Can’t Buy Love? Kimmy Cakes Tries Anyway! Laces Baller Boo’s Sis With Easter Ice!

- By Bossip Staff

Kimmy Cakes spent Easter with her boo thang Kris Humphries and his family in Minnesota this year and made sure to bring some pricy gifts to win them over.

While in town, the reality star made sure to get her shopping in while spending quality time.

“Kim and Kris visited Ridgedale Mall and Target in Minnetonka and the Galleria Mall in Edina,” some stealth (and most knowledgeable) Minnesota sources tell us. “They were walking around hand-in-hand, just casually running errands. They also saw Source Code Saturday night at a local theater with Kris’ sister, Kaeala.”

Easter Sunday Kim attended church and dyed Easter eggs with the Humphries’.

“They went to the Westwood Church for an Easter service,” an eyewitness tells us. “Kim was walking out to the car and had to climb over a dirt mound, and it was funny because she was totally scared of the dirt and tried to avoid it.”

After church, Kim tweeted, “Just finished coloring Easter Eggs with @KrisHumphries!”

If you think money can’t buy love, you might want to talk to Kris’ folks because Kimmy Cakes has reportedly won over their affections with some big love PRESENTS!

“His family really likes her,” a source tells us. “Kim is really nice to them and always brings them gifts when she visits. She gave Kris’ sister a diamond cross bracelet from DASH for Easter.”

Before heading to Minnesota, Kim and Kris went to Mexico together, with a group of friends, including Ashley Olsen and Jamie Lynn-Sigler’s ex-boyfriend Scott Sartiano, to celebrate Kourtney’s birthday at a resort outside Puerto Vallarta.

And Kim still hasn’t let up on the PDA’s either. She hit up Twitter Monday quoting Gwen Stefani lyrics:

“Its hard to remember how it felt before, now I’ve found the love of my life.”

So are these two really gonna get married?

“It could happen tomorrow, it could happen never,” one K-squared source tells us. “They are really in love but taking it day by day and making time to travel and see each other since they live on opposite coasts.”

SMH. This broad knows how to get what she wants… Ice is all good and well for Kris’ sis — but if she’s trying to get him to put a ring on it, she should have taken them cakes to Lake Minnetonka to re-enact that Apollonia scene from “Purple Rain.” Y’all know the one we talkin’ about!


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  • itsbrittneybitch

    wow didnt even know they were here

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  • Cheeky

    Big whoop. So Kim gave Kris’ sister some cheap cubic zirconia bracelet from her tacky store which didn’t cost her a dime. With all her money Kim could have gotten her a nice Tiffany bracelet or something.

  • chaka1

    Lies. All lies. This is a crock…

    • Kris Jenner

      STFU SP!COLA and go write that imaginary Thesis Paper.LOL!!!!!!!!

  • ProudLatina

    Isent he biracial?? yes Kim IS beautiful, cause she looks latina.

  • chaka1

    Remember when this witch said she wasn’t going to exploit this relationship for publicity? I have never seen such a big fat liar in my life…

    What are the black celebrities doing today?


    She has money he has money that’s a good match.


    A white Latina! NO Puertos!!! No Nigs In Latin America!

  • ProudLatina

    Isent he biracial?? yes Kim IS beautiful, cause she looks latina cause of her beautiful dark hair and curvy sunkissed body. But anyways he’s biracial I thought you didnt like

  • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

    She is buying them with money… but whatever,, i hope the cow gets married and goes away and acts like a wife.. stay home , take care of your kids and get out of my face … just go away diaper booty!!

  • Mario

    Biracial but still half black so she still dipping in the chocolate, only the milky kind this time. Congratulations Kim get that ring.

  • Deaya Charles

    If I was his sister, she’d BETTER buy me gifts…

    (… it’d be the only way to stop my screaming out “Oh RAY I think my p.u.s.s.y’s gonna EXPLODE!” every time she walked in the room.)

    • Bianca

      Ha ha. Funny.

    • exotica


  • Palest Latina

    “Isent” there is no such word as “Isent”. You poor, uneducated BORICUAS should stay in school.

  • Jay

    This kid is not that stupid, he is not going to wife up this little trick.

  • Palest Latina

    I dropped out of school in the 8th grade but I still know how to spell..F^ck college I sell burritos and get paid.

  • YOgi

    Am I the only one giggling at the apollonia crack?

  • pendejo

    ProudLatina please, we all know you are the troll.

  • guest

    Kris father is black. He played college football at University of Minnesota. His dad is a tall lightskin man with green eyes.

  • hop

    Kris’s family have their own money. His dad was a baller back in the day and owns several restaurants. They don’t need Kim’s cash.



  • NettiFace

    Truly…. that is one ugly dude. He looks special ed.

  • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

    oh Ray i think my pu–y is gonna explode.. bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! what a stupid fake azz bytch!who the h3ll says that bullcrap! LMBAO!!

  • starlite

    @rose Hey girl!! You took the words right out of my mouth! “Oh Ray, my p***y is gonna explode!-Kim Kardashian

    • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

      @starite… hi girl.. yeah that skank Kim and her infamous line.. my pu–y is gonna explode needs to hurry and run her fake self away.. she is so ridiculous.. but on a better subject .. how you been lady/ im doing great but we had real bad weather here in the Lou.. it missed me though but our whole backyard was tore up and with about 4 inches of rain in it! later on my friend!!

  • ProudLatina

    I may b a “troll” to you but at least I’m not a PENDEJO

  • it is what it is

    The comments on here are ok, but I like giving a MoFo point of view on, where pun is intended, and I can submit a ‘random rage page’ which will be posted for all to see…

  • Who knows

    im pretty sure dad and family already had a copy from 2007 like everybody else.

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