Slimmy Trimmy J.Hud Says Life In The Biz Was Much Different As A Thickum

- By Bossip Staff

You might not have guessed this…

But according to Jennifer Hudson, people in the entertainment industry are much nicer to skinny people.

She said, “In this slim world I do now realize I was being discriminated against. I’m offered more parts. There is much more excitement about me now.”

While it seems as though casting directors and the public in general have embraced her slimmer physique, Hudson says she’s still getting accustomed to being a smaller size.

“Last week I saw some footage of myself as I was five years ago and I was surprised. It was like I recognized myself but I didn’t. It seemed another world away.”

“I never thought I was overweight. I thought my old look was pretty normal. That was how all the girls looked growing up in Chicago. I didn’t have any problem with it. It makes me smile to think back to myself when I did ‘Dreamgirls’ with Beyonce. I did see all these women in Hollywood, all very slim and I thought, ‘Wow, these ladies are very into themselves.’ I loved that I stood out in a room. You knew when you saw this woman it was Jennifer Hudson.”

Hmmm… Doesn’t sound like she believes all that “feeling good” stuff from her Weight Watchers commercials, does it?


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  • Northern Cali Honey

    Love you J Hud, stay true to yourself girl!

    • alicekii85

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    • five9qt

      Ditto, they make ’em thick in NorCal too.

  • Janay

    Good for her more black people should value health and well-being. Good for her.

  • I Am Legend ( Allergic To Darkies)

    Well if the part isnt for a fat girl why you complaining ?? Get over yaself

  • Smiley

    Welcome to the New World Order!

  • Naaa

    O_oooo I smell this weight loss thingy going SOUTH!!!!!

    I ope she is skinny in the head as well….!

    One word……KIRSTEN ALLEY!

  • if anything be noble

    She looks pretty there.

  • E.C. from D.C.

    Of course they are nicer to skinnier people….duh.

  • courtney

    @Naa it’s Kirstie Alley Not Kirsten. J Hud needs to shut her mouth she won an oscar while she was overweight and only one other actress has ever done that Kathy Bates 63rd annual ceremony 25th March 1991.

  • Bree Summers

    Hum… so ..why is she talking about weight loss versus her music? That’s bs about Chicago women being overweight…. that’s just simple azz hood chicks thinking fat equals thick…..if your waist is big as your azz then your fu#king fat…. anyhow .. her azz had surgery anyways, notice you never see her coming from a resturaunt or with food in her hand… or have you ever seen her in a 2 piece ?

  • Me

    I’m glad she was able to get the weight off. I’m also glad that she’s getting more opportunities. I hope she hasa long-lasting career.

  • nona2011


    • Aaliyah

      Adele is a WHITE woman dodo brain.

  • Naaa

    Thanks B!tch!

  • Teyana

    This child dnt kno wat to do wit her hair boi… Oh gosh man. -_-

  • Goldball12

    She’s pretty either way…

    Damozel – Take A Picture, now playing on YouTube

  • mirnamynkoff


  • clarissa

    Kudos for doing the work to expand your brand. When you make it to the big time your supposed to step up your game. Yes you got hood roots but let your supposed to grow beyond that. ENLIGHTENED JHUD …KEEP LEARNING AND KEEP EARNING.

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  • ItsWhatever

    one word………DUH!

    now……..if she can wake up white, she’ll really be in there.

  • WOW!

    i am so over her weight loss and those damn commericals everytime i hear her singing i just change the channel….she looks good with the weight off although i do think she lost a little too much her head look kinda big now..anywho can we talk about something else now?!

  • Mrs. Rance

    Its good that she loved herself before because everyone should. She was perfect then just like she’s perfect now. She’s still bigger than most Hollywood chicks, but she doesn’t need to be their size. They barely eat enough to live.

    • tommykimon

      Co-sign J-Hud is about a size 6 or 8 which is way bigger than most in Hollywood. A size zero is not a size. Come on.

  • Allie

    @WOW: Lmao i change the channel, when those annoying a** commercials come on too, luckily they’re not coming on as much


    i fuggin can’t STAAAAAAAAND it when former fatties who used to attest to how ‘comfortable in their own skin’ when they were big, backtrack and say negative things about their past and how it’s sooooo wonderful now that they are smaller. it’s a whole neeeew world & everything is rainbows and unicorns now! STFD & STFU PLEASE! 😦

    • ItsWhatever

      Don’t worry…..when she sees that not much is going to change in her career except to continue getting out there and getting it……….she’ll get all big and dumpy again. She might even look like the old Aretha before the surgery.

      I say, just enjoy being yourself at every stage…..but not too big cause who’s gonna pay the hospital bills?

  • ItsWhatever

    You are absolutely right!

    That’s why you have to love yourself, thin or thick, pretty or ugly, dumb or smart.

  • Keep it Real

    Look at these fat cows complaining. Almost all black women are overweight, obese and or morbidly obese. Then they want to complain when black men leave the hood and date non black women. Black American women are the fattest women of any race in the world including black women in other countries. It’s ridiculous.

  • jade

    Of course slimmer people get better treatment than larger people. It doesn’t just apply in the entertainment business, but in overall life. Slimmer women get paid more money, offered more opportunities in the workplace, & are more likely to get dates, & are treated with much more respect as a human being. Lots of overwight women might not like it, but that’s just how it is. And it goes through all races, not just whites & blacks.

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