Six Types Of Men You Should Date With Caution

- By Bossip Staff

Women like to feel special and we like to see ourselves as exceptions rather than rules in the game of dating. While it is great to hold yourself in high esteem, you have to think realistically in that the men you meet may or may not see you the same way—and for various reasons. Sometimes, it’s not you it’s him. Men in particular positions or situations can be especially prone to undesirable behaviors.

With that said, there are some types of men we should date with caution…

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  • Truth

    Women are so dumb they don’t acknowledge those red flags. They think it’s going to be different with them. And the funny thing is that whenever they have that nice guy,they treat him like shit.


  • Naaa

    When u see Crazy, u KNOW!

  • chichi

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  • Educated

    This is all completely true! My ex had all of these boxes checked. The only one they left out was the criminal/incarcerated man. The man with a record. He also held that role. I don’t think that black women are necessarily thirsty. I think that there are little to no options left when it comes to being a black woman who dates black men. Also, I was a bit naive. But I’ve learned my lesson. Never again will I go down that path. BTW good article.

  • ???

    I see criminals/felons didn’t make the list. Figures…we all know they’re pre-approved by Black AMERICAN women.

  • scatter

    @ madame noir

    Kiss my black a$$! I don’t have a degree and never even stepped inside of a college. That should not prevent a woman from wanting to date me. Im a man who has averaged $75+ thousand a year over the last 10 years. I know some college educated dudes who don’t even earn $50 thousand a year.

    • E.C. from D.C.

      Yeah that one should’ve been replaced by the control freak or something.

  • Janay

    Thank you this was exactly what im talking about. Women should not be looking for balleers or thugs but a regular old hard working responsible overall good man. Good job on this article. Raise the standards women. @scatter you’re obviously the exception to that rule but let’s be honest you have to have a degree or specialize in something to get ahead currently.

  • Iguessso

    If you have to date someone with caution, maybe you shouldn’t be dating them at all.

  • Janay

    @lmao that did make me lol. Who would do that though? Gross

  • shehiplocki

    ….funny that dude pic that lives with his mother, reminds of a guy i dated…sitting on the couch with my remote lying around on my furniture….controlling my music volume cause he want to hear every sports program on!….oh no had to go..

    good article, valid points..missed the excons who could never manage to overcome their past though…

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