Word On The Street Is That A-Rod Is Insanely Jealous Of Justin Timberlake’s Relationship With Cameron Diaz

- By Bossip Staff

Man, Justin stay fawkin’ up somebody life with his man-whoring.

Alex Rodriguez is a very confident man when it comes to baseball..but in his love-life he’s very insecure,” says my source…My tipster also tells me A-Rod has become “incredibly jealous” over the close bond Cameron Diaz and her ex, Justin Timberlake share…Cameron and Timberlake got super close during the filming of their latest movie Bad Teacher…A-Rod reportedly stopped by the set a few times to see what was going on…I think it’s natural to get a little jealous if your girlfriend and her ex are working together 12 hours a day. It’s gotta be a little bit awkward… Can’t blame the guy. -TO

“Cry Me A River” build a bridge and get over it.

Would you be jealous of new girlfriend/boyfriend working with their recent ex??

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  • watson387

    Bad Teacher was filmed ages ago. Were Cam & ARod even dating then? Cameron is not all that. She’s fugly. Sounds like her publicist released this tidbit.

  • amberhoes

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    • chekmate sun

      Homosexual Love Triangle

  • kg

    love cameron

  • uguess


  • LAmovieBuff

    i don’t think i’d be jealous, but i definitely would check in on set occasionally! i mean who wouldn’t?

  • Medium Heat

    Where is my comment?


    >>>I am down:;wit cry:;till ya create a river:;when ya don build a bridge!”so you can get over:;it!”‘!! HAPPY EARLY MOTHERSDAY!”CHEERS:;TO MS CAMERON DIAZS>>.AND ::HOBBY!””!BOYFRIEND SOON TO BE HUSBAND!”

  • Medium Heat

    Alex didn’t play today. He probably spent the day with his famous girlfriend and his two little girls. He probably is in love with Cameron, after all. Oh well, good for her. She’s got a great man. I wanted to buy a ticket to go see him play in Anaheim and try to give him my business card but I just can’t. What’s the sense? She’s gonna be there since she leaves in LA so I rather do something else that day. I’m moving on anyways. I wish gorgeous A and his famous girlfriend all the best.

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