End Of Days: These Tornadoes Have Killed 13 People Already And They Just Won’t Stop!

- By Bossip Staff

While earthquakes and tsunamis are destroying the rest of the world, the South is getting it’s fanny handed to it by heavy storms and tornadoes for the last couple of weeks.

For two days straight, tornadoes have torn up every state from Texas to Georgia, killing about a dozen people in the process. There have been reports and sightings of roughly 600 tornadoes in April, with about 300 of them confirmed. This is a new record for tornadoes in the month of April with 267 being confirmed in 1974. Whether it’s global warming or straight-up end of days activity, make sure you pay attention to the weather alerts and duck for cover if you are in a warning. These tornadoes aren’t playing around.

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  • Mr Xclusive

    wow 13 people killed!!! yep its the end!!!! smfh

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  • Crowe

    And O had never made a trip to any of the tornado or flood areas. Flying around asking for money, egg roll at the WH, b ball, “star” gazing, butt kissing for money – and not a thing about any of this destruction. Nothing presidential coming from this WH. Nothing.

    • dee

      He ordered a state of emergency for Alabama, I guess he thought that was enough….


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    • IJS...

      I will NOT be boycotting anything! President Obama could have settled this mess two years ago!

  • Crowe

    Boycott Trump?
    How many apartments in Trump Tower were you planning on buying? You stay at Mar A Lago much, do ya? Better tell NeNe, Starr, LaToya and Lil Wayne – they sure kiss his butt on Celebrity Apprentice.
    Foolish thought going nowhere.

  • Chrisstiss

    I live right outside of louisville, ky. And the tornadoes were on a mission! One tornado formed, then it split in half & went seperate ways! These muthas are on a rampage!!

    • Getem

      Dang! It’s like the attack of the tornadoes

  • big ryde

    13 dead? That’s all? In the old days b4 the Weather Channel and before having trained tornado spotters to sound the tornando sirens 600 people used to die from 600 from 600 tornadoes!! So no!! The world is not coming to an end!! Save me.

  • Real Issh

    I’m experiencing one in Upper Marlboro , Maryland . (As I type this)

  • http://Bossip.com Nene87

    We are in the last days.

  • ShawnNeverSettles

    @ Blaze—-Good point. Anyone that prays to God yet turns right around and continues to HATE is wasting their time praying. People really need to look in the mirror and make changes before hate takes completely over and destroys the very person doing the hating. (This is what they can’t seem torealize will happen to them…lol)

  • RazeKane


    “Sometimes she’s calm, sometimes she’s cranky”….And your NUTS almost all the time with your BLASE’ attitude…if thats what that that person or others feel then thats THEIR PEROGATIVE, NOT YOURs…so save us your BS. Who made you the EXPERT..FOOL.

  • Redbonelicious

    Dang ive been reading about this. My thoughts are w u folks experiencing this.

  • Weather girl (degree certified)

    So every year at this time we have tornadoes in the south. It’s called tornado season. There may be times when one major tornado kills tens of people, like the one in OK around 10 years ago. Or there may be multiple tornadoes where only one or two people get killed. This is nothing new and it sure isn’t a reason to claim the end of days. Most people don’t care about weather enough to do any amount of research, but please don’t let anyone fill your head with nonsense about something they clearly don’t know about.

  • Weather girl (degree certified)

    Oh, and I know most of you that already commented aren’t buying in to what was written, I wasn’t addressing you. That was a just in case for anyone who may have wanted to add a caveat to this foolishness.

  • The Beautiful One


  • dee

    Did you not know that Alabama has a large black population too?

  • ~ChynaPeach~

    Wait you mean to tell me that a tornadoe has killed people? Oh no! This has never happened at all. This is a first for all of mankind! *End Scene* Ive been in and through worst storms and the world didnt end then. It may be a sign to get right but no one knows when the end will be and being paranoid about it wont help it to seize or help you to live. If its your time its your time. No amount of preparedness with stop it. Kind of like “Final Destination”

  • Daisy Jay

    What are you, illiterate? Because I don’t recall ever saying anybody was stupid for believing this was the “end of days”. But I WILL say that they are if they really believe in this 2012 thing. Why are you so defensive? You sound like all the other people who attack me. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were the same person.

    Geez, I can’t get a break. Don’t you have anything better to do than act stupid? Nobody made me expert. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that this is nothing to get super scared over. Poof, pow, be gone.

  • M Jones

    My BIBLE taught me,you should NOT answer lies or negativie foolishness hurled against you, it tends ro lend credence to their agenda. They keep lighting fires and you can get completely consumed putting out fires and get sidetracked from what is important. Proverbs 26

    Proverbs 26:4 & 5 Answer NOT a fool according to his folly, LEST, he seem wise in his OWN eyes or worse you become as FOOLISH as him 😉

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