Makin’ It Rain: Cam Newton Is The NFL’s #1 Overall Draft Pick

- By Bossip Staff

After months of speculation and hateration, Cam Newton has a chance to shut up his critics as he’s now the first overall pick in the NFL Draft. The Carolina Panthers drafted Newton, making him their next franchise QB.

Despite all of the criticism about his accuracy and “character issues,” Newton has a chance to prove everyone wrong by taking over the reigns at a struggling football squad. The Heisman Trophy winner gets to start training with the team as soon as this whole NFL lockout thing gets situated. When that happens, we’ll know exactly how much dough he’ll be reeling in to make it rain.

Congrats, Cam. Go get ’em.

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  • Jasmin

    War Eagle, Cam!

    • alicekii85

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  • I Am Legend ( Allergic To Darkies)

    Horrible choice… Jamarcus Russell 2.0


      Hope that you’re wrong,but i just can’t shake the feeling that he’s going to be satisfied with the money too much to actually put in the work to be great.

  • Dreece

    i wish him luck and the person that said he is jamarcus russell shut up cam and jamrcus are wayy two diffrent players

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Congrats to all the young men that got picked,and Special congrats to Mark Ingram jr.much love

  • 5150

    I hope he does well

  • if anything be noble

    Mrs. Rance, you’re gonna be ashamed to wear that thing for a very long time. #putitaway #coveritwithmothballs

  • Shamika

    Bring on the groupies … ’cause I know they’re plotting……


    Speaking of groupies, I know there was some bottle poppin at Fox and the Hound last night chicks gettin lined up already. There was a run on fertility pills and ovulation kits at walgreens and CVS all night!!!

  • Please

    Grats to Cam, but I hope he is ready mentally to go to a team like Carolina.

    Wont be easy, but if hes willing to put the work in. He should be ok.

    Its always harder for young quarterbacks because most often they end up on sorry @ss teams.

  • Johnny'sgirl

    Bring your fine self and your football skills to Carolina, Cam! We are anxiously awaiting your arrival.


    Matt Ryan and the falcons are going to make sure you still feel that pain and shame at least two times out of the year!! GO Falcons

  • Goldball12

    Congrats 2 all the draft picks. I know their families are so proud 🙂

    Damozel – Take A Picture, now playing on YouTube

  • Wise1

    And the Carolina boyz will rule again!!!!!!!! Killa Cam bring us back to 05. Now I may finally go back to the field instead of the 60inch…

  • jt

    he will be broke in jail or a bust within 10 years top!

  • jm@gic (Trini americans unite)

    Yeah i dont Cam dats black chicks anymore,you only see drama with athletes and black women,and he dates Beckys so he wont have that problem…..but a couple of dead white girls in his house in probable

  • if anything be noble

    IHATEBROKEPEOPLE, you do know it was his father who almost jammed him up, right? (Just trying to protect you from that filet mignon.) #getsomechucksteak


      Yes, I know his father almost jammed him up. I was admiring him, that’s all.

      I was surprised to see his dad at the draft after the chain of events that took place. It seems to me that his dad likes the spotlight.

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