Mother Of Child Pictured In Controversial Billboard Sues Anti-Abortion Group!

- By Bossip Staff

How could you use a face as cute as this for an anti-abortion billboard??

Some of you may remember when we first reported about this billboard a few weeks back.

The mother of a New Jersey tyke whose modeling photo appeared on a controversial anti-abortion billboard in Soho is going after the group that posted her pic.

Tricia Fraser has sued Life Always, the Texas organization that slapped Anissa Fraser’s photo on a billboard with the words “The most dangerous place for African Americans is in the womb.”

Anissa was four her mom took her and three sisters to a one-hour modeling shoot in 2009 at a Manhattan studio, expecting that the images would be used for the personal portfolio of lensman C. Camarena.

She ended up on the massive poltically-charged billboard at Sixth Ave. and Watts St., blindsiding the family and their friends.

“This isn’t at all what the family signed up for,” lawyer Andrew Celli said Tuesday. “This was a modeling shoot that they were told was a family album-style presentation.”

The Manhattan billboard got yanked by Lamar Advertising Co. in February, after getting blasted by city politicians, Planned Parenthood and the Rev. Al Sharpton.

If all things hold true we hope that Tricia gets every dime that she’s entitled to!

Is Tricia wrong for suing the pro-life group??


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  • Cuda Love!

    Bytch plz you didnt see the problem until blk ppl complained about it ..before that you was so proud of your baby girl in the billboard…now you wanna sue!?

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    • The Day of the Geechi is Over

      I bet the advertizing company is saying, dang, Tricia’s mother would have aborted her azz then we wouldn’t be dealing with this frivolous lawsuit.

    • The Day of the Geechi is Over

      I bet the advertizing company is saying, dang,i wish Tricia’s mother would have aborted her azz then we wouldn’t be dealing with this frivolous lawsuit.

  • if anything be noble


  • so what?

    They lied to the mother about where her daughter’s photo would be used so she has every right to sue for as much as possible. Teach them a lesson. Let’s hope she spends the money on the girl.

  • resurrected

    No because it is her child and she has a right to protect her image. This company could probably care less about the black community and Parent Parenthood was formed for evil reasons against minorities anyway. When I see all of the black people who run to the abortion clinic you are fulfilling a very evil prophecy against your race. They want you to destroy your off springs because they don’t think that you are value as a human being. To them it just one less nicca as they would prefer it. Look up the history on this place it was created by racist.

    • dee

      Absolutely true. Planned Parenthood was founded by well known eugenicist MArgaret Sanger.

  • dee

    I find it very hard to believe that they would use her child’s photo without advising her what it was being used for first.

    p.s. that baby is beautiful!

  • IJS...

    NO I don’t think she should be able to sue the group that used the picture! IF she should sue anyone it should be the individuals at the photo shoot; I’m sure she signed some type of release and the Pro-life people more than likely purchased the right to use the picture from them.

    • Nic

      I agree, the only person liable should be the photographer, unless the waiver they had the mother sign sinsulates them and in that case the mom ain’t getting nothing from nobody

  • Lacroix

    She probably signed a release for them to use the images and now she’s mad? Of course. Understanding what you are signing genius.

    • MK

      I agree, you don’t sign anything you haven’t read thoroughly first, however I also agree with the mother taking action against the billboard.

  • Queen R

    Sue the modeling agency!

  • No

    She not wrong and I would have acted the same way. As far as the “Planned Parenthood” comments are concerned. Black people aren’t the only ones who use their guidance to make the decision to keep IT or Not. I never had one but Iam pro Choice. Pointless to bring another mouth in the world you can’t feed and will more they like turn into a statistic in relationship to their poor up bring. Yes there is a correlation

    • StillaPC

      so it’s better to kill someone than bring them up poor? Man, some of the best people in this world have come out of poverty.

      I just can’t ever understand this logic. If you know you can’t or don’t want to take care of the kid then give it up for adoption, but I just don’t understand thinking it’s better to kill a human life that YOU brought forth with YOUR own actions.

  • Juliemango

    Arent pro-lifers also pro-family??? Im sure this womans is “suehappy” = an opportunist!!!

  • It's Me

    sue um baby!!

  • drizzy

    Glad to see there are some smart people posting. Just because your mad doesn’t mean you can sue. Like a lot of y’all said she most likely signed a waiver, you gotta read what you sign and not just read the dollar value your getting.


    It takes more than MONEY to be capable of taking care of a child…EMOTIONAL MATURITY & MENTAL STABILITY are very much needed as well, that being said >>> Some financially set people still SHOULD NOT BE HAVING KIDS!! Being rich does not automatically guarantee that a child will get what they need ——-> Just look at some of these CELEBRITIES… *Case Closed*

  • anon

    @cuda love umm actually the pics went unused for 2yrs and when they used them for this promo ad the mom voiced her outrage from the beginning.

  • Bella

    How do you know that the black race decrease drastically because of abortion? What about birth control or people killing each other? It can’t be 50% of black women getting abortions. They said that only 3% of what that clinic does is abortion.

  • gaping azzhole

    The lil nigletta just hit the nyggha lotto for her mammy niggopatumus!

  • simone

    thats crazy how they just plastered her photo on there without the mother’s consent! sue them for all they have!!!

  • Northern Cali Honey

    Hell no she ain’t wrong. They took her childs photo w/o her permission and used it for an anit abortion ad WTF is wrong with those ppl! She’s a child for goodness sakes …you cld at least get the parents authorization first…now y’all gon be giving this woman booku dough.

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    Sorry, but this is a STOOPID law suit!

    If there was NO HARM DONE to the child or her image (which is was not), I dnt see how any court would accept this FRIVILOUS law suit!!!!!

    • Vangogh

      The courts will decide if harm was done to the child via use of her image by the anti abortion group. That is not your call.

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    It doesnt even look like the same child. GTFOHWTBS!

  • still disagree

    I just don’t think it’s any human’s right to take another life unless it’s in self defense. Medical reasons are a totally different scenario in the abortion debate.

    And as for a woman’s ‘right’ to do whatever she wants with her body…if there’s an another person in that body then I think that child has the right to live. It’s so selfish to just categorize that as ‘my body’.

    It just doesn’t seem right as a society to charge a criminal with double murder if he kills a mother and her unborn child, then turn around and freely let a woman end her child’s life.

    And no matter what law is on the books, people will always find a way to harm themselves and others. But its up to individuals to really set the standard, which makes me cringe when I see how nonchalantly a lot of people take abortion. Black people aren’t even reproducing THEMSELVES anymore..same as many parts of Europe. There’s a reason hispanics are going to be a majority soon in this country, and i don’t blame them.

  • SoKali

    That sounds great. Let’s force everyone to have children they don’t want. Problem solved!

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