Hoopz & Shaq: Is This Really Love Or All About The Dollas?!?!

- By Bossip Staff

Shaq and Hoopz — As weird as this news was when it first dropped, it comes across “normal” when you peep these pictures. These two recently shot a segment for a local Boston TV show. on their wild and crazy workout. Even though she’s 5 ft nothing compared to his 6 ft something… in some very strange and odd way they actually look cute together in these pics!

Based off what you see, is it really love or something strange for a small piece of change?!?

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    I know it may be wrong but I just can’t get over the fact that she laid with FLAV.Ewww!!thats a hell of a man to go behind…

  • Juliemango

    I say love. Hoops is a real physical person a good companion to an active shaq. The cheerleading pics are nice!!!

  • alicekii85

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  • Naaa

    Hoopz is VERY pretty and I hope they work!!!!

  • PDN

    Yo ignorance is bliss , you forgot your white hood and your burning cross.

  • jdmann

    He could do a lot worst than Hoopz she’s a winner.





    UH GROSS!! Looks like he playing with his daughter.

  • Goldball12

    They look like they’re having fun….

    Damozel – Take A Picture, now playing on YouTube

  • Tot

    i have nothing against hoopz an shaq but these pics look like they’re tryin out for the circus

  • Loli

    who cares!!!! leave them alone and let them do their thing!!!!

  • Intrinsic Beauty

    It very well may be love but it’s still disgusting because at the end of the day, she fxcked Flavor Flav. And in my personal opinion that is disgusting. Not because it’s Flavor Flav but because she didn’t give rat’s a$$ about Flav and most likely wasn’t even really attracted to him so obviously she did it to further her “career” (whatever that may be) and that’s triflin. Light skin + light eyes does not = pretty. She looks like a dude to me.

    • Really

      Sounds like a hater most men think she is the bomb….She is a fine young lady…damn!

    • Mrs. Rance

      You do know Flavor of Love was fake right? No one slept with him. Where do people get that from?

  • collegegirl12

    What type of workout are they suppose to be doing? Why is she jumping off of a roof and who is the white woman and child in the background of the 4th picture?

  • Joney B

    It’s love…goofy love. but it’s sweet. Cute Couple.

  • his babee

    Follow me @ImaFckinProblem

  • YokoDMV

    wow…so he can support Hoopz weight with the bottom of his feet for a TV show but hasn’t played a single PLAYOFF game due to a calf injury? hmmmm…. #TeamCeltics

    • Mrs. Rance

      That’s what I was thinking.

  • _CAKES_

    are they in the effin circus or what? lol

  • http://@hustlin_hunni vron

    I THINK THEY LOOK GOOD TOGETHER, they look very happy

  • ProudLatina

    lol they are keeping that white lady and her two kids entertained like they at the circus LOL They do have the look of love

  • ~ChynaPeach~

    So what if its about money? It his money and if he wants to spend it on Hoopz I say kudos. Why make millions of dollars if you are just going to keep it? Im sure one of the reasons for being a basketball player besides being tall as crap was making money and getting attention from women. Looks like everyone here wins.

  • if anything be noble

    ROTFL @ “they look like they’re trying out for the circus”!!!

  • Allie

    I really don’t know how i feel about them, i don’t know whether to like them or hate them

  • Life

    they are just having sex. it will not last.

  • Brown Barbie

    How does a man so tall and such a little chick set it off in the bedroom? As a tall woman, I always thought about that. I’d imagine she’d have to be on top? It’s kind of weird because she’s so little. It almost looks like a father and his daughter, and in the bedroom, it would look a bit like that, too, which disturbs me about seeing them together. Like, ewwww… Lol

  • Tan

    Cute couple and it looks like love !

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