Epitome Of A WACK A$$ Mother: Three Pennsylvania Toddlers Left Home Alone, Covered In Poop With Nothing To Eat

- By Bossip Staff

This is just disgusting…

In what prosecutors are calling one of the worst cases of neglect they’ve seen, a Bristol mother has been charged with leaving her three young children alone in a feces-filled home.

Chelsea Champey, 21, of Spruce Street is charged with felony child endangerment and related counts. She was arrested Monday after police went to her home to investigate an unrelated complaint and found three children, ages 4, 2 and 1 in the house with no adult supervision.

“This is about as offensive as a child neglect and endangerment case gets,” said deputy district attorney Blake Jackman. “This was pure neglect.”

According to a police report, an officer knocked on the door about 10 a.m. and got no response. He saw the 4-year-old looking out a window and gestured to him to open the door.

Once inside, the officer saw that there was an open bottle of liquor on the table, as well as the remains of a marijuana cigarette in an ashtray. Under the table was “feces that did not appear to look like that of a domestic pet, but appeared to be human.”

In the kitchen, the officer found food scattered on the floor and bags filled with rotted food stacked against the refrigerator.

“Much of the food in the home was found to be beyond its expiration date, including toddler food,” the report states.

Upstairs, police found rooms filled with dirty laundry and more feces. On a nightstand was a box of opened razor blades. There was no running water in the home, and the tub was encrusted with a pinkish substance that had solidified.

“The tub appeared to have not been used in days or weeks,” the report said.

A 1-year-old girl was found inside a feces-smeared crib. More feces was on the carpet. Officers then noticed a hallway door that was dead-bolted.

From the report:

“Upon unbolting and the opening the door, a strong odor of human feces could be smelled. (An officer) took notice of scrape marks on the interior surface of the door. Beyond the door there is a stairwell leading to the third floor….”

The officer found a 2-year-old girl on the third floor. She was naked and covered head to toe in feces, the report said, as was every piece of furniture in the room.

“The scrape marks on the inside of the door were inspected further and were within the reach of (the girl’s) height and are suspected to have been from (the girl) clawing at the door to get out.”

The children were taken downstairs and seated on a couch while police waited for social workers to arrive. One little girl pulled a cookie from between the couch cushions and began to eat it.

Borough building inspectors were called and declared the home unfit for human occupancy. Only one smoke detector was in the home, on the third floor, and it was chirping because the battery was dead.

Champey arrived home several hours later. Police say she claimed that she’d left the children with a babysitter.

She admitted that she locked the 2-year-old upstairs, police said, telling an officer, “If (the girl) was allowed downstairs, she would have the main floor in the same condition as the third floor.”

Champey was sent to the county prison after failing to post 10 percent of $75,000 bail. She did not have a lawyer as of Wednesday.

The children were placed in the custody of Bucks County Children and Youth.

Jackman said that even if Champey did leave the children with a babysitter, the conditions of the home show that they had been neglected for some time.

“From the state of the home, it would be clear to anyone that this didn’t happen overnight,” he said.

Our skin just crawls to hear this. Who could live like this, and fail to take care of their kids? Who lives with feces all over the floor and furniture — much less all over their babies???? And alcohol, weed and razor blades just left out in the open?!?! What the fawk is wrong with this broad???


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  • kerry (where lies happy bread? in the heart or in the head?)

    Lady you should be ashamed of yourself.

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  • ReallynotInterested

    This was indeed a special kind of child abuse. I’m sure the mother will recruit the legal services of a women’s defense fund to argue this is not her fault. Not only should the courts give this woman lots of prison time, they should also take it a step further and prosecute the father or fathers of said children for neglect. No reason why any parent should not know the condition of living his children are exposed to. Some people need their reproductive rights taken away.

  • http://android jphillips

    ……I have no words…….

  • ~ChynaPeach~

    Again this cant be right! Only black women do these things right? I wont start a race war though. I agree with ReallyNotInterested where is/are the father/fathers. But leave it to some commenters it will not be his fault at all simply because “he wasnt ready” to be a father but didnt want to wear a condom because “it takes away the feeling”. 21 with 3 kids? Come on! So no one noticed this woman wasnt fit after the first child? What about the second? No they waited for her to put 3 children’s lives in jeopardy.

    • kerry (where lies happy bread? in the heart or in the head?)


    • What?


    • LitsaLea

      Believe it or not, there are trifling white people as well. Perhaps I should dig up all of the cases of white people doing atrocious things. You’re an ignorant hate monger and people like you always get what they deserve in the end. Good luck with that.

    • ~ChynaPeach~

      Omg Lisa not you too! It was a sarcastic remark about how some claim only black women do negative things. Sheesh.

  • What?


  • Phipsidude

    F**k her uterus up!

  • Tia

    Are there no other relatives?!!

  • bianca

    CHYNA PEACH! I’m CALLIN YOU OUT! You have got to be out your damn mind. “Only black women do these things” I have never met a black woman in my life that would leave her babies in sh*t all day. There is no way in hell you can make such allegations toward an entire race of women. We take care of our damn children bytch.

    • Kim

      Ummm, I think she was being sarcastic since you know if this was a black woman there’d be a zillion comments saying that we’re ALL like that & she’d be all kinds of N words, etc.

    • diamondworth112

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  • WithAllHonesty

    Take the kids and take her uterus too…SMH…

  • http://bossip.com yup!

    @bianca I think chyna was being sarcastic b/c people always come on here and dog bw out and glorify ww as if they do no wrong

    • Johnny'sgirl

      When will you people realize that whatever scenerio you are talking about (bad mothers, deadbeat fathers, laziness, vanity, addicts, attention seekers, over-eaters, etc), there are lots of people in every race, ethnicity, religion, etc) that fit the criteria. It’s not fair to paint an entire group of people with the same stroke of the brush. Get over yourselves.


      b/c people always come on here and dog bm out and glorify wm as if they do no wrong

      its a two way street sweetie

      and of course white women do this type of shi+ all the time, they just have a better public relations machine than black women

    • ~ChynaPeach~

      @Johnny’sgirl Omg is everyone’s brain turned off today. Do you know what sarcasm is or how it works? The initial statement was that people would be all over this woman had she been black and called her all types of names and grouping every black women in the world with her,but that doesnt happen on a post about a white woman. Why because black women dont take it as an oppurtunity to put down a group of people. We respond to her as an individual. Its just sad that that doesnt happen when it comes to critizing black women.

    • tiffany

      @Johnny’sgirl I agree.

  • http://Bossip.com Eddie

    That mother needs to be sterilized quick!

  • Honut Sinti

    Thanks goodness they were found alive.

  • Tah

    Wheres tha father

  • Twiggy


  • why????

    why even come on to a black website if thats what u think of black women and how do you know what color shena is???

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    Drugs have ruined so many families

  • ~ChynaPeach~

    @Why are you metally challenged? I was actually telling her that because she said ” No black woman would never be so trife!!!” That the double negative cancelled what she was trying to say. sheesh. And last I checked I was a black woman myself and even if I wasnt I could blog of free sites as I please. You and Biance can go sit on the back seat of the short bus. Smh.

  • ReallynotInterested

    Why are people on this site cosigning lies? We all know black women abuse their children just like non black women. There are numerous cases each day of black mothers tormenting their innocent children. Why some of you choose to make this a racial issue is beyond comprehension.

  • http://bossip.com yup!

    @ that’s definatly true

  • http://bossip.com yup!


  • Uhh yeah ok

    You’re right. They have an article that will give them their quota of rage for the day though. They can’t do much with this.

  • 0_o

    Where’s Tyrone?

  • clarissa

    As a CPS SOCIAL WORKER I saw child abuse in every race and social status abusing children, drugged out and mentally ill. We always offered the children to family members and known fathers…95% of them refused/declined to take the children. They all knew that the mom was mentally ill or on drugs. And were very much aware of of the child abuse. They all wanted to know what kind of benefits they could get for taking in the children first. Most fathers and extended family members were not fit either. But they would rant for 45 minutes none stop about how bad the mom was (ain’t no better than what you come from…but you can do better sometimes). Our report: no viable extended
    family….aka look what she came from. DONT BASH THEM….THEY NEED HELP! Hired help and babysitters abuse children ….. child daycare center omg the complaints! If your child is in daycare take a vacation day and visit all day!


    Well see thats where you are wrong, I encourage you to visit a site called “theDirty” if you think white men never bash white women

    And judging by the insane reactions on the website, sometimes the truth is seen as an attack or a bash

  • ~ChynaPeach~

    @Hard Mike its not the truth its the was the truth is served to us. And most will manipulate the truth to further their own agenda. Yes ther a bad bw good bw, bad bm good bm, and so on. The problem isnt accepting the truth, its actually realizing that in accepting the truth, we would be forced to do better. If more of us would take less time bashing the bad ones we could uplift and show more positve indiviuals. But we all know that wont happen,not even on a blog specifically for black people.

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