Former Miss America Boo-Hoos Because TSA Touched Her Whoo-Ha…Four Times!

- By Bossip Staff

Sounds like a pretty thorough search…

Actress, television personality, 2003 Miss USA and all-purpose spotlight-addict Susie Castillo taped a tearful announcement after being “molested,” as she puts it, at the Dallas airport security checkpoint.

Explaining that she always opts out of the full-body scanners out of fear of radiation poisoning, her frisking by a female TSA agent at Dallas/Fort Worth International was way too frisky for her liking:

I’m really, really upset that as an American I have to go through this. And I do feel violated. I didn’t think that I would when I had to opt out of the machine, but I completely feel violated. This woman, she touched my vagina four times.

She turns the camera back on a little later to update us on what happened after she attempted to lodge a formal complaint. She also continues to make her case about the absurd lengths to which travelers’ bodies are being regularly violated in the name of public safety:

Drug smugglers, sometimes, I’ve heard, they put drugs up their rectum. So what happens when a bomber or somebody, a terrorist, puts something up their rectum? Are we going to get rectal exams? What’s next?

Four times though?? Cotdamn…

What is the worst experience you’ve ever had with TSA?? Did you feel violated??


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  • rene

    Get ready Because I heard they are getting ready to do a big overhaul concerning the airports.The nonsense going on in there is unsafe and unconstitutional.

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    • Greeneyez0712

      Shyt whats next a cavity search?!?!? Really…This is BS!!!!

  • Naaa

    I needed a cigarette after going thru immigration the other day!

    • I told y'all!


  • amberhoes

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  • tommykimon

    Heard about this on the radio. TSA is damned if they do and damned if they don’t. I’m not sure what they can do. If they stop the pat downs and somebody slips through and blows up an airplane everybody will be complaining that the president and the government failed them.

  • if anything be noble

    Cosign @ tommykimon. And the underlying problem here is mainstream white America — and middle cla$s, upper middle cla$s and business clas$ people at that since they’re the ones who fly– are NOT used to being treated like criminals. This procedure is a shock to their sensibilities to be treated just like everybody else. They’re not used to being no different. “Do *I* look like a criminal” (like a criminal looks like something.) Nobody gets to go around security. Everybody gets looked at. They’re used to having social privilege because we all know if Homeland Security was patting down and feeling up Greyhound people, wouldn’t be no kind of problem.

  • Queen R

    she probably did it! my niece had a similar incident and the woman squeezed he butt and pinched her va jay jay. beautiful college student a Delta and shorts on that day perfect figure and educated! That’s no reason for TSA to do that to my niece or any other girl!

  • O_0

    @Naaa lmao

  • Come On Now!!!

    You know, everybody is screaming how jacked up this TSA thing is, and soon as a plane blows up, or goes into a buillding, everybody and their momma gonna be coming for Obama and the governemt. What do you guys want, a little feel up or another terrorist attack?

    • rene

      nan one, Never the less you do have a point. I want decent individuals at the airports. Why should they need to touch her on her privates 4 times?

    • Moke

      It’s an orifice…therefore things can be hidden in there…that’s how drug mules work. And a criminal will operate on the least likely place to be checked, so that’s exactly where they SHOULD (from their perspective) put anything they want. We all really should be checked but that’s unrealistic. When they can make an x-ray like machine that doesn’t give us radiation, then we can be free of TSA’s touchy feely hands but until then it’s necessary…unless you want more terrorism/criminal behaviour.

  • MIMI

    Fear of radiation poisoning? That bycth is soooo dumb!!! She was Miss what?

  • Teresa

    touched her vajay-jay four times…yes and no…I’ve been patted down before. Yes, they pat you down in that area four times but it’s not her vajay-jay, they pat your upper inner thigh area….you know why they do this because around december 09 some guy put explosives in his drawers. look it up. you wanna blame somebody you blame terrorists for why tsa needs to do this. this chick is probably looking for some attention. i wholeheartedly agree with tommykimon and if anything be noble on this issue. believe me, these tsa agents don’t like to be all up and personal with people at all. One agent told me it’s the worst part of the job for them. They take their time even starting the pat down because they want you to change your mind and just go through the scanner.

  • Teresa

    and to be truthful…americans are spoiled compared to the rest of the world. Here, tsa is security and customer service. In other parts of the world, airport security is much worse. They don’t even try to be courteous. This is new to the U.S. This is not new to the rest of the world.

  • Honut Sinti

    They need Madea to do the airport screening.


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