Aww You Mad? Reggie Bush Tweets Goodbye To New Orleans

- By Bossip Staff

The NFL Draft seems to have put Kimmy Cakes’ old slice in a bad mood last night. When Reggie Bush saw that the Saints drafted another running back, fellow former Heisman trophy-winner Mark Ingram, he realized that he might be getting replaced, so he sent this Tweet to the world.

Hmmm…sounds like a man that’s ready to hit the road. Reggie has a huge contract of $12 million coming up and he’s coming off a season where he had a few injuries. It’s hard to know if the Saints are going to cough up that kind of dough for Bush. Picking a rookie that plays his position just screams “you’re being replaced!” Or maybe Reg is just overreacting and throwing a temper tantrum.

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  • I Am Legend ( Allergic To Darkies)

    O well other teams will go after him just not at that price

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  • TennesseeTitan

    yea, reggie ur damn near outta there! mark ingram is a beast from Alabama! so deuces…

    • rachel

      he’s not from alabama. he’s from flint, michigan.

  • Chanchan

    Nobody thinks that he could possibly tweeted about the Hornets losing in the playoffs last night? I’m just sayin

    • Rene

      This is exactly what I was thinking.

    • Shananigans


    • Louisianimal

      He might’ve been, but I don’t think so. He tweeted that way after the game was over and right after the Ingram pick. And dude has an ego. He frequently acts ‘too cool for school’ and reggie may think that the saints backfield is not big enough for two heisman trophy winners!! In his mind, he’s a superstar, when in fact he’s just an overpaid, mediocre football player. It’s not all his fault tho, Sean Peyton loves Reggie for some reason

  • _CAKES_

    he can be on my team….shee-it

  • amberhoes

    bossip stays with da exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!! WWW.LOOT6.COM

  • La la

    Y’all dnt know wat he was tlkin about so stfu 🙂


    He has all the tools to be that dude in the league, his heart is the only thing holding him back. This cat has spent more time on I.R. than on the field. Whenever he plays he gets results nobody can dispute that. But N.O. drafted the best running back in College football last night so it seems their looking for a bit more ground production from the 2nd back. So it may be goodbye Reginald… oh well that’s the business. Deuces!!!

  • Crystal

    I am from New Orleans and a die hard saints fan. I know it seem like Reggie don’t have the biggest fan base here but he do. we love Reggie. He brings us a lot of potential. When he is on the field he draw a lot of attention from defense and I still think he will have that explosive year. So I hope we keep him. Stay with us Reggie!!!!!! lol

  • ti

    Actually,he wasn’t throwing a temper tantdrum.He was ok !

  • Lisa

    Only 2 people realize he was talking about the Hornets losing to the Lakers last night. Don’t believe everything this sites writes


      Andrew Bynum was NOT PLAYING last night! I guess they told him:” Dude if you don’t get it together, we’re sending you to the Clippers.” LOL

      I’m anxious to see how the second round of the playoffs will turn out. Charles Barkley doesn’t think the Lakers will make it this year…we shall see.


    I guess you’ve never heard of a double entendre… you should get out more.

  • Joy

    #Wroooooooong#He,was visiting for the Easter holiday(if u follow him on fb or twitter)he,was leaving his hometown which he was visiting.Not,saying he may not still be replaced but that the draft wasn’t the reason he said that.

  • RiCki LaKe

    Love Me SoMe Reggie He CaN Put His Bush in My Tush AnyDay

  • Louisianimal

    why do people want to say he was tweeting about the hornets losing? when the hornets game was over, they were about at draft pick 7 ( i know, I was flipping channels). Ingram went at 28! Reggie’s a douche! and he’s delusional if he thinks someone is going to pay him 11.8 million. A decoy is not worth 11.8 million, sorry! Reggie doesn’t want that inevitable paycut! He just knows that Ingram is a real RB. @Crystal, I’m from New Orleans too and a die-hard saints fan! NOT a fan of Reggie, as many aren’t. It’s about 50/50 down here, IMO.

  • Atl_Finest

    Puck this MF. He should have focused more on football than Beckys. Be happy nicca, at least u got one ring. Now go make it rain in Vegas & stay the hell away from my beloved Packers bytch.

  • Like Aretha or Patti or whitney or anita baker- real women with real talent don't need 2 get naked!

    betta marry a becky now or go back and find kim … yt bytchesnot gonna want him broke

    back to cruisin the trailer homes–

    who cares he is a trained monkey anyway!!!!!!!!


    Reggie has been useful to them…just not at the level expected for his pay grade & draft position.Could’nt stay healthy.He can still help a team…but it’s probably over in N.O. Maybe Miami? If it’s really just “curtains” for his career-then he has nothing to be ashamed of.He made his money.He contributed.He got a ring.

  • MIMI

    Who cares? Wherever he goes the Beckys will all be there.

  • Str8 Truth

    I am a die hard Saints fan. I know a lot of Saints fan. (Being from the area, that’s expected.) The fans I know will be shoving that guy on the plane. What he has produced compared to what he has made is nowhere near acceptable.

    Chris Ivory, Pierre Thomas, and the Beast known as Ingram? Reggie wasn’t liking his position on the depth chart.

    Peace out, Bush! A few years later than those who weren’t blinded by the name and fame would have liked, but we will take it.

  • TennesseeTitan

    Rachel, Mark Ingram attended the University of ALABAMA. ROLL TIDE!

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  • The Rain

    Mark Intram is not a beast.Reggie will be fine wherever he ends up.Last time I checked dude won an Heisman trophy and a Super bowl ring.

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