em…..THEN, I can be a paid man?” “Oh hayle yeah…I can do it! I can do it! Then, I can get my money and move my recording studio out my muvhas basement. My record label’s gone be on an’ poppin!”

    “Heeeeel yeah!”


      What kind of mindframe do you have to have to type some silly sh!t like that?

    • JaZzIe91

      LMFAOO!!! @1TruDiva

      You and anythingbutnoble had me dying yesterday. SMH@ y’all. LOL

  • Fridayspecial

    Let him choose where he wants to lay his head. True and where was these folks at during her struggle?

  • Mrs. Rance

    Whoever gets him now its only temporary because as soon as his loser dad hits the streets he has full right to take him if he wants. My guess he won’t want him because he’s a typical runaway dad who can’t get his sh*t together.

  • Mak

    I seriously hope that who ever he goes with,they gets him some serious counseling.


    Its all about money. Thats when Nggas come out of the wood work to show “love”.

  • Soul Touch

    The father has to get him. Regardless how people feel, he is the biological father and has full rights to the child (as long as he has a room for him).

  • resurrected

    So why does the father want to take care of the son he is the one who has the first rights at this point. He wanted to be so involved in the funeral but not in raising his child?

    • MyReason

      His father is in prison. More than likely, based on what this “article” says, his son will be with his dad’s sister or mother.

  • Me

    Since Lashanda’s family are the ones who helped her with her children while she was alive, they should be the ones to get custody. The father can always work on establishing a relationship, once he’s out of prison.

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